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In the 21st century, the variety of devices for regulating blood secretions is quite large, which is convenient for girls of different ages, complexion and with varying intensity of menstruation. here it talks about safe helpers for critical days.

A couple of centuries ago, during menstruation, women used cotton napkins or gauze, they later invented pads and only then did tampons familiar to most people appear. We study the range of shops and the recommendations of gynecologists

Soft swabs

A modern analogue to cotton swabs was invented in Europe – the absorbent tissue was replaced with a spongy material – medical foam. It does not cause allergies and is ideal for girls with an active lifestyle. During sports, swimming and sex, the material from the inside absorbs moisture and does not allow exfoliated particles of the endometrium to come out. It is especially good for the latter purpose: during intercourse, it is not felt, although it performs its function.

You need to learn how to insert a tampon: squeeze a sponge into a tube, drip a little water-based lubricant on the tip, insert the inside with the sharp side without a loop like a regular tampon and leave it for a maximum of 8 hours. To get it, pull the loop – and you’re done. You can use the swab only once – do not risk your health and replace it with a new one.

Menstrual cup

Familiar to many girls, this silicone container has several advantages. Firstly, it lasts for many cycles – on average, the service life is 3-4 years. Secondly, with its help you take care of the environment: there are no hygiene facilities, which means they all go to a landfill and form mountains of garbage. And the last point – a variety of sizes and shapes that will allow you to choose your own.

Among the shortcomings, we highlight the ban on sex with the bowl installed inside, the need to boil the bowl before use and rinse after filling – this is not suitable for fastidious girls. Ladies with heavy menstruation should also be careful – there is a chance of leakage if the bowl is improperly installed inside the vagina. Otherwise, there are no drawbacks: the bowl is made of non-allergenic silicone, it can be easily folded and inserted inside.

Reusable pads

Another eco-friendly analogue to the existing tool. Gaskets are used in the same way, the only difference is in their composition and the need to wash after use. Reusable pads consist of a cotton layer on the surface, an absorbent sponge inside and a thin oilcloth on the bottom of the pad, preventing the secretions from dirtying underwear. Choose options from dark fabric with a fairly thick middle layer and change them every 3-4 hours.

After use, soak in cold water with washing powder, gel, or stain remover.

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