What is pollution?

What does the word wet dreams I know not all men, but in any case, all men have experienced this after puberty. The emission is involuntary eruption of semen of young men or men not related to intercourse or Masturbation. Wet dreams in men often occur at night and are accompanied by dreams of erotic content.

First wet dreams occur during puberty in boys (12-15 years) and are a sign of entry into reproductive age, and they completely disappear in some men 50 – 60 years. Wet dreams for men are the norm, and afraid or ashamed of it is not worth it.

The frequency of involuntary eruption of semen from each individual and depends on several factors. The norm is considered from 1-2 times a week to 1-2 times every 2-3 months. Too frequent wet dreams can be a result of satyriasis (hypersexuality in men).

Why are there wet dreams:

Once again I want to note that wet dreams are the norm and are not any abnormalities in the body, or to be more precise, wet dreams indicate normal hormonal gonads. Simply put, wet dreams, is a protective reaction of the organism to a surplus of sex hormones in men through sexual abstinence and lack of sexual release.

Daily pollutions.

Basically day pollutions occur in adolescent boys. This is because in boys the level of sex hormones are very high and no permanent sexual partner. There are so-called “adequate daily pollutions”, which come under the influence of sexual-erotic arousal (caresses, kisses, hugs, etc.) and sometimes accompanied by orgasm. Inadequate same pollutions result from exposure to non-sexual stimuli, such as strong emotions, physical culture.

Nocturnal emissions.

Nocturnal emissions or so-called “wet dreams” is the most common type of pollutions. The name “wet dreams” suggests that involuntary eruption of semen occurs during sleep. It is caused by the same – long sexual abstinence. To provoke nocturnal emissions can strong sexual arousal in the afternoon, without subsequent discharge, or an erotic dream.

Do not be afraid of a wet dream is a physiological norm among men, even those men who have regular sexual intercourse, it is still confronted with it. But if You notice that You have very often involuntary ejaculation occurs or happens passive the allocation of seminal fluid, sometimes even blood, You should seek help from a doctor.

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