5 signs that you’ve found the perfect pair, in which I believe the experts

Below are five tips from experts on relationships, which will help to determine that before you a perfect partner. They can believe or not believe (to you), but it will agree, at least interesting.

If you have already found the person with whom you easily and comfortable, we can only congratulate. For all other reports: modern Dating is a dark forest, where there are so many rules and innuendo that get lost in it easy. How not to miss the man who can make you happy? How to avoid becoming a victim of a toxic partner? And how not to screw up if you tend to over-analyze not only the household situation but also those in which we are talking about feelings and emotions?


He passed the “bar test”

“I always use “bar test” to see me or not. When you are in a bar (or restaurant) with your new partner, you look around to make sure there’s no one of your friends? Or, on the contrary, you absolutely happy, so even want to see together?

If the latter is true, then the test is passed. But if you are more inclined to the first option, then maybe it is time to admit that this is not the person that you dreamed of,” says Erica Ettin (Erika Ettin), founder of the Dating site A Little Nudge and coach relationship.

He doesn’t want you to change

“When you listen to your heart, you always feel that suits you the man you are Dating or not. This is what people call intuition, – says psychologist Tracy Malone (Tracy Malone). – Each of us there was a time when we were not listened to. But the truth is that when you feel good close to you, when you see that he treats you the same way both at home and in public, be aware that you are on the right track. But keep in mind that all the same intuition may send you signals. If people want to change it, and you physically feel everything inside you resists it, most likely, it’s just not your man.”

It fits in your life

“A good sign that someone is perfect – the fact that you can present it in any part of their life and not just in the microcosm of your relationship, says Holly Daniels (Holly Daniels), a specialist in codependent relationships of Sober College. – Ask yourself: he’s good with important for me people? We have mutual interests and things we both like, so that can be a factor of stability in the relationship? If Yes, then you should continue this relationship because if they are not perfect, then close to it.”

He is happy when you are happy

“It definitely helps if you meet someone you want to make happy, and who wants to make you happy in return. Couples in which each partner puts the needs and desires of its halves at the same level or above their own, juggling priorities and constantly working together is much stronger than those couples in which partners first pursue their own interests, and then think about something else,” says Laura Vanderdrift (Laura VanderDrift), Professor of psychology from Syracuse University (Syracuse University).

He really listens to you

“One of the important signs that the person you meet will be a good companions in life, is that it shows a genuine interest in your life and listens when you talk. Conversely, if the person with whom you are together, almost always monopolisitic conversation asks you how you feel and how the day passed, and then interrupts you when you start talking, it seems you did quite the right choice. If he is not interested in this now, in the beginning of the relationship, just think of what it may lead in the future,” – concludes psychologist Elinor Greenberg (Elinor Greenberg).

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