Is it possible to do sports during menstruation

If it’s difficult to engage in the usual rhythm, do not worry, do not torture yourself. Try yoga, for example. Do not be afraid even of inverted poses – contrary to popular belief, they do not increase the risk of developing endometriosis and uterine fibroids.

By the way, regular (about two times a week) yoga classes help  relieve menstrual cramps.

Menstruation is not a contraindication to sports. Moreover, training is not worse than a heating pad and massage will help to cope with discomfort and pain. Yes, according to some studies , moderate physical activity during menstruation helps to alleviate the condition and significantly reduce the need for painkillers.

Experts from the British National Health Service also do not recommend giving up training and advises giving preference to light physical activity.

In favorites:

  • swimming;
  • walking;
  • a ride on the bicycle.

There are no restrictions on sports either, the main thing here is to measure the load and your well-being.

If you feel a surge of energy (this also happens , because the level of estrogen and progesterone decreases at the same time), do not be afraid of cardio and even strength training. Intense workouts are also suitable. There is no ban on weight lifting during menstruation, but safety precautions must be observed. It is also important to remember that regular weight lifting increases the risk of prolapse (prolapse) of the pelvic organs. But it rather concerns hard physical work .

Sports during menstruation are not recommended only in some cases :

  • if the load increases bleeding;
  • if you feel a rapid heartbeat at rest;
  • if during training you feel that you may lose consciousness;
  • with heavy bleeding and related anemia.
How to reduce discomfort during exercise

An active lifestyle during menstruation requires additional protection. Tampons in this case are the best option. However, they can be inconvenient: for example, an exhaust thread interferes and distracts, especially when you swim in the pool. In addition, conventional tampons themselves are quite stiff – they can be felt inside and displaced.

The manufacturers of German Swabs Freedom® also  solved this problem: they created soft swabs without a “rope”. Such tampons are easily inserted, adapted to the individual characteristics of the body and are absolutely not felt inside. And they do not change position when moving. Freedom® swabs can be worn for up to eight hours and provide reliable protection against leaks and odors. Tampons are removed using a special tongue located on their surface.

According to the manufacturer, dermatologists tested tampons, with them you can play sports, swim, attend spa treatments, as well as have sex. They absorb excretions, do not let them pass back and do not interfere with setting personal sports records.

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