ACC or Erespal, which is more effective

Both drugs are aimed at treating cough associated with excess persistent sputum and are on the list of vital medicines. It is possible to buy “ACC” in a pharmacy without a prescription, unlike “Erespal”, however, none of them can be used uncontrollably and continuously.

Only a doctor can make the correct diagnosis and determine the etiology of cough. Therefore, it is not recommended to purchase them without a doctor’s prescription. Following contraindications for concomitant diseases, the doctor will make the right choice for the patient. The release form will also be selected taking into account age and ease of use. Solutions and syrups for children are much more convenient to take. The injection form of the release of the drug “ACC” is used only in hospitals.

As a result, we can conclude that these drugs have different active substances and characteristic distinctive properties aimed at treating cough. The choice in the use of a particular drug lies entirely with the attending physician.

Often with various respiratory diseases, pneumonia or flu, a cough appears. It is caused by damage to the respiratory system. Viscous sputum accumulates in the lungs, consisting of various cellular elements, immunoglobulins, glycoproteins and foreign particles.

In infectious diseases, the protective functions of the body trigger the production of mucus, for a more intensive discharge of sputum, containing unnecessary cellular elements. A cough develops. With very thick sputum, when it becomes difficult for the lung to remove it, doctors prescribe sputum-thinning drugs and expectorants. Often, recipes prescribe drugs such as “ACC” and “Erespal”. We will analyze in more detail which mucolytic is better and with what types of cough.


This drug belongs to the group of drugs that can liquefy sputum and facilitate its withdrawal from the lungs x. He is able to make sputum more fluid and contributes to its discharge. The composition of the drug includes acetylcysteine ​​which is an active active substance. Its sulfhydryl groups are capable of breaking intermolecular disulfide bonds. Such molecular linkages have acid mucopolysaccharides of sputum, therefore, the viscosity of sputum is reduced.


Acetylcysteine ​​is active in sputum with the presence of pathogenic bacteria that form pus. The drug reduces the “adhesion” of bacteria to the epithelial cells of the bronchial mucosa.

It also has an antioxidant effect and neutralizes oxidizable toxins. Acetylcysteine ​​inhibits the formation of molecules having unpaired electrons that can enhance reactivity. They are called free radicals, and they are responsible for the inflammatory process in the lung tissues. Therefore, acetylcysteine ​​has an anti-inflammatory effect.


The active substance “Erespal” is fenspiride hydrochloride, and belongs to the group of anti-bronchoconstrictor drugs. In simple words, it has a bronchodilator effect. This drug is not deprived of anti-inflammatory properties. The effect of the drug is due to a decrease in the production of various inflammatory mediators, including tumor necrosis factor TNF-alpha.


Finspiride blocks alpha adrenergic receptors. When these receptors are excited, the secretion of the glands of the bronchi increases. Thus, it prevents the development of inflammatory processes and bronchial obstruction. Finspiride also has an antispasmodic effect.

What indications are common for these drugs?

These drugs are used to treat infectious diseases of the lungs, and not only:

  • Bronchitis. Acute and chronic, with and without respiratory failure.
  • Obstructive pulmonary disease. Including the chronic form.
  • Bronchial asthma (in combination with other anti-asthma hormonal drugs).
  • Bronchiectatic disease.
  • Tracheitis, tracheobronchitis, laryngotracheitis, laryngitis, rhinopharyngitis, sinusitis and otitis media.

Both drugs are imported. “Erespal” is produced in France, “ACC” in Germany.

Distinctive features

Given that both drugs belong to the same pharmacological group, they still have distinctive points. Erespal has proven itself in the complex treatment of measles and whooping cough. And with the existing pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, it is used for infectious diseases accompanied by cough, in the treatment of infection with standard antibiotic therapy. You can buy in a pharmacy only by prescription. To the testimony of “ACC” can be added the treatment of cystic fibrosis (cystic fibrosis), which is a hereditary disease that is accompanied by impaired respiratory function. Including, it is used for lung atelectasis. With this disease, the mucous plug clogs the bronchi. It is released at the pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription.

As for contraindications, Erespal has practically none. Only an unforeseen reaction to the components of the drug, and in the form of tablets, the age limit is up to 18 years. The drug is not tied to food intake and the form in the form of a syrup can be taken from birth. “ACC” cannot be used for pulmonary hemorrhage, peptic ulcer, with lactase deficiency and lactose intolerance. Use the drug after meals. Restrictions on the admission of any form indicated two-year-old children. Pregnant women and during lactation, it is recommended to avoid the use of both drugs.

A characteristic feature of acetylcysteine ​​is that it is used as an antidote for an overdose of paracetamol.

The form of release of these drugs is significantly different. ACC has a richer choice:

  1. In the form of effervescent instant tablets of 100 mg, 200 mg and 600 mg of prolonged action.
  2. Ready syrup, including granules for making syrup.
  3. Granules for the preparation of a solution for oral administration of 100 mg, 200 mg and 600 mg.
  4. Injection.

Erespal is available in two forms:

  1. Film-coated tablets.
  2. Syrup.

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