How to recognize burnout

The fire condition defined by the American psychiatrist Herbert Freudenberger inside the house, whole outside, was considered a quirk for almost half a century, and now it has officially entered the WHO international classification of diseases as a syndrome that is limited to the professional field.

If you do not have time, you are constantly worried about something, you feel chronic fatigue, your productivity at work is zero, and you do not know what to do next – you have all the signs of emotional burnout.

“Burn at work” is no longer a metaphor, but an official term. The World Health Organization has added burnout to the disease classifier. According to statistics, every third among us has signs of burnout. How to recognize him, what threatens him, and whether it is possible to rely on a paid sick leave in Ukraine with a new diagnosis – Irina Storozhenko, a correspondent of the Vikna Novini program at STB, found out all this.

People just leave work. The main indicators of burnout are the depreciation of the profession, cynicism and a constant feeling of exhaustion.

The WHO classification is a document used by doctors from around the world to diagnose diseases. Now, according to the reform program, Ukrainian family doctors are taught to distinguish between symptoms of emotional burnout, so that patients pay attention to the main body signals in time.

Sleep and appetite are the best guideline. If you ask for help at the wrong time, it does more harm, because a person falls out of life and he needs more time to recover.

However, in our society, mental health is taboo. Burnt people usually do not turn to specialists. And even if they had appealed, they would not be given a sick leave with such complaints.

A sick leave is issued for illness, and professional burnout is not. This is a syndrome.

The public health system is aimed at prevention and self-help. In an ideal world of health care, you need a team of specialists. Their help will be based on a simple foundation – sleep for at least 7 hours, a healthy diet, regular physical activity, strong relationships and leisure.

And even if success at work, high performance indicators or the praise of the boss is not a joy, you need to look for her where she is still alive. In difficult moments, the most important thing is to remind the psyche that life is around. Not easy, but beautiful. And there is definitely something in it or someone for whom you are the most needed, valuable and best person on the planet.

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