How to cope with seasonal spleen?

Winter depression develops mainly due to a lack of sunlight, because the production of serotonin, the well-known “hormone of happiness”, is reduced in the body. Serotonin affects not only our mood, but also sleep and appetite.

As a result, a person suffering from winter depression feels lethargic and apathy, does not sleep at night and practically falls asleep on the move during the day, he becomes irritable, loses interest in life, practically stops eating or, on the contrary, sweeps away the entire refrigerator, noticeably gaining weight. In addition, he often gets sick, he does not even have the strength to take a quiet walk, he constantly wants to lie down and do nothing.

How to beat the winter blues

We all now feel tired from the darkness, cold, lack of sun. Many at this time develop the so-called winter depression. then figured out how to resist it

Doctors say that it is quite easy to overcome winter depression: you just need to start moving and include sports in your life. Enough walking at bedtime, preferably away from the road. A twenty-minute exercise is enough. And on weekends, especially frosty and sunny, you should definitely go skiing or just make outings to the park and nature. Simple physical activity will not only significantly improve your mood, but also give strength.

Many people like to “seize” a bad mood with delicious, fatty, sweet. The menu in winter should definitely contain foods containing complex carbohydrates: seasonal vegetables and fruits, cereals, legumes, dairy products, herbs, etc. Be sure to eat a handful of nuts every day and not give up dark chocolate. Also do not forget about vitamins. Experts advise not to go on a diet at this time, especially severely limited in calories and diet.

A warm bath with a drop of fragrant oil or a decoction of herbs helps to cope with the spleen.

If it is not possible to go on vacation to a warm country, then you can sign up for a solarium. Improving your well-being and mood will be almost instant. You can also buy special lamps that simulate daylight, and turn them on for 60–90 minutes every day.

Useful herbal teas, which contain soothing herbs. They will help with insomnia and relieve irritability.

To improve sleep will help the regimen, which must be observed even on weekends. Get up and go to bed at the same time, in a dark and cool room, without a TV and social networks before going to bed.

If you do not have enough strength to cope with the ailment, then it is better to consult a doctor. In such situations, even antidepressants can be prescribed.

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