Graphology or description of the nature of the handwriting

There are many different ways to learn about a person’s character, his inclinations, advantages and disadvantages. You can learn to study forms of hands and fingers, facial features, particularly facial expressions and gestures.

During the popularity of the epistolary genre was the ability to determine a person’s character by handwriting. Now, the opportunity is rare, since modern people prefer to print correspondence on the computer keyboard. But, if you were in the hands of the text, written by hand, you can use the principles of science of graphology, who knows how the handwriting to make an impression even on the unknown.

Knowledge about the determination of a person’s character by handwriting, sure could use a leader who needs to hire a new employee or learn more about their subordinates. Will not prevent the information and those who doubt whether or not to pursue a relationship with a particular person.

Of course, it is worth considering in what state of mind was written this text because handwriting can change if the person is excited, in a hurry, nervous. But, there are certain signsthat can give a lot of information anyway.

The first thing to pay attention to the size of the letters. If they are small, it can be argued that they wrote their people secretive and reticent. Perhaps, for the head of the Department is good, because there will be no familiarity with subordinates, guaranteed the preservation of commercial secrets. But, in family life, such a person would be difficult.

Large handwriting gives sociability, the sociability of the owner. Such employees are indispensable for relations with partners, as they are easy to find with all common language. Easy with such people in the family, but you need to be prepared for the fact that guests, friends will be plenty.

Look at the shape of the letters. If they are rounded – this person is sympathetic and kind. In collectives such people usually use as a “vest”. The family owners of this handwriting assume the main burden of problems. People are selfish, angular handwriting. It’s a natural-born climbers, “go over the heads”. But, their initiative could be useful to the company. In family life with such a person will have to put up or to cheat, to get help, sympathy.

When you select the employee who will be dealing with material goods, should pay attention to the boxes to the left. If they are narrow – you frugal, even stingy. This is a great traits for an accountant. In the family, the owner of the handwriting will always be money, but loved ones will not be easy. Too wide a field can talk about the pursuit of extravagance.

Lines of text can be lift up or, alternatively, to fall. The rise means optimism and pessimism.

Do not miss the opportunity to study the handwriting, it will tell you many interesting things.

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