12-year-old girl with coronavirus connected to mechanical ventilation

Emma’s family is committed to telling the media about this incident in order to debunk the widespread belief that the virus is a disease of older people. “I know firsthand how dangerous this is. Here’s a 12-year-old girl hospitalized with pneumonia, ”says Justin Anthony. “We all need to resort to social isolation in order to take care of both the elderly and the children.”

The patient is in serious condition, despite her young age and the absence of concomitant diseases

In one of the children’s hospitals in Atlanta, USA, doctors are fighting for the life of 12-year-old Emma. A girl whose infection with COVID-19 was confirmed four days ago is in serious condition. At the weekend, a child with pneumonia was connected to a ventilator, writes The Sun.

According to Emma’s cousin on Facebook, Justin Anthony, close girls have no idea where she got the coronavirus from. None of her family had recently traveled abroad. In addition, before the infection, Emma was completely healthy. The child does not have any concomitant diseases that contribute to severe pneumonia.

“The patient remains in isolation, and we constantly apply appropriate precautions. Additional details were not disclosed in connection with patient privacy laws, ”said a hospital spokesman.

Until recently, it was believed that although young people could become infected and transmit the virus, they usually develop a mild illness. However, a report released this week by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed different data. According to the study, up to 20% of people hospitalized with COVID-19 in the United States are young people between the ages of 20 and 44. However, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the disease is severe and takes the lives of elderly patients.

Coronavirus in Italy: people began to fall right on the street

Only in the last day in the country killed 793 people.

Frightening photos taken on the streets of Rome appeared on the Web : a man in a protective mask is motionless lying right next to the bus stop. According to The Sun, the injured man (he is alive) was hospitalized. It is not yet reported whether he is infected with a coronavirus or has lost consciousness for some other reason.

The incident occurred after the authorities announced a rapidly increasing mortality. Over the past day, COVID-19 has killed 651 people. Mortality increased by 13.5%. Total number of deaths in Italy since the outbreak of the virus – 5476 people. The number of infected on Sunday increased by 5560 people and today is 59 138.

The vast majority of deaths occurred in the northern region of Lombardy. The situation faced by the health care system is called catastrophic. So, the victims of the coronavirus in Bergamo do not have time to bury and cremate. Coffins from the city export columns of military vehicles.

British physician Connor Mackinisch, working in the intensive care unit in the region, described the “endless stream” of patients.

“They had to build a tent near the hospital and every 30 minutes there are burials in the cemetery,” the doctor notes. – Everything is put on stream. Now, when someone dies, it looks like this: “Well, we could not do anything for this person, now we can take another and see if his condition improves.”

As for the UK – the country, according to doctors, is “two weeks” behind Italy. On Saturday, March 21, the number of deaths from COVID-19 in the UK was 233. Such indicators were observed in Italy on March 7.

In Spain, the death toll rose to 1813. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Health Minister Salvador Illa warned that “the worst is yet to come”, as local hospitals are crowded and in short supply of medicines.

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