Woman claims she has been left in constant agony after spending £6K to have teeth done in Turkey

A woman who claims to have had a botched veneers procedure at a Turkish dental clinic says she has been quoted £30,000 to have the damage fixed in the UK. 

Melissa Davies, 35, of Coventry, was unhappy with her smile so spent £6,000 to have a veneer fitted at a Turkish clinic she found online.

She claims she was put under general anaesthetic for seven hours as dentists removed five of her teeth and carried out 14 root canals.

She woke with a nosebleed, her airwaves closing and her aunt crying and screaming while asking ‘what have you done to her?’

Melissa Davies, 35 after getting her teeth done at a dental clinic on the Turkish coast

Before and after: Prior to the dental procedure, Melissa said she always struggled with her teeth and they looked ‘horrible’ so much so that she was willing to travel across the sea and shell out £6K to have them sorted — and claims she is now left in ‘agony’

Melissa Davieshas been quoted up to £30,000 to have them fixed in the UK and spent £6,000 on the procedure already

Melissa said: ‘All my life I’ve suffered with my teeth, they never looked straight and always looked horrible and I had no confidence.

‘I did some research online and looked at videos to see if some celebrities had been there and I decided to go.

‘They put me under for seven and a half hours and when I came around my auntie was screaming ‘what have you done to her?’.

‘My nose had started to bleed and my airwaves had started to close. I had what I would call a Tampax in my nose to stop the bleeding and a tube into the back of my throat to help me breathe.

‘It felt like I’d been punched in the face for a week. I heard a crack when they pushed one of my teeth up.

‘I felt a sharp bit (on the journey home) and looked to find a hairline crack on one of my back teeth.’

Melissa after the procedure. Dentists have recently warned punters seeking pearly whites against travelling to Turkey to get their dream smile

Melissa opened up on TikTok and the video went viral with 14 million views and over 8,000 comments, she isn’t the only one on the social media site with a tooth related horror story

The 35-year-old, from Coventry, West Midlands, said she was put under for seven and a half hours as dentists removed five of her teeth and carried out 14 root canals

Weeks on from the procedure, Melissa has a hairline crack along the back of her teeth and feels like someone has ‘shot her in the mouth’. She is still unable to eat or drink anything cold due to the damage.

She went to her dentist in the UK and was told she is likely to need specialist care which could cost up to £30,000.

Melissa added: ‘I’ve tried to see three dentists but no one will treat me. If anything, I smile less since I went to Turkey.’

‘It’s like an aching, but as soon as you drink something cold it’s like someone’s shot me in the mouth. I couldn’t drink any cold water during the heatwave. I’m in agony.’

Melissa claims the dental clinic offered to have a look at her teeth again but said she would have to pay for any costs including the treatment and travel.

She posted about her experience on TikTok last month where it has gained over 14million views.

After posting on TikTok Melissa was met with thanks from those who were considering the procedure, and people who had also been through the same experience got in touch to say it was ‘the biggest mistake of their life’

The post also attracted more than 8,800 comments from viewers who were shocked by the clip.

One said: ‘Thank you for sharing, I was actually going to do this….I won’t now. I’m sorry this happened to you.’

Another wrote: ‘I completely agree. It’s the biggest mistake of my life, I’ve been in pain for five years and no UK dentist will touch them.’

A third commented: ‘Wow I’ve been thinking about getting mine done for ages. Thank you so much for helping me make my decision, it would be one I’d regret.’

A fourth added: ‘Thank you for speaking out.’

This isn’t the first time that a Turkish dental clinic has come under scrutiny for allegedly botching a procedure.

One woman said she was left ‘traumatised’ in April this year after spending £6,850 only to have her gums ripped to shreds making her feel ‘beaten up’.

Dentists have also recently warned punters seeking pearly whites against travelling to Turkey to get their dream smile.

Experts have issued warnings over the dangers which invasive oral surgery can bring.

A report by the British Dentist association recently revealed that 86 per cent of UK dentists surveyed reported they had treated cases that developed following problems abroad.

Dental tourism has been on the rise, as well as surgery tourism, as the lure of affordable prices are tempting Brits to shell out on plane fares to get costly procedures done for a fraction of the UK price.

The clinic have been contacted for comment.

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