Nest for newborns

The kid was just born. He is tiny and defenseless. It is not easy for him to adapt to life outside his mother’s cozy tummy. Bright light, loud sounds, huge space.

Mom cannot hug her child every second and share the warmth of her hands with him. Therefore, many devices were invented to help the baby get used to living in a new environment for him with maximum comfort. One of them is a nest for newborns.

Should I buy it? What are the benefits of this device? How to sew a nest for a newborn and where to get a pattern? Find the answers to these questions in our article.

What is the nest for newborns for?

For Russian parents, this is a new, unstudied product, and not many people know why they need a nest for newborns.

The purpose of the nest is to create a tight, comfortable and soft space with safe sides for a newly born baby. Initially, a nest for newborns was invented for premature babies. It helps them to keep warm and brings, as far as possible, the position of the crumbs to that which was in my mother’s tummy.

The device helps to solve not only psychological and emotional problems, but also to ensure the normal physiological development of a premature baby. The ability to stay in the nest in the fetal position allows the baby to avoid serious pathologies of the musculoskeletal system that can form immediately after birth, it is better to gain weight and grow.

Premature babies are not easy to get used to the environment. Nest is an indispensable assistant in creating for them a cozy, comfortable and friendly world.

Such a device is useful not only for babies who were born prematurely. Even to full-term babies, it helps to avoid stress, feel more confident and calm down faster.

The nest creates comfortable conditions for the baby and performs the function of a limiter of its movements, without restricting them. You can put a newborn in him and not worry about turning over and falling out.

However, this device restricts the movement of adults. This is especially true if the mother takes the baby to her bed. You can not be afraid that tired parents will fall asleep and accidentally crush the child.

The nest for newborns makes it easy to lay the baby on a barrel, which is especially true in the first weeks after birth. A soft side will become a support for the back, and there is no need to make a special roller. The nest allows you to carry the baby for short distances, for example, from the bedroom to the kitchen, and conveniently place it in any room. This gives mom the opportunity to free her hands briefly and do household chores, constantly watching the newborn.

The nest for newborns is also a multifunctional mattress that can be put in a crib, in a stroller or in a parent’s bed. A pillow in the nest for the newborn is not required, the device has a natural anatomical elevation.

The device is designed for babies from the first day of life to six months. But if the newborn is large, then, most likely, the nest can be used only up to 4 months. Therefore, it is better to acquire it after the birth of the crumbs.

For a premature baby, a nest of 50 cm long is optimal. For the rest, universal models with ties are suitable, allowing you to slightly increase the size and extend the term of use.

When choosing a nest for newborns, you need to pay attention to the material from which it is made. The fabric should not be very bright, easy to wash, not lose its original shape, not be toxic and not cause allergies. To ensure maximum comfort for the baby, you need to give preference to soft and pleasant to the touch materials.

How to sew with your own hands

The only drawback of Babynest or, as it is popularly called, a baby nest is its high cost. Not every mother can afford such expenses, given that the device will last for a very short time. But if you wish, the availability of free time and basic sewing skills, a nest for a newborn can be sewn with your own hands. Make it not at all difficult.

How to sew a nest for newborns with your own hands?

This will require:

  • 2 cloth canvases with a size of 0.8 × 1 m. The color of the cuts can be different, then you can sew a bilateral nest for newborns.
  • 2.6 m lace.
  • About 3 m satin ribbon.
  • 1 kg of holofiber or sintepuha for the bottom and sides. The mattress in the nest for newborns can be laid with synthetic winterizer in several layers. It is important that the bottom is soft.
  • Threads matching colors.

To make a nest for newborns, you need a pattern.

You can watch the video at the end of the article, which shows a phased masterclass for making a nest for a newborn.

To stitch the fixture, do the following :

  1. Transfer the pattern of the nest for the newborn, which you decided to make with your own hands, to the fabric, taking into account the allowances for the seams. When transferring the pattern of the nest for newborns, you need to identify the middle and line of the seam. If the product will be in one color, then the fabric should be folded in half when cutting. If you want to sew a nest for newborns with your own hands in different colors – you need to cut two identical parts from a different fabric according to the pattern.
  2. Sweep the received parts face inward with lace. After this, stitch the seams and overcast the edges.
  3. Unscrew the resulting workpiece and iron it gently.
  4. Sew a place for the tape, stepping back from the edge of 2 cm.
  5. Next, you need to make a mattress in the nest for newborns. To make the nest comfortable for the baby, it is recommended to make several details of the bottom of the synthetic winterizer or holofapyber on the pattern and fill them with a fabric blank. The mattress must be soft. So that the sintepon or holofiber does not slip and does not go astray when washing, you can make several transverse or oblique seams along the bottom.
  6. Use a safety pin to insert the tape.
  7. Fill the sides with holofiber.
  8. Gently sew open edges manually. It is advisable to use a blind seam.
  9. Pull the edges of the ribbon and tie a bow. The tape does not need to be cut short so that in the future it is possible to adjust the size of the nest as the child grows. It is desirable to process the edges of the tape so that they do not crumble.

A self-made nest for a newborn has many advantages over a finished product. Firstly, it will be done with my mother’s love and warm thoughts about the baby. Secondly, mom can choose the colors of fabrics, ribbons and control the quality of materials to her taste.

It is important that the nest for newborns with their own hands can be made according to an individual pattern for any size. The cost of a product made independently is several times lower than the price that you will have to pay in the store for the finished thing.

Therefore, if you want to get a high-quality, inexpensive and individually sized nest for newborns, then your mother has no choice but to sew it yourself or order it to the master individually.

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