Silent treatment

Ways to show their dissatisfaction with the behavior of the other person a lot. One of the most common is a kind of boycott, which is expressed in silence, cessation of all communication.

This technique can be quite effective, though its positive result rather questionable. Often this method is used by the parents when faced with inadequate, improper behavior of children.

Moms and dads implicitly understand that for a long time without communication, the child simply can not stand, so be sure to come up and start talking first. He even asked for forgiveness, if such rules are instituted in the family.

But we should not delude ourselves with the achieved effect. This behavior is a symptom of the parent’s insolvency, the unwillingness to give the children enough time.

The child is punished with silence, may not even realize what he deserve such a boycott. Mom and dad who are paying the children enough attention, do not use this method. They just explain in detail to the child, and who can blame him, why such behavior is unacceptable. It requires patience, endurance as to shout and lecture as useless as silence.

The method of “silent boycott” does not remedy the situation, does not exclude the cause of the offense, because he’s useless.

Silence as a method of punishment sometimes practiced between spouses. This option more dangerous and provokes serious negative consequences.

Originally the silence of the husband (wife), which is practiced after the made mistake, it will be perceived tragically, if the spouse (a) understands his guilt. Subsequently, it will become the norm. Moreover, the guilty party will be glad that you don’t have to explain and prove, and will act as it sees fit, without paying attention to the reaction partner.

Even more difficult situation is created when the spouse (a) does not understand, for what punished “silent boycott“. In this case, there is a desire to find out what you should not do later, that the situation is not repeated.

Guesses can absolutely not match the claims of the other party, which will lead to confusion, a split in the relationship.

In any case, instead of a confusing silence it is better to calmly explainwhat causes a negative reaction and explain to partner how to behave in order not to complicate relations. Constructive “debriefing” will provide a more effective and favorable result than silence.

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