There Are Worse Things Than Being Alone On Valentine’s Day

The history of Valentine’s Day and also the tale of its patron saint is shrouded in a great deal of mystery. All of us recognize that February has long been celebrated as a month of love which St. Valentine’s Day, as we know it today, consists of remnants of both Ancient and also christian Roman tradition.

The gifts of delicious chocolate, fashion jewelry as well as love between males and females on this certain day can leave us, solitary moms, feeling selected as lonely and also at times unlovable and unworthy.

For that reason …

On Valentine’s Day, every mom of every age ought to be issued one high, dark, good-looking somebody to share long, loving appearances and also dinner over candlelight. Cold pizza before the TV isn’t so poor, a lot of the moment. That specific day, though, has the power to leave a single mommy sensation helpless and also unpopular– and also cool pizza simply doesn’t cut it.

It appears anywhere I look lately I see red, heart-shaped boxes of delicious chocolate as well as wonderful cards with pink hearts reminding me of the day set aside for honoring love. For me, Valentine’s Day gives front all the romantic yearnings as well as yearnings I’ve kept tucked away in crimson-colored recesses of my heart. Enchanting longings and also yearnings that can rise like a title wave to overwhelm me.

But after that I bear in mind that Valentine’s Day has to do with LOVE. It has to do with love for ourselves, our friends, our family, those that have aided us, those who need our help and also those that, by birth and friendship, are our household.

alone on valentine's day

It can be better to be alone on Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day can additionally be a day of remembering scenarios even worse than being alone. It is far better to be …

  • A female alone than a lady whose hubby belittles her.
  • A lady alone than a female being dragged down by adverse emotions.
  • A woman caring life than a lady who fears each day spent in a dissatisfied marriage.
  • A woman that gives her heart to her work, her kids, her close friends, and also household or any type of excellent reason besides a hubby that won’t value the heart she has to give.

So, if you are alone this Valentine’s Day, don’t invest the day pining away for a knight in shining armor or some tall, dark handsome someone to share loving looks and dinner over candlelight. Do not invest the day brooding over what you wish you had, however invest it celebrating the love you currently have.

Take your daddy a box of chocolates. Send your mother a single red rose. Offer the partner that assisted you through your separation a present certificate for a pedicure. Cherish as well as commemorate the caring bond with your kids. Share the love you have as well as you will never be alone. Out Valentine’s Day or any various other day.

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