Why Some People Don’t Want Just A Lover, but a Best Friend as Well

What does it mean to be truly intimate with someone? Is it just sharing your body, or sharing your soul as well? Finding a lover is usually easy as many people want just physical intimacy and to just be next to someone.

They are excited about the first kiss, first touch, and first night together. For them, that’s the most satisfying feeling in the world.

On the other hand, there’s this other group of people who are not satisfied with being only physically intimate with their partner. They want someone whom they can share their soul with, and that’s not always easy to find.

They want a lover who’ll be their best friend at the same time. They want to feel free to be themselves in front of that person. To cry their eyes out if they feel like it and still feel beautiful and comfortable to that person.

They want to have someone who will kiss them right after waking up and hug them in the evening. They want to watch movies together and laugh so hard that their cheeks start hurting.

They want to plan trips together or go somewhere without a map, wandering the stress while holding hands together.

They want to have someone they will watch while sleeping with a smile on their face. Someone they can talk to just about anything. Someone they can get a little bit drunk with and have the best time of their life.

These are the people who want to sit next to their loved one instead of the opposite side of the table because that’s just too much space between them. They want to send and receive funny text messages with each other that will keep the smile on their face all day long.

They want someone that will make them happy no matter how bad their day was. They want to start a family and grow old with that person.

They want to celebrate success with them, to be silly with them, to cry with them, and to laugh with them. They want to endure whatever life puts on their path together, supporting each other always.

They want someone to whom they will be a priority and vice versa. Someone who will always be there for them to support them and help them no matter the situation.

Someone who will listen to their complaints and try to cheer them up, and someone to whom they will do the same thing. Someone who will know exactly what they want without asking them. Someone who will read their mind through their eyes.

They want a lover who’s their best friend at the same time.

These are the people who believe that being truly intimate with someone is not just sharing their body, but sharing their soul as well. Are you one of them, and if you are, have you found your best friend and lover in one person?

Feel free to tell us in the comments if you believe that your lover should be your best friend, or that’s just not the way it is for you.

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