First bathing baby

Bathing can be carried out on the second day of your stay at home if you have been vaccinated against tuberculosis before discharge.

On the first day without bathing, wipe the baby’s body with a clean, damp cloth. The optimum water temperature is 38 ° C.

Dr. Komarovsky advises moms to conduct the procedure before the last meal. The baby eats with great appetite and sleeps soundly if bathing is successful.


Wash your baby every day in plain water without soap. The permissible amount of water treatments with soap is 1 time per week in winter, and 3 times per week in summer.


At first this is an unusual procedure, because the child is not used to water. So that the baby does not experience stress, talk to him. Ask questions and answer, smile and sing songs – the child will be distracted and relax.

Time in the water

Time should not exceed 3-5 minutes. Being in the water for more than 7 minutes, the baby is acting up. It is important for parents to maintain the temperature of the water in the bath. To prevent the water from cooling down, keep a kettle with hot water ready. Cold water weakens the immune system of the baby.

Water additives

A newly born baby has an unhealed wound on the navel. To prevent infection and accumulation of fluid in the umbilical cord, add a solution of potassium permanganate to water.

It is necessary to wash the baby with potassium permanganate until the wound is completely healed. Water must be boiled.

Choosing a bath

Bath for kids is small and convenient to move.

The procedure can not be carried out in a large bath. The child still does not know how to properly coordinate movements, sit and hold the head.

Room temperature

The air temperature should be at least 24 ° C.

Preparing for the first bathing

Massage and gymnastics – the first stages of preparation. Procedures last 30 minutes: 15 minutes for each type of warm-up. Massage and gymnastics for the first time are necessary: ​​the body of the newborn is not prepared for immersion in water.

The first is gymnastics. Light stroking and kneading movements warm and relax the baby’s body. Perform the procedure without effort and pressure.

Stages of the massage:

  1. Put the baby on his back. Lightly stroke your feet: feet, legs, thighs, and then arms: hands, forearms, and shoulders.
  2. Turn the baby on the stomach. Stroke the buttocks and back.
  3. Turn on your back : pay attention to the chest, neck, head. Warm up in the same sequence – 7 minutes.
  4. Gymnastics. Without effort and rough movements, squeeze, bend, unbend, twist and incline ankle, knee, hip and hand joints – 15 minutes.
The effect of bathing on a child

Trains all muscle groups 

During the procedure, the baby moves, which has a positive effect on muscle tone.

Regulates exchange processes

In water, the body produces a lot of heat. The procedure speeds up the metabolic processes in the child’s body.


Experienced parents know about kids’ love for water. It relaxes and soothes.

For newborns, water is an effective sleeping pill. After bathing, the baby quickly falls asleep and sleeps calmly.

Strengthens the immune system

Daily bathing of the newborn supports vitality, hardens and helps to fight against the ingress of infections and bacteria.

About bathing temperature

The skin of an infant is different from that of an adult. Heat exchanges in the body of the newborn begin to form, the skin is soft and sensitive. The baby should not overheat or supercool. Overheating promotes penetration through the pores of infections and bacteria. The protective function of the skin of the newborn weakened.

Signs of overheating:

  • reddish skin tone;
  • lethargy.

Do not overheat the room before bathing. Leave the door to the bathing room open.

Hypothermia leads to poor sleep, a cold and painful urination.

Signs of hypothermia:

  • tension;
  • shiver;
  • nasolabial triangle blue shade.

The optimal bathing temperature for a newborn is 37 ° C. Accuracy is explained by the usual temperature for a newborn before birth. The temperature of amniotic fluid is also 37 ° C. At this temperature, the baby’s umbilical wound heals faster.

It is impossible to wash the baby in water at 38 ° C, because the child’s heartbeat increases.

The difference between air and water temperatures negatively affects the baby’s well-being and mood.


Previously, the water temperature was checked with an elbow. But there is a more convenient and accurate way to control the temperature of the water – a bath with a built-in thermometer.


  1. The child is not 2 weeks – boil water for bathing and cool. More than 3 weeks – fill the bath with warm water.
  2. Place the thermometer in the bathing water.
  3. The device shows less than 36 ° C – pour hot water to the level of 37 ° C.
  4. Stir the water periodically so as not to be mistaken with the readings of the thermometer.

The main reference point for parents is the baby’s sensation. The child is restless, irritable and capricious, if the procedure does not bring pleasure.

Swimming gear
  • baby bath;
  • baby changing table;
  • water dipper;
  • hot water bucket or kettle;
  • inflatable mattress until the baby has mastered the circle;
  • anti-slip mat;
  • swimming cap;
  • thermometer to measure water temperature;
  • vest, cap, towel with a corner;
  • bath toys;
  • Scouring washcloth;
  • hygiene products for kids.

Soap, gel and foam

Without the content of dyes, flavors, alkali – Ph neutral. Soap should not cause dryness, irritation and flaking of the skin. Wash your baby with soap no more than 1 time per week.

Body emulsion

If the baby’s skin is prone to dryness, the tool will soften and eliminate the symptoms of irritation.

Baby powder or liquid talc

Eliminates diaper rash and protects baby’s skin.


The composition should not be diethanoldamine, dioxane, formaldehyde concentrate and sodium lauryl sulfate.

The use of shampoo is prohibited if there are listed substances. Desirable “no tears”.

Buy hygiene products from 0 to 1 year to eliminate allergic reactions in the baby.

Use of herbs

Choose a grass with a homogeneous composition, rather than a herbal collection. Mixed herbs cause an allergic reaction.

Before the child is immersed in water, grease the baby’s handle or leg with water. If after 15 minutes there is no rash or redness – bathe on health.

The skin of a newborn baby is prone to irritation, the appearance of diaper rash and prickly heat. Herbs strengthen the immune system, dry and soothe irritated areas on the body.

Herbs have a positive effect on the nervous system of the baby and provide a good sleep.

The maximum bathing time for a baby in a herbal bath is 15 minutes. Do not water your baby after taking a bath. Wrap in a towel and dress.

Use soap and shampoo is not necessary, as well as lotions with powders. The effect of the herbal bath is the benefits of the herbal component and its properties.

Bathing herbs:

  • Chamomile  – disinfects, heals and dries.
  • The series  – disinfects, soothes, improves sleep, prevents the appearance of diathesis and seborrhea.
  • Coniferous extract  – a beneficial effect on the nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  • Lavender, juniper and hops  – relax.
  • Calendula  – relieves spasms of the digestive tract and relieves pain. It acts as a diuretic.
  • Bearberry and motherwort  – relieve intestinal colic, help with tearfulness and irritability.
Step by step bathing instructions
  1. Prepare the necessary equipment for swimming: a dipper, clothing, hygiene products.
  2. Pour bath, add grass if desired, measure water temperature.
  3. Towel for wiping, put in a warm place. In winter, hang on the battery, in the spring – warm it up with an iron to wrap the baby in a warm and soft.
  4. Strip the baby and wrap in a towel so that there is no temperature difference and transfer it to the bathroom.
  5. Dive Immerse the child in the water, starting with the feet. Lightly hold the head under the back of the head if the baby is lying on his back in a small bath. In a large bath – under the chin, if the child is lying on his stomach.
  6. Conduct the soaping stage carefully, starting from the head, without getting into your eyes. Wash the head of the child in circular motions from the forehead to the back of the head. Continue soaping on the handles, tummy and turn over.
  7. Finish rinsing the baby from the foam. Put your baby’s rib cage on your palm. Gently wash the child with clean, warm water with a ladle.

Completion of swimming

When the procedure comes to an end, wrap the baby in a heated towel and take it to the changing table.


Blot the baby’s body gently, slightly pinching the arms and legs. Pay attention to the folds of the arms and legs, the armpits and genitals of the child. Excess moisture is the cause of diaper rash.


Treatment involves moisturizing, disinfecting and sprinkling painful or oprelyh places. Treat the umbilical wound with potassium permanganate if it has not healed. Moisten the skin using baby oil for a newborn or an emulsion for the body if the baby is more than 3 months old. The skin of the child will be soft, without peeling and redness. Also in the composition of the emulsion there is a useful vitamin E.


Put the baby in a shirt and a light cap for half an hour while he eats. The baby will be warm, comfortable and comfortable while sleeping.

Rules for parents

  1. Keep calm. Panic of young parents during the 1st procedure will not leave a good impression on the baby. The following bathing can begin with whims. Talk more with the baby, sing the songs and maintain eye contact.
  2. Bathe your baby every day at the same time before eating. Baby should get used to the procedure.
  3. Observe the temperature in the room – not less than 23 degrees.
  4. Prepare all accessories in advance: the child should not overheat or overcool.
  5. Newborn babies should not be bathed in water with herbs. In the absence of allergies, add a weak decoction of the train or chamomile.
  6. After the procedure, wash the baby’s eyes with swabs dipped in boiled water. Spout and ears wipe outside. Putting cotton buds in the ears and the nose of the baby is prohibited.

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