Features of raising children in the modern family.

This article helps parents to pay attention to some features of education today’s children. In our difficult time, the parents have the task of not only educating your child but also educate him so that he became a good man: first of all, to respect parents and cared for them, to learn how to make a living, instead of sitting on their neck, as is now customary.

As a child you sow, so shall you reap! And for this you should not regret time and effort, despite the fact that parents have a lot of work. Raising a child is more important than material prosperity of the family.

Do children need to do chores? Although parents are very busy, they don’t try to encourage the children to help them to perform household chores.

Features of raising children in the modern family. Chores for kids:

The author of a book on parenting by Jane Nelson said that the work on the house, although not for children main occupation, but it allows them to feel confident in their abilities and develops self-esteem. Studies show that children 2-3 years it is already possible to charge to put the used linen in the basket, put toys away and wash them, sweep the floor and wipe the dust on the bottom shelves, to give the desired object.

Children 3-5 years can maintain cleanliness in the gaming area, set the table, clean the dishes in the sink and wash the dishes, which is not the beats, not to carry heavy packages of food. Children aged 5-9 make your bed, clean up leaves in the garden and weed the weeds, feed Pets, water indoor and outdoor flowers, you can choose what to wear. Children 9-12 years old can be charged to wash the dishes, wipe it, vacuum and take out the garbage, mow the lawn, and more.

For execution of home Affairs should establish a timeline for the completion of the work, Nelson believes, that they did not stretch them to infinity. Although parents think that all of these things they make themselves faster and better, and the children often have to alter something. But in this case it is better to develop patience and praise children for their efforts, then it will reach the goal. Children engaged in housework, as adults, will be able to care for themselves when separated from their parents, they will not be afraid of life.

Features of raising children in the modern family. To instill respect for authority parents:

Should children obey their parents? Nowadays, most parents don’t care about the fact that children respected their power, and this may negatively affect the self-esteem of the child. Ronald, Morris, an expert on children’s behavior, says that when the child becomes aware of his limits, he knows what to expect and feels safe, and from this they gain self-esteem. If the rules and responsibility to the parents not knowing the child, he grows insecure. For example, a commonly 6-year-old child decides when to go to bed or mom convinces a 3 year old child to behave well and explains what she feels when he behaves badly.

It should not be! The child must learn to obey the rules of parents. What children become naughty – a misconception. Growing up, a child every year accumulates knowledge, and therefore should improve its behavior. If parents do not make the child picked up the toy at their word, being a teenager, he will not listen to them, to return home on time. They ignore the rules set by the parents, and then will ignore the laws of the state of power and get into trouble.

Features of raising children in the modern family. Sleep children and activities before bedtime:

Parents must identify for school-age children not only how much they sleep, and what to do to them before bedtime. Nowadays children spend more and more time at the computer and TV, while the TV fades into the background. If before bedtime the children seek information on the Internet, playing computer games or watching TV, all this makes them exciting and overstraining their mental abilities. And if the child is fully loaded with extracurricular activities (music, dancing, sports sections, etc.), he does not have time to complete homework in a reasonable time, and sits up late.

According to research, the violation of sleep on children is reflected differently than adults. Children become hyperactive and uncontrollable, and adults, on the contrary, sluggish and sleepy. As a result, do not awake a child can not concentrate, solve problems and remember. Experts recommend parents to send my kids to bed at a certain time and not wait when he will make all things and his power runs out.

Features of raising children in the modern family. Children and TV:

Is it possible the child to watch TV? Children under 2 years are not recommended to watch TV specialists from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Studies have been conducted on brain development in young children. The results showed that infants and children who begin to walk, needed in the first place in direct contact with their parents and those who care for them.

Mutual contact develop children’s communication skills and promotes intellectual and emotional development, and watching TV prevents this. But there is another view professionals Canadian society of paediatric if the child is 30 minutes (not more) a day watching quality TV shows with his parents, he receives from them instruction. However, the two organizations United in one thing – that the TV should not play the role of “babysitter” in the room where the child sleeps, should not be neither the TV nor the computer. As TV viewing has a negative impact on children’s health, parents need to spend more time with them on the air, play games, read, solve puzzles.

Features of raising children in the modern family. Video games for children with aggressive subjects:

Parents, do you pay attention to what video games your child plays? The study of the behavior of young fans of violent video games show that they instill in children a love for violence. Games with aggressive and realistic stories, with explicit scenes of bloodshed affect the feelings of the player, and he becomes indifferent to violence and murder. Experts urge parents to they were interested in what video games are fond of their children and prevent the emergence of addiction to them.

And for that you need to spend more time with the children, to communicate openly, to Express their attitude to violence, be interested in their feelings and passions in order to give the instruction.

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