Leg aches from the hip to the knee at rest: causes, to what doctor to address

Our lower limbs are experiencing a huge load. Is providing motor function, maintaining the body in an upright position. The load on the legs increases with excess weight and pregnancy.

Therefore, the occurrence of pain syndrome at rest is an alarming symptom and requires consultation with a doctor.

The thigh part of the leg is a complex system. Not always pain in this area clearly indicates the location of the problem.

Target organs

Target organs, diseases which can cause discomfort:

  • skin and subcutaneous tissue;
  • the bone structure;
  • the hip and the knee;
  • large vessels – veins, femoral artery;
  • large ganglia, located in the coccyx;
  • peripheral nerve fibers.

In addition, when inflammation of the Appendix, diseases of the reproductive organs pain may radiate to (give) in the thigh area.

Aching pain from the hip to the knee at rest are not independent diagnostic sign, they can occur in a variety of diseases. Diagnosis requires a thorough examination by a specialist surgeon, orthopedist or rheumatologist.

Possible causes of the pain syndrome

Causes unpleasant sensations are numerous. Therefore, the patient should pay attention to the character of the pain, duration and the development of associated symptoms.

Most often, the leg from the hip to the knee is aching as a result of:

  • injuries of various origins, fractures, bruises, sprains, muscle tears and ligament injuries of joints, including long – standing. With the change of weather, colds discomfort in the damaged areas worsen;
  • inflammatory processes in soft tissues, the muscular structures of myositis, infection of subcutaneous layer;
  • carcinoma, secondary tumors, metastasis from other organs and systems;
  • tuberculosis of the bone;
  • osteoporosis associated with calcium deficiency;
  • arthritis and arthrosis of the hip joint of various etiology;
  • vascular diseases – varicose veins, venous thrombosis and femoral artery, stenosis of large arterial vessels;
  • pathology lumbar-coccygeal spine – hernia, inflammation and pinched nerves, destructive processes in the spinal column, tumors;
  • high physical stress, and pregnancy in women;
  • intensive growth of children and adolescents.

While trying to understand why the leg aches from the hip to the knee at rest, we must clarify many details. For example, certain types of discomfort appear during the motion, others at rest.

Additional symptomtof the IR

With the development of pain syndrome should pay attention to additional signs. They can accompany and acute process, and aching pain at rest.

Additional symptoms:

  1. Swelling – characteristic of many pathologies. In acute process develops in the shortest possible time, with long-term chronic, accompanied by a mild pain – slowly over a long period of time. Does not appear when the diseases of the nervous tissue.
  2. Paresthesias, or tingling, itching is characteristic of diseases of the nervous tissue, including the coccygeal region of the spine.
  3. Limited hyperemia (redness) is accompanied by the processes of thrombosis, embolism, varicose veins.
  4. The appearance of vbuhanii, tumors under the skin – carcinoma, benign tumors.
Aching pain at rest

Usually aching pain have long-term chronic in nature. They can develop spontaneously, without apparent exertion, at rest.

Possible diagnoses:

  • varicose veins – pain often occurs in the back part of the thigh;
  • fatigue;
  • low back pain is the result of irradiiruet pain occurring in the lumbar spine;
  • coxarthrosis or gonarthrosis – location of pain is just above the knee or, with the defeat of the hip joint, in the upper part of the thigh;
  • tunnel-fascial syndrome – pain syndrome due to the compression of nerve fibers passing through the broad femoral fascia, may be present during movement, and in complete peace.
Diagnostic measures

To determine exactly why the leg aches from the hip to the knee at rest, can only specialist. When the aching pain in the thigh shows appeal to the therapist. He exposes the primary diagnosis and, if necessary, submits for consultation to specialists – angiosurgeon, phlebologist, surgeon, neurologist. In cases of suspected neoplastic nature of the disease – to the oncologist.

To confirm the diagnosis may need:

  • Medical history and examination to determine the nature of pain, its localization, character changes with the change of weather, the position of the body load increases.
  • Clinical blood tests.
  • Ultrasound of the vascular system.
  • X-ray studies.
  • Arteriogram for fixing the movement of blood flow in the artery.
  • MRI examination of the soft tissues and/or tumors.

Women are shown by a gynecologist to exclude pathologies of the reproductive system, men – urologist.

Leg aches from the hip to the knee at rest: how to treat?

The choice of treatment depends on the diagnosis. In some cases, require hospitalization, surgical intervention. In others, the use of tableted drugs and outpatient mode.

Additionally, the doctor will prescribe:

  • Physical therapy under the supervision of an instructor;
  • normalization of nutrition, weight loss;
  • the rejection of bad habits that provoke spasm of the vessels of the extremities such as Smoking, alcoholism;
  • massage, including self massage.

If timely treatment at medical institution in the majority of cases shown conservative treatment. Surgery is conducted with thromboembolism, varicose veins in the III–IV degree, osteoarthritis III–IV degree, injuries with offsets and chipping of bone structures.


Pain syndrome is easier to prevent than to cure.

Experts ‘ recommendations are as follows:

  1. Keep an active life without excessive loads.
  2. Control the body weight.
  3. Refrain from uncomfortable shoes and clothing.
  4. Give up Smoking.
  5. Watch your health, spend time quality treatment of any diseases – both system-wide and local.

And most importantly! Movement is life. Even if you are experiencing pain, but your doctor wants you to go, to perform gymnastic exercises, it should be done. Without a rigorous implementation of the recommendations of specialists and quality treatment there is the risk of loss of motor activity, and sometimes the limbs.

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