Regulon or Yarina, the choice of drug

Both drugs have similar basic components that have an active effect on the body. The parameters of contraindications and indications are similar.

A preliminary consultation with a doctor is recommended, they are sold without a prescription, impossibility to use during pregnancy is noted. They differ in similar mechanics of exposure to the body.

Yarina in its composition contains drospirenone antiandrogen, which acts as a means of 3 generations. It has weak properties of a gestagenic nature, but has increased parameters of antiandrogenic properties. This allows you to use the drug for those women who have a certain imbalance in hormonal levels.

Regulon is based on older synthetic substances, but it contains desogestrel (a third-generation substance, a derivative of levonorgestrel). The component has a progestational property, which provides the most significant contraceptive effect, the androgenic effect is almost completely absent, and therefore the drug does not show antiandrogenic properties.

Regulon has excellent contraception parameters; moreover, it is ideal for women who suffer from acne, hair loss, and also excessive swelling (in case of low progesterone in the body). Often it is prescribed to girls and women with a balanced phenotype.

Yarina is ideal for women who have a peculiar imbalance of the phenotype, as well as those who have increased oily skin, problems with black hair in unnecessary places and acne. The presence of androgenic parameters is a minus in the presence of chronic diseases.

Hormonal contraception allows you to get effective results, is characterized by ease of use, treats certain diseases of the gynecological type and evens out the hormonal background. There are a significant number of pluses, but the doctor should prescribe the drug based on a study of the general condition of the patient, the desired effect, indications and contraindications. Regulon and Yarina have a similar composition and effect, but there are certain differences that require detailed study.


Available in tablet form. The main components are desogestrel, ethinyl estradiol.


Used as an oral contraceptive, used in the treatment of certain menstrual irregularities. Hormonal agent, estrogen, progestogen. The tool is combined. The action is that the suppression of ovulation and gonadotropins is provoked. An active sperm retardation is also formed, which prevents the implantation of an egg that is already fertilized.

Synthetic estrogen – ethinyl estradiol. Also included is a progestogen (synthetic), which, after ingestion, provides inhibition of ovulation, has an antiestrogenic, as well as a progestogenic effect, active anabolic, androgenic activity.


  • Contraception method (a reliable way to prevent unwanted pregnancy).
  • Elimination of unpleasant manifestations of the menstrual cycle.
  • Reduced pain during menstruation.
  • Reducing the incidence of anemia (blood loss).

As contraindications, the absence of the possibility of use during pregnancy, as well as with the risk of venous thromboembolism, is indicated. Before use, you need to consult a specialist (after examination).


Available in tablets. The main components are ethinyl estradiol, drospirenone. The drug is an oral contraceptive, includes hormones of the genital glands, as well as fixed combinations of estrogen-progestogen. The tool is hormonal. Contains synthetic drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol. The contraceptive effect is based on the interaction of active ingredients and substances, this interaction provokes inhibition of ovulation, and also forms the ability to inhibit the qualitative effect on the uterus.


Drospirenone has a mild anti-mineralocorticoid property and antiandrogenic effect. It does not have estrogenic activity, provides an effect on the body similar to that of natural progesterone.


  • Contraceptive
  • Treatment of symptoms of dystrophic premenstrual disorder.
  • Prevention of osteoporosis.
  • Decreased symptoms of menstrual disorders.

The components that make up the drug provoke resistance to water retention in the body, reduce the manifestations of arterial hypertension, and prevent the formation of edema. The drug has a beneficial effect on lipid metabolism, reduces cholesterol levels.

Allergies to active substances are indicated as contraindications; the medicine should not be used for oncological diseases, for vaginal bleeding, arterial thrombosis, in the presence of diabetes or other serious pathologies. In the presence of chronic diseases, consult a doctor.

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