Types of nervous system in children – parenting advice.

Famous physiologist I. P. Pavlov proved that the reaction to the attitude to us of other persons or on what the events are determined by specific properties of the nervous processes in the brain – excitation or inhibition.

And how strong or weak these processes, there are four types of higher nervous activity. To become a good teachers, parents should look at the characteristics of the nervous system of your child and take a note of some tips on parenting.

1.Type of nervous system strong balanced, when the processes of excitation and inhibition are expressed equally powerfully.

Children with this type of nervous system calm, flexible and balanced. They almost are always in a good mood, rarely cry and if they cry, the reason for the disorder to be a very good, calm down quickly and easily find a common language with other children. Such children have good appetite and sleep, they are equally willing to play in quiet and noisy games, not badgering parents whims. They are easily formed new skills, they stress focusing on a single lesson.

Tips for parenting. With the child little trouble. However, note that the strong balanced type of nervous system, obtained at birth, it is possible to shatter. Try not to violate the established mode of the day, time to put baby to sleep, do not let the long hours spend in front of TV. In communication with the child be affectionate and Mature, and your parent’s happiness will never end.

2.Type of nervous system strong unbalanced, with a predominance of excitation process.

These children are usually referred to as excitable. They are already in the first months after birth, crying Wake up earlier than the time of feeding. Exhausted parents spend hours rocking such a child almost three years, and he can Wake up from the slightest noise. Excitable children violently Express their feelings, and resentment and joy quickly follow each other. They are very mobile and practically, for a long time can not calm down. The typical situation is: flushed, sweaty, screaming baby trying to escape from the hands arizonasee his adult.

Tips for parenting. A child with this type of nervous system should be taught perseverance, to develop the ability to concentrate. Stay tuned to all things baby definitely brought to the end and didn’t quit halfway. If you do not deal with a child especially, the difficulties will appear in the lower grades, he will not be able to concentrate on the lessons, it will be easy to get distracted and become Newspeak. So let’s give attention, time and energy on a 3-year old child, so you do not suffer with a 15-year-old ignorant and lazy. How to develop a child’s perseverance and patience? Patience and perseverance to develop such activities: stringing beads, gluing pictures of an application, put simple jigsaw puzzles. Will also help gymnastics, swimming, dancing.

The child should be only calm, friendly, in any case, do not fret and do not cry, control yourself. Remember that the emissions of negative emotions – a fertile ground for children’s neuroses.

Understand another important tip: do not abuse prohibitions, as dozens of shouts per day “not” or “what are you doing?!” overtaxed nervous system of children. Try to distract, to divert his attention, and only in 20% of situations it is possible to impose a strict ban on the actions of the child. This is the best way to raise a child with this type of nervous system of a stubborn despot.

3.Type of nervous system strong unbalanced, with a predominance of inhibitory processes.

Children with this type of nervous system, have a calm disposition, a good appetite, go to sleep quickly and sleep a deep sleep. They are calm and slow, the noise and bustle they are not attracted to. Hours can have toys, seen pictures in books or pictures, play Board games. But such children are slower than their peers learn everyday skills. For example, for those a long time remains a challenge to tie shoelaces, regularly making my bed or something.

Tips for parenting. Such a child gives little worries, but something he needs help. First, try to make sure that he fell in love with outdoor games. To do this, buy him a ball, a skipping rope and accessories, teach him to enjoy running, jumping, swimming.

Secondly, to educate the child missing qualities: agility, dexterity, reaction speed. Make every day a little competition: 5 min to clean toys into place, who will wear the doll – mother or daughter, etc. then make sure to prepare a small prize, for example, the decal, or something else, cute, little heart.

Forget phrases like “what are you doing” and do nothing for the child yourself, even if you think it slow, be patient. Otherwise such a child will grow clumsy, passive and uncommunicative man.

4.Type of nervous system is weak – excitation and inhibition are expressed softly.

These children are extremely sensitivity to everything, they are sensitive, compassionate, tired quickly. Sleep they are not deep, you want silence. Appetite unstable, a new food used to work. These children are usually painful reaction to preschool – they are afraid of unknown adults and busy team. They like the solitude.

Tips for parenting. Parents need to be calm, consistency, not to yell at the child and not to punish too harshly. We need to help the child to get rid of feelings of self-doubt and fear, encourage any attempts at independence. To overcome the fear of the collective, to help him make friends with children from the kindergarten group. To do this more often invite them to his home, they throw children’s parties. And your child, acting as master or mistress, will gain a lot of confidence. Praise him for his bravery and initiative, which is possible, it is still not showing. For a child the approval is a powerful incentive to development, and the censure permanently knocks him out and beats any desire for independence.

Children with a weak nervous system is useful to move more, and getting positive emotions. They fit sports outdoor activities: athletics, football, skating. Just make sure that the child is not overtired, on time and fully rested.

In the future you will be rewarded for your patience – increased susceptibility characteristic of such a child, allows him to form good character traits: compassion, tact and delicacy.

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