Vermox and Vormil, the choice of drug

Which of the medications under consideration is more effective? Everything can be individual here. If parasites have penetrated into the tissues of the body, it is better to give preference to Vormil. The drug will perfectly cope with the task. In addition, it can be used for preventive purposes.

Doctors point to one feature of Vormil. The main active substance in its composition negatively affects the retina. With a short-term intake, there will be no noticeable changes for the worse. But doctors recommend refusing to take this medication to people who already have vision problems.

The second drug is more toxic. But this means that he is also more “strong.” As a rule, the course of treatment lasts only one day. But at the same time, such a remedy can effectively cope with parasites only if they “settled” in the intestine. The toxicity of the drug makes it undesirable in the treatment of children.

What to choose is better to find out from the attending physician. The specialist can accurately determine the degree of damage to the body, and what kind of parasites the infection occurred. In addition, the doctor will indicate the exact dosage and duration of treatment. In this case, the patient will definitely get rid of parasites with minimal damage to his health.

Which remedy is better to choose, Vermox or Vormil? This question is faced by many patients who have problems with helminths. It will be infected by these parasitic worms, everyone can. So which drug is better to choose? To do this, compare their characteristics.


The medication is made in the form of tablets almost completely white. The main active substance is mebendazole.


In addition, the composition includes:

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate.
  • Silica.
  • Magnesium stearate.
  • Talc.
  • Starch and a number of other components.

Vermox tablets are taken inside. At the same time, they can be chewed or swallowed whole, washed down with a small amount of water. If the medicine is used to treat babies, then the tablets are first pounded.

The daily dosage depends primarily on the age of the patient. The degree of damage to the body by parasites is also taken into account. The course duration also depends on the same factors. Therefore, the amount and duration of taking the drug must first be checked with your doctor.


A drug under this name is available from several manufacturers. Pharmacies offer products from medical factories in the UK, India and other countries. But in any case, the composition of the drug will be similar. The main active ingredient is Albendazole.


In addition, auxiliary components are included in the composition:

  • Starch, mainly corn.
  • Talc.
  • Cellulose.
  • Silica.
  • Magnesium stearate and other components.

The tool is available in several forms. Chewing tablets can be considered the most popular . Manufacturers also offer liquid suspension and powder for its preparation. Each release form has its own concentration of the main active substance.

The methods of administration depend on the same factors as in the case of the previous drug. The age of the patient, the disease, and the degree of damage to the body are taken into account.

General properties

Making comparisons, experts indicate the following similar parameters of both drugs:

  • Many points of indications for use are the same.
  • Universality of exposure. Both drugs act both on adult parasites and on their eggs.
  • There are similar points and contraindications. First of all – individual intolerance to the components that make up the composition of funds.

This general characteristics end. The remaining parameters are different, which confirms the need for a mandatory consultation with a doctor before taking any medication.

Comparative characteristics

So what to choose, Vermox or Vormil? To answer this question, you should compare their main characteristics:

  1. The most important thing that other parameters depend on is the main active substance. In the case of Vormil, albendazole is used. In the Vermox preparation, the main active ingredient is mebendazole. This is important to know in order to avoid possible allergies.
  2. Area of ​​impact. Vermox is used to combat parasites in the gastrointestinal tract. The second of the considered means copes with “uninvited guests” also in the tissues of the body.
  3. Compare and release forms. Wormil has more of them. Manufacturers, in addition to tablets, offer a suspension. This facilitates the treatment of small patients, it is easier for kids to drink liquid medicine.
  4. At the age limit should also pay attention. Both drugs can be used to treat babies. In the case of Vermox, it cannot be used for children under three years of age. The second means has an age limit of two years.
  5. The main active ingredients of both drugs can cause intoxication of the body. But this will happen only if the maximum allowable dosage is repeatedly exceeded. But Wormil is less toxic. This allows you to take it as a prophylactic with prolonged exposure to an unfavorable environment.
  6. How to interact with other medicines. Doctors did not notice any particular problems in this regard. The only thing to note is that the Vermox medicine lowers the blood sugar level of the patient.

An important comparison and the cost of medications. Here Vermox wins. Its price is almost two times lower than the second of the drugs in question. But this should not be the main determining factor. The most important thing is what more from taking the medicine, harm or benefit. In addition, the cost of even the most expensive option is quite affordable for all segments of the population.

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