Alternatives For Enforcement Against The Non-Paying Parent

You’ve received an Order from the Court that needs your Ex lover to pay you child assistance monthly, in addition to an Order that your Ex-spouse pay some percent of expenses for points like extracurricular activities and remarkable medical costs for your youngster.

The long lawful fight mores than, and also you can rest.


After that, a couple of months later, the unavoidable happens.

Your Ex-spouse does not pay.

Now what?

Options For Enforcement Against The Non-Paying Parent

For those parents who have actually been granted youngster support and/or reimbursement for remarkable or extracurricular clinical costs, the law gives several choices for enforcement against the non-paying parent (” Obligor”).

This process can be complex, and also lots of legal professionals– as well as also Judges– battle to recognize which options apply in particular scenarios. (In any instance, a party might seek a Citation for Contempt versus a celebration that has actually stopped working to follow a Court Order, but the focus of this short article is enforcement, i.e.; how to get money in-hand).

To provide some advice on enforcement alternatives, the most usual situations are attended to listed below:

My Ex has actually been ordered to pay a certain amount of child support every month and also has not made the repayment( s).

Under Colorado legislation, a child support settlement is converted into an enforceable support judgment on the day that it schedules and not paid, and also immediately starts to accumulate rate of interest at a rate of 12%, worsened monthly. In instances where payments have not been produced several months or perhaps years, the amount of rate of interest owed on the unpaid child assistance can surpass a number of thousand dollars.

Nevertheless, the operation of legislation that transforms a missed out on payment right into a support judgment does not magically down payment funds into your savings account. In order to get actual funds from the Obligor, you will need to file a “Verified Entry of Support Judgement” with the Court mirroring the timeframe moot, the amount that needs to have been paid, the amount that was in fact paid, and also the rate of interest accumulated thereon.

As soon as this record is submitted with the Court, you may look for enforcement versus the Obligor’s company, savings account, and building using liens or a Writ of Garnishment. There are pro’s and disadvantage’s per approach of enforcement, nonetheless, it is very important to bear in mind that assistance judgments are not dischargeable in personal bankruptcy.

While it may take some time to recover all of the funds owed to you, you will remain to build up interest on the principal amount owed and the Obligor is unlikely to leave inevitably paying the judgment in time.

When it comes to garnishment with an Obligor’s employer, you will certainly begin obtaining payments directly from the employer each time that the Obligor obtains an income. Colorado law establishes restrictions for the percentage of incomes that may be garnished, so you might get smaller payments towards the complete quantity owed till that quantity is paid off.

When garnishing a savings account, you will certainly be limited in the quantity that you recover by just how much cash the Obligor has in the account. If you look for to recoup $1,000.00, as well as the Obligor only has $100.00 in the account, you will only obtain $100.00 until/unless the Obligor places a lot more funds into the account in the future.

Alternatively, a lien against residential property is a feasible option as well as might cause a lump-sum payment, nonetheless, you might not obtain the funds till the building is sold or otherwise transferred.

My Ex lover has actually been gotten to pay a portion share of extracurricular expenditures as well as amazing medical costs yet has stopped working to do so.

A difference has been made, nevertheless, between quantities owed that are “amount certain,” such as the set regular monthly amount of youngster assistance, and also repayment of costs that might change with time. Most often, this situation presents itself in instances where an event is gotten to pay a percentage amount owed towards extraordinary or extracurricular clinical costs for a kid.

For instance, if an Order calls for that a celebration contribute 50% of the expense of extracurricular or extraordinary medical expenditures for a youngster, the real dollar value of that quantity may fluctuate from month to month. Definitely, there will be months when there are no extraordinary clinical expenditures, and various other months when there may be significant expenditures (maybe a youngster has damaged an arm). The exact same is true for extracurricular prices.

This issue ends up being even more complicated when there is specific language in the Court’s Order regarding notice to the various other event regarding the amount of the cost, timelines, and also needs for exchange of invoices and/or receipts, and whether the contract of both events is essential for the expenditure to be reimbursable.

When dealing with this situation, the extremely primary step is to ensure that you have followed every one of the notification as well as exchange of documentation needs required under your details Court Order. If you have done so, then any kind of failing by the opposing event to pay the quantity owed will certainly result in a support judgment, based on the exact same interest as well as enforcement procedures as explained in the previous section.

However, because the amount owed can be subject to debate (the various other celebration might declare that you failed to supply paperwork or notice as needed, or might even dispute the real amount invested or owed), you can not just submit a Verified Entry of Support Judgment as well as immediately seek enforcement. Rather, you must file a “Motion for Entry of Support Judgment” and request that the Court get in an Order granting you the assistance judgment as well as licensing the amount owed.

In this circumstance, the Obligor has a due process right to file a Response with the Court, challenging the amount moot and/or your compliance with the notice and also paperwork needs, as well as may also request an evidentiary hearing concerning these issues. Unlike enforcement of a “amount particular” quantity of child assistance owed, you can not seek a Writ of Garnishment or go into a lien against building in this situation until you have gotten an Order from the Court concerning your Motion for Entry of Support Judgment.

However, as soon as you receive an Order providing your Motion, you may seek the exact same enforcement choices explained over.

My Ex has failed to pay both the month-to-month child support quantity AND their contribution to extraordinary expenses.

In the event that your Ex has failed to pay both a “sum certain” amount of child assistance and also has fallen short to pay their portion of extracurricular and/or remarkable clinical costs, you will certainly require to look for enforcement under both alternatives laid out over.

You will certainly need to file a Verified Entry of Support Judgment for the amounts owed and not paid as details youngster support, and a Motion for Entry of Support Judgement for any amounts that would have undergone dispute or variation with time as well as seeking a Court Order developing the quantity owed as a judgment.

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