Products containing youth hormone

Beauty and youth – this is primarily health – one cannot exist without the other. If a woman feels bad, tired, then she certainly will not be able to shine.

The main element necessary for a good appearance is steroid sex hormones – estrogens.

Their deficiency leads to depression, decreased libido, fatigue, an irregular cycle, and deterioration of the skin, nails, and hair.

Maintain the right amount of estrogen in the body

The level of estrogen constantly changes in the blood both during the month and throughout life. And at the age of 45–55 years, their number decreases sharply, the body experiences this period very hard. The following products will help maintain the right amount of these hormones in the body:

Flax seeds

It is a well-known powerful antioxidant. Want to have young skin, strong nails and hair? Eat in the morning, on an empty stomach, two tablespoons of seeds daily. Make it your habit. By the way, flax is considered a good tool for the prevention of oncology.


For some reason, legumes in Russia in recent decades have “gone out of fashion.” We only eat canned peas and beans, and many do not even know about lentils and chickpeas, which contain many useful substances. Of course, phytohormones cannot completely replace the woman’s natural hormones, but they will significantly improve well-being during menopause and slow down the aging process of the skin.


It contains a large amount of phytohormones and is a powerful antioxidant. Let us make a reservation, the berries must be red varieties. Eat it for dessert, drink juice, you can even have good red wine, but not more than one glass. Drinking in moderate doses supports the necessary amount of estrogen in the body.


Please note that dairy products must be natural and high fat. They support skin elasticity, hair shine. Milk fats, the researchers say, are a good preventive measure against breast cancer. In addition, they facilitate the passage of menopause.


Favorite morning drink should be prepared from quality raw materials, then it increases the estrogen content in the blood. Just do not overdo it, remember the effect on the heart. It is better to eat a piece of dark chocolate, it stabilizes the hormonal background and prevents its violations in the future.

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