Created the world’s first synthetic vaccine

Researchers from Cardiff University (Cardiff University) developed the world’s first non-biological Immunopreparat, which, among other things, can be consumed orally, and not in the form of injection and it may completely change the process of vaccination.

Another advantage of the drug – it is stable at room temperature, and therefore, it can be transported without refrigeration, which significantly reduces the transportation process.

When you create a vaccine (it is designed to protect against the influenza virus) the scientists concentrated on the mirror reflections of protein molecules – not left, as proteins all life on the planet, and is on the right.

Regular vaccines “introduce” the body, either with microorganisms in a safe manner, or with the harmless components of these microorganisms – often proteins. Foreign proteins that stimulate the immune system, which “remembers” them and attacks if again meet. If these proteins enter the body oral route – they are digested.

Experiments have shown that the right-hand proteins also cause immune response, but in the oral administration not apart, that allows you to change the dosage form of Immunopreparat with solution for injection tablets. In the laboratory the method has proven itself well, and it definitely will be a first step towards new vaccines.

However, before testing in humans is still far – to confirm the safety method will take several years.

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