Pick up a postpartum bra

Before pregnancy, any woman chooses a bra for one purpose. With the help of this intimate clothing item, she can slightly raise or even increase her breasts, cheer herself up, become sexier for her beloved person, or just make herself comfortable. A variety of goals are not excluded, but the essence of all is one to present oneself in a favorable light. But the postpartum bra has different goals.

As the pregnant woman’s breast increases, it is the bra’s responsibility to maintain it. In addition, he must evenly distribute the load, relieve the pain that occurs, as well as he must provide comfort when breastfeeding.

In order to exclude any discomfort from wearing a bra, you must responsibly approach his choice. Otherwise, in addition to creating inconvenience, linen will not be able to perform its functions.

Criterias of choice

Often, choosing postpartum underwear, many women are guided by the size of the breast, which was before pregnancy and childbirth. However, this approach is fundamentally wrong and can lead to incorrect choices. The breast of a woman with the onset of pregnancy (starting from the first week) is more sensitive and begins to increase.

In addition, the skin in this case has an increased sensitivity to any material. That is, if the bra is made of materials of obviously low quality, then an allergic reaction, acne, and some other signs may appear. Therefore, it is extremely important to give preference only to quality products.


When choosing a bra, you should show a special interest in his cups. And here the main thing is that they quickly open and close with the same speed. Better yet, when this can be done with one hand, as the other mother will hold the child. In most models, as a rule, cups come unfastened from above. In this case, it can be exposed, as soon as the nipple, and the whole breast. The second case, of course, is preferable, because close contact between the mother and the child is ensured, which will only benefit both.

Some models are equipped with cups on zippers, which also frees the entire chest. In this case, the cups do not interfere with breastfeeding and cannot get wet. To prevent accidental pinching of the skin of the chest, the clasps are equipped on the inside with special valves. Therefore, such a style is chosen by many lactating women.

When choosing postpartum underwear, you should pay attention to the fact that the inner surface is soft and does not contain seams. It is better to give preference to cotton. However, if the seam is still present, then it should not be on the nipple line.

In addition, the volume of almost any cup allows you to pad special inserts, which, in essence, are absorbent pads. It is very convenient if the cups still have pockets in which these pads will be securely fixed.


It is also worth noting that during the day, the breast can change its size several times due to the production of milk and feeding. In this case, it will be appropriate to purchase a bra with adjustable clasps. Such models usually have 2 or 3 positions. This will compensate or make up for fluctuations in breast size. That is, if necessary, the cups can be fastened either higher or lower.


It is equally important to pay attention to the material from which this or that postpartum underwear is made. The most important thing is that the laundry does not contribute to the appearance of allergic reactions on the skin, so as not to irritate the skin, and at the same time be elastic-elastic and pleasant to the touch. In addition, the bra material must allow air to pass through.

Those products that contain a large amount of cotton, and this is up to about 90-95%, may well meet all the necessary requirements. However, such natural bras quickly lose their appearance. In connection with this, modern materials from synthetics are in great demand: micromodal, taktel, polyamide, microfiber. Products using such materials retain their shape well, do not cause allergies, have good extensibility, are able to absorb and pass moisture, and also have good breathability.

In addition to the fact that such bras are able to effectively perform their duties, they visually emphasize the chest, making it even more attractive and fit. Moreover, they are able to withstand many washing cycles, are very pleasant and outwardly attractive.

Bra for sleeping

With intensive breast augmentation, underwear is also necessary during sleep. And any nursing mother just can not do without him. In particular, it is necessary during the first months after the birth of a child, since lactation is established during this period. It is worth noting that increased milk production occurs precisely at night and often a woman even experiences pain in a full breast. What rest can there be ?!

However, if you purchase special nightwear, then the woman may well relax. And if there are special pads in the bra, then you can not worry about leaking milk rivers.

In fact, such a bra is a bodice-top that does not have forming cups and seams. Due to the special cut and materials used, the linen carefully supports the breast, while nothing presses on the skin and does not crash.

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