This is interesting: the 10 occupations that most psychopaths

However, there is one thing that is characteristic of all psychopaths – a career to which they aspire. For example, they often hold leadership positions because of their ruthlessness and unconditional charisma and fearlessness, which allows them without hesitation to rush to a business recess.

In General, psychopaths are able to make quick decisions, but not very good at this kind of empathic professions like human services, nursing or therapy.

If we are talking about real life, not on mass culture, the psychopath it may be difficult to detect. The lack of close contact with a person with psychopathic personality traits leads to the fact that he seems perfectly normal. Although diagnostic manuals describe them as people with “a bloated, grandiose sense of self-esteem and ability to manipulate others”, the diagnosis is rarely so simple.

Kevin Dutton (Kevin Dutton), a British psychologist and writer, has long specializiruetsya on the study of domestic psychopathy. In his book “the Wisdom of psychopaths: what saints, spies and serial killers can teach us about success,” he among other things made a rating of the professions that often find themselves psychopaths. And this list is right in front of you.

Public servant

In 2014, some members of the UK government considered the question of whether recruitment of people with psychopathic personality traits. This is due to the fact that they are ideal “to maintain order” as “very good in crises” and have “no feelings for others or a moral code, and therefore tend to act very rationally and logically”.


Most psychopaths are not interested in harming others, so don’t worry about what the chefs have unlimited access to the knives during the working day. Psychopaths thrive in the chaos where others may fail and this may be one reason why they work so well on a hectic (and sometimes downright crazy) the kitchen.

The priest

In his blog for Psychology Today veteran FBI Jo Navarro (Joe Navarro) name some of the reasons why psychopathic individuals can decide on a career in the clergy. Among them, for example, the fact that religious organizations provide these people the opportunity to exploit others, as well as giving legitimacy to their actions.

A police officer

Psychopaths do not necessarily have ulterior motives. One of their notable features – the ability to think coldly in a situation of heightened tension. And the police are very tense and dangerous work, so if people can remain calm in a crisis situation, there is definitely going to be on his arm.


In his book by Kevin Dutton lists some of the characteristics of psychopaths, such as charm, ability to focus, attention to detail, ruthlessness and the desire to act. Agree, any of these traits and all of them together is extremely beneficial to journalism. Especially in news or journalism of accidents when doing work a person has limited time and information you need to get in any way.


The study, published in The Bulletin of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, the question was raised: can the surgeons, people highly responsible profession to be psychopaths? And as it turns out, can. Scientists believe that all matter, as in the case with the police, resistance to stress and the fact that surgeons have to make difficult decisions every day.

Sales specialist

A psychopath, who works in sales, probably manifests in such things as shameless self-promotion, theft of contacts, and a relentless desire to earn as much money as possible and the inability to make the team. Depending on what principles should one or the other company, he can become as a nightmare of the head, and a sales specialist of his dreams.


Some psychopaths exhibit narcissism, which might be useful in work involving constant attention from the public. The abundance of psychopaths among media persons, according to scientists, due to the fact that it is important to remain calm in many different situations, no matter what the rumors about them had dissolved and no matter how provocative the questions they asked at the interview.


In his blog for Psychology Today lawyer Ruth Leigh Johnson (Ruth Lee Johnson) says that, although psychopathic traits, such as self-confidence, coldness and deceptive charm, and can be useful for lawyers, certainly not in this consists the secret of their success. In proper doses, however, it can really turn a man into a “devil’s advocate” in a good way. Another thing is that you do not cross a moral line psychopath is unlikely to succeed – and this is the main problem.


As we have seen, psychopaths is something that can be called a “resistance to chaos”. And it speaks not only about what they can do to think clearly even in the most extreme conditions, but that they can create an artificial chaos for all the others, because with this background I feel very, very good. Remind you of anyone? Some psychopaths use this technique to move up the career ladder to the top. Others may reach the chair of the chief in other ways, but to use the technique as “like no other” style of leadership. Simply put, beware.

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