Top 15 Lady Gaga Outfits Of All Time

But on the flip side, her sober, haute-couture, and street style outfits tend to be ethereal and elegant. Let’s take a look at some of her best looks and breathe in a little bit of Gaga!

Lady Gaga is a gifted singer known for her bold sartorial choices. She is someone with immense grit and strength. Whether it is donning a meat dress, a bubble, an egg, beetle wings, an octopus, or a pyrotechnic bra (and other wild costumes you can think of), she does it all with elan. It doesn’t stop there. Her shoes, makeup, hair, entrance…everything about her is fascinating.

1. Lady Gaga At Super Bowl 2018

Lady Gaga kicked in at the halftime show wearing a Vera Wang outfit and rappelled down the arena in a sparkling Atelier Versace Swarovski studded bodysuit and matching boots. She then threw on a spiked jacket before changing into hot pants and a sculpted jacket designed by her good friend Donatella Versace.

2. Lady Gaga In A Glittery Armani Dress

Taking inspiration from the universe, Lady Gaga dolled up in a custom-made glittery Armani dress with purple rings orbiting around the outfit. She finished the look with fully studded platform heels and held a pointy silver star to round off the theme.

3. Lady Gaga For Good Morning America Concert

Our lady zipped onto the stage in a dark witch costume, looking like a crusader, and opened the Good Morning America Concert in 2011. She set the stage on fire with ‘Born This Way’ and, for all you know, she probably is.

4. Lady Gaga Leopard Print Outfit

Lady Gaga casually strutted out of her house in this fierce and extremely loud leopard print jacket and matching pants. I know most people don’t get out of their homes looking like this, but she is not most people – so, just deal with it!

5. Lady Gaga White Romper Dress

Lady Gaga dropped the mic with her entry in an elegant white romper dress designed by her best friend, Brandon Maxwell. Whether she decides to redefine crazy or go on the other side of the spectrum, there’s nobody that comes remotely close to matching her style and aura.

6. Lady Gaga Red PVC Jumpsuit

She’s no less than a transformer and makes you believe that she is whoever she turns up as. Her idea of Little Red Riding Hood was driven home with this scarlet PVC jumpsuit. With a flared hemline and cinched waistline, she slayed in this edgy outfit.

7. Lady Gaga Meat Dress

Five years ago, Lady Gaga walked the VMA red carpet to make a statement, but she got a lot of flak for this one. Gaga explained her intention, but then, there’s always going to be naysayers, so you need to leave them to their interpretations. The dress is now donated to the ‘Women Who Rock’ exhibition, and because the material is so unique, they have taxidermied it to preserve the outfit.

8. Lady Gaga Red Boots

Lady Gaga showed off her signature thigh-high red leather boots and shared it with her millions of followers that literally go gaga over everything Gaga. The red shades, trench coat, and black midi dress are some things we can definitely take inspiration from.

9. Lady Gaga Leather Jacket

A half naked look showing off the underboob in an oversized leather jacket is not something a lot of us could get over. She styled the outfit with leather hot pants with silver chains all over and thigh-high boots. But the show stopper here is the Metallica tattoo she got days before the concert to honor the band. You go, Gaga! There’s no one quite like you.

10. Lady Gaga In A Black Train Gown

Here, Gaga showed us what it would be like if Khaleesi was a real person. She won many hearts with every little detail in this outfit. She brings the drama the red carpets deserves with her outfits, and people lose their minds every single time. This custom-made Armani Prive dress with possibly the longest train ever needed several handlers, but we are not complaining. And, let’s also take a moment to talk about her hair, please?

11. Lady Gaga Bubble Dress

With every costume she makes you feel that it is as crazy as it can get. But then, she comes around with outfits like this one, then the next, and then the one after. While we try and wrap our head around this dress, she’s already planning her next hard-hitting outfit.

12. Lady Gaga In A Pink Fendi Jacket

Her airport looks are better than (y)ours. In a pink Fendi jacket, mesh pantyhose, messy hair, and dreamy eyes, her jet-setting look is taking it up a notch quite literally.

13. Lady Gaga’s Fur Overcoat

Lady Gaga’s idea of casual and classy is not something any of us can match. However, we can all take inspiration from not just her outfits but also how she embraces who she is and expresses it without being affected by anything. The light blue overcoat with fur, sequined bodysuit, bejeweled boots, and the hat are no less than a dream.

14. Lady Gaga’s Octopus Costume

There’s nothing that Lady Gaga cannot do or pull off. She will never run out of ideas because the way she uses the art of storytelling and imagery to make her point is awe-inspiring. She showed up in an octopus costume at the O2 arena, but we aren’t surprised.

15. Lady Gaga’s Time Magazine Cover

An exploding bra for a magazine cover? Only Gaga could have handled a costume like this! And looked like she owned it.

Wearing your eccentricity on your sleeve is one thing, but owning it, having an aura about it, and living it up is not everyone’s cup of tea. What are your favorite Gaga looks? Is she your style icon? What do you like about her? Let us know us to know by dropping text in the comments section below.

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