Stocking up beauty: the main purchases for quarantine personal care

Since March 28, all beauty salons, hairdressers, manicure studios, barber shops and other “factories of beautiful people” are closed for quarantine. No panic! Express Newspaper has prepared for you a list of purchases and tips that will help you flush out of quarantine, like a butterfly from a cocoon.

Stars and beauty bloggers, urging the most naughty of us to stay at home, paint the benefits of home isolation. This, they said, is a great time to take care of yourself.

Well, well… given that beauty salons and beauty parlors are closed indefinitely, you have to do it yourself.

In this we will be helped by the advice of residents of Europe and the USA, who, despite the difficult time, strive to bring beauty. Even Italians do not lose their optimism and sense of humor.

“When your hairdressing salon is closed, but the groomer had a free window.”

So, for starters – we are buying. (You should not stampede in the closing shops of perfumes, cosmetics and household chemicals. Most online retailers continue to work as usual, with home delivery – including contactless).


There is no silver lining: home rest for your skin will only benefit. For some time, she is protected from daily makeup, an 8-hour stay in an office with dry air; active sunlight and dust on the street. Such a detox is best supplemented with a cosmetic diet, which Express Newspaper previously reported. It will help you save money on caring products and make your skin radiant.

The essence of such a “diet” is as follows: for at least a month, we minimize the number of care products, leaving only the most necessary.

British doctor Anjali Mahto, dermatologist consultant at Skin55, recommends including the following products:

  • Cleanser (facial cleanser or micellar water);
  • Tonic;
  • Moisturizer or gel;
  • Eye cream or gel

It is this minimum that is now worth buying for facial skin.

“Later, you can gradually add other drugs to the base list. But be patient, because it may take several months to see visible improvements from one product, ”says Dr. Anjali.

In addition, your skin will need “top dressing from the inside out.” So add the following purchases to the list:

  • Vitamins for skin, nails and hair;
  • Drinking water supply (the rule “1.5 – 2 liters of clean water per day has not been canceled).

For special care

If such beauty minimalism does not suit you, and the skin needs increased attention, make a stock of soft peeling products and face masks. They will help to “tolerate” a visit to a cosmetologist if you cannot do without biorevitalization, Botox and other beauty injections.

We buy courses to do in a day:

  • Fabric masks with anti-age effect;
  • Alginate masks;
  • Hyaluronic Serum for Alginate Masks

Finally, take note of homemade face masks, the main components of which are chocolate, oatmeal, honey, sour cream, bananas and green tea.


Video training, online yoga and Pilates classes, a half-forgotten elliptical trainer in the corner and other home exercises – all this will help you stay fit. But it’s about a figure. How to take care of body skin?

For smooth and toned skin, which will soon have to be opened (summer, whatever one may say, will come), throw the following set into the basket:

  • Massage body brush made of natural bristles. Only 10 minutes of daily massage of problem areas with a dry brush will “disperse” the lymph and help fight cellulite. (And also this is a long-term alternative to various body scrubs that are so uneconomically spent);
  • Wax, blades, depilation cream;
  • Nourishing body cream for dry areas;
  • Essential oils of grapefruit, geranium, lemon, rosemary, juniper, sweet fennel. Individually or in a “team game”, they help to improve blood circulation and lymph flow during massage, as well as start cell regeneration;
  • Base oil – olive, almond, etc. (in its pure form, essential oils can not be applied to the skin!).

The time has come for bathtubs, for which you did not find a free hour before, limiting yourself to a five-minute shower.

These purchases will help you get the most out of your water treatment and deal with stress:

  • Foam, salt, bath oil;
  • Aroma candles.

And, of course, one should not forget about the skin of the feet. We will need:

  • Exfoliating mask (option – pedicure socks);
  • Nourishing foot cream.

The most difficult point is hair care, especially if you color them. Blondes and girls with complex stains are strongly advised to wait until quarantine is removed and not to experiment in their own bathroom (unless, of course, one of your loved ones is a professional colorist). The effects of homemade hair lightening can be sad. Therefore, the reserves of hair dye should be done only by those who are used to tinting the roots on their own.

Everyone else should not forget that, being in the four walls, it is not at all necessary to sit with greasy strands. After all, with the help of Skype and FaceTime, we still stay in touch with family and colleagues, so you need to wash your hair as often as usual.

Turn this ritual into pleasure by purchasing in advance:

  • Shampoo (which one – we will tell below)
  • Balm
  • Hair Mask
  • Scrub for the scalp with sea salt (try this super-useful remedy that strengthens the hair roots and stimulates their growth, you probably did not reach your hands before, but now the time has come);
  • Caring oils, fluids and other products for the ends of the hair (since the haircut had to be postponed, we take care of the length).

How to extend the interval between stains?

To extend the shelf life of colors, European colorists advise you to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Do not use dandruff shampoos (these are deep cleansers, they wash pigments)
  2. Blondes are better off using sulfate-free shampoos, which are gentle on the scalp and do not dry hair, which means they help keep the shade longer. Shampoos against yellowness are better to use every other time, but they definitely will not be superfluous now.
  3. If you dyed your hair recently, start using nutrients no earlier than after 2 weeks. Otherwise, the pigment will not be fixed on the hair, and the color will not last you as long as we would like. Put the masks aside, use only moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Most likely, quarantine will benefit your hair. After all, she does not have to suffer from daily styling, drying with a hot hairdryer, irons, styling products and other disappointments.

Eyebrows and nails

A trip to the nail salon and the brow bar is also prohibited. The prospect of eyebrows fused to the nose and peeling shellac does not please you? There is an exit.

Fortunately, there are enough tutorials on the Internet to shape eyebrows at home.

Therefore, you need to stock up only with the necessary materials:

  • Nippers (it is better to choose sharp and with flat ends, which will allow you to pluck the shortest hairs);
  • Paint or henna for eyebrows;
  • Pencil (eye shadow or powder) for eyebrows;
  • Gel or mascara for fixation;
  • Soap. What for? Here’s why:

As for the nails – it is better not to try to remove the gel polish yourself, as there is a risk of damage to the plate. Beauty blogger Rina Nicole advises (in an interview with Gazeta.ru ) to cover the overgrown space with glitter varnish:

“So your manicure will seem fresh for another 2-3 weeks.”

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