I’m Bisexual and I Have Been Resisting My Sexuality. What Should I Do?

But in my body and soul, I wish to be with them. My straight friends. Informing them might make them understand I like them and that isn’t a threat I’m eager to take. An additional trouble is my partner. I don’t wish to let her down. She is clever, stunning and amusing (an unusual combo, I recognize).

Firstly, I wish you will certainly value my want discretion and also will certainly as a result describe me as ‘John.’

I have understood that I have actually been bisexual (leaning in the direction of males) for some time currently. I have always wished to keep it secret (due to the fact that I don’t concur with bi/homosexuality), yet it is becoming harder to do so.

My parents do not mind what or who I am, however I do not intend to let them or me down. A major concern is my social standing. Both myself and also my good friends are viewed as ‘great’ and also I worry they might discard me. We have mosted likely to a lot of discos with each other, and I have actually been with a reasonable variety of females in my time.

My life looks excellent on the outside, yet inside it’s a long-term battle. Please aid me.

— John

Hi there John, thank you a lot for sharing this deeply personal problem. I see that there are a couple of layers to this trouble, so let’s look at them one at a time.

Your Social vs. Real Self

Let’s begin with the central motif of your concern, which is,


  1. That is John? Who is the real John?
  2. And also does the real John represent the John that understand, the social side of you that you display to others?

I’m going to leap to the 2nd concern first, and also the response appears to be a “no”– no, the genuine John appears various from the John that recognize. While most people have 2 sides– an actual self and also a social self where they reveal filtered aspects of themselves to others, particularly to people they do not understand well, in your instance this difference is so plain that it has actually made life a struggle.

That’s due to the fact that firstly, the difference in between your real self and also your social self facilities around a core component of who you are– your sexuality, which consequently connected to your connections, what you can say, every little thing. While for other individuals, the difference in between their actual self and social self can be tiny points like being friendly in a social setup while being withdrawn on the within, for you the distinction is a basic part of that you are. Pretending to be friendly in spite of liking to be peaceful does not widely affect one’s life besides that minority communications with those good friends. On the other hand, claiming to be straight when you are bisexual (and leaning towards guys) influences you in greater than just those couple of interactions. It’s a facade that you need to stay up to date with throughout all conferences as well as communications. It affects your enchanting partnerships, what you can say to others, as well as who you can be.

Second of all, the factor we have a social self is to suit social teams, especially when our genuine individuality is extremely various from what is socially “approved” or “invited.” That’s due to the fact that individual social teams eventually have their personality that may not fit with our actual self. I enjoy speaking about individual growth, how to live a purposeful life, and social issues that go past our specific selves. However, several of my pals have no passion in such subjects and also I don’t discuss such points when with them. I clearly my real, unfiltered self when with my partner and also very close friends.

However, for you, your social self is someone you reveal to everybody, including your liked ones. Your moms and dads, your inner circle pals, and also your partner, a person you are supposed to be the closest as well as most sincere with.

While for lots of people, they are their 100% all-natural selves when with close friends and family members, for you, you are your social self during. Your social self has taken a life of its own and shaped your whole life around it. Instead of you being your genuine self with most people and also revealing your social self just in particular interactions, you are your social self the whole time as well as never ever your actual self. There’s no “off” button, so to speak. This is why life has ended up being a long-term fight as you have no other way to get in touch with the globe as the real you.

Acceptance of Self

This brings me to my next point, which is something you stated: “I have actually constantly wanted to maintain it secret (since I don’t agree with bi/homosexuality).”

My concern to you is, why? Why do not you concur with bi/homosexuality?


While I don’t typically question people’s sights on bi/homosexuality since every person can think what they desire, below I need to probe as your sight on bi/homosexuality is innate to your partnership with on your own. If you recognize as a bisexual however you do not concur with bisexuality, that’s an issue– a big, large trouble.

Let’s take a look at numerous views on bisexuality (as well as homosexuality). For some people, they think of bisexuality or, where people choose to be bisexual as well as they are just deviating from “God’s designated style.” For some, they think of bisexuality as an outcome of an individual’s biology, something they are birthed with and also do not reach pick. I believe most bisexuals/homosexuals can relate to this. Some may think about bisexuality as a mindset, an outcome of people being speculative, and it’s something they should snap out of. And after that there are religious and also societal sights, where some religions outright condemn bi/homosexuality and also some traditional societies deny its existence.

For me, I think humans are incredibly flexible– as much as we are biological beings, we have the capability to form our lives in greatly different ways because of our extremely developed minds. I think that there are individuals that are birthed bisexual and it belongs to their biology. I likewise believe that there are people who adopt a certain sexual preference as a result of previous childhood years injury and experiences, as well as it makes one of the most sense for them in this globe. In the exact same vein, I think there are individuals who are birthed with an open sexuality or bi/homosexual and end up being heterosexual to fit in (comparable to what you are experiencing), equally as there are individuals who are born heterosexual and also thus stay heterosexual (because this is the default setup of society).

All these don’t matter though, as it’s regarding yoursights on bi/homosexuality. I can recognize if somebody doesn’t concur with bi/homosexuality if he/she isn’t bi/homosexual– without walking a mile in others’ footwear, some individuals may not understand something that’s not in their daily recognition set.

However, if you are bisexual as well as you do not concur with bi/homosexuality, after that why is that? Is it due to your religious beliefs? Is it due to the fact that this is what you were instructed growing up? Is it because this protests what society counts on? Is it since you don’t believe that this is biologically properly for a human to be?

Whatever the factor, as long as you don’t concur with bi/homosexuality, you will certainly for life be stuck in a self-battle. As Carl Jung stated, “What you resist persists.” To achieve the state of self-acceptance, you require to discover your resistance towards bi/homosexuality and work through it. Bisexuality is not something irregular, equally as homosexuality isn’t something unusual. It is just various, something that lots of people do not understand if they don’t have any kind of bisexual/homosexual pals. Unless you approve on your own, all of yourself, it comes to be an uphill battle trying to find happiness outside of you.

That Are You?

This leads me back to the first concern, which is, Who are you? That is John?

Is John the great individual frequently seen with his great guy pals? Is John the individual with an attractive, wise, as well as amusing partner? Is John the person with an ideal life and also a great social status?


Or is John a person more than that? Somebody who transcends these social definitions, that doesn’t need individuals’s understandings to specify that he is?

Even though you hesitate to tell your friends and girlfriend concerning your sexuality, you have to ask on your own: What it is to you, and why does it matter? Due to the fact that if your buddies are with you due to the fact that you are seen as straight, and they may discard you when they recognize your true sexuality, then are these close friends you intend to remain with? Possibly not, or possibly they must be seen as social pals rather than buddies. Due to the fact that do not you want to focus on friends that appreciate you as you, rather than pals that evaluate you based your sexuality?

With regards to your sweetheart, I do assume that you owe it to her to tell her the truth as she is committing herself to you by being in the connection. You have to ask yourself which is the more important worth: being Truthful, or being Agreeable (not wanting to allow her down)? It’s much better to break things off currently rather than lose her time and your time if both of you make a decision that you are not ideal for each various other. You didn’t mention your ages, yet a female has an organic prime for childbearing, so if she remains in a partnership without long-term future, that’s time eliminated from her dating journey. Whether having kids is what she desires, it’s essential for her to understand so she can determine what to do as well as whether she needs to additionally purchase this partnership. For you, I believe you want to be with somebody you really love and also desire to be with, which may or may not be your girlfriend (considering that you are with her under a concealed sexuality).

When it come to your parents, the fantastic thing is that they do not mind what or who you are. This indicates that the fight you are really fighting right here is with on your own, as I shared above. If your parents don’t mind what or that you are, after that why are you so troubled regarding perhaps letting them down? What is it that you are “letting them down” in– is it from not being “like various other children”? And also in regards to what, your sexuality? Why would certainly having a various sexuality be a pull down at all? If it’s due to social stigma, I believe (given what you stated) that your parents’ love for you is more powerful than what culture or religion states. Whether there is negative stigma from others, this is something that your parents and you can resolve together, as a family members. Even if you are scared of societal’s sights doesn’t imply that you must hide your sexuality from them– specifically if you have an open, sincere relationship with your parents to begin with. It’s about informing them the reality and afterwards resolving this with each other.

Bringing Your True Self to the World

What does this indicate? Does it suggest that you should simply ” appeared” to the entire world?

Well, it depends. It depends on where you live and whether the society around you prepares. In particular conservative societies, people outright condemn bisexuality as well as homosexuality. For instance, same-sex sexual activity is illegal in India as well as sex between men is criminalized in Singapore (though this regulation is not proactively applied). In Singapore, The Pink Dot (an LBGT-affirming occasion) has actually dealt with lots of obstacles recently as they try to spread out awareness of the community to the wider society. Depending upon where you live, you might need to be careful in just how and also that you expose your bisexuality to.

Yet regardless of what people around you think, you need to (a) achieve self-acceptance and also (b) provide your real self a way to get in touch with others, even if starting in a tiny method. Such as only exposing it to specific close friends as well as family members. Such as getting in touch with like-minds online, albeit under a confidential manage, like in pro-LGBT discussion forums, Facebook groups (this would certainly require signing up a different Facebook account to stay confidential), and commenting in pro-LGBT YouTube networks (also under a different anonymous Google account). In such a way John, you are already allowing your genuine self obtain heard by sending out in this Ask Celes question, so I thank you for that.

Advertisement While culture may not be totally prepared for you yet– the element of you that is bisexual( since it is different from the “default “configuration that is heterosexuality)– that does not imply that you need to do the same to yourself. Society typically moves at the speed of least expensive , which indicates there’s often a requirement to fit for conventional views and much less progressive habits patterns. Environmental teams have actually been highlighting for ages the destructive effects of plastic usage, yet governments, business groups, and the average individual proceed to pardon, use, as well as throw out non-biodegradable plastic bags and cutlery in the name of profit and also comfort. Despite the introduction of green cars, lots of people still do not use them since the default automobiles for sale are less expensive as well as less complicated to purchase. Even online, we are weighed down by a poor quality of discussion due to the fact that there are always the 0.01% trolls as well as spammers producing a lot of noise.

What does that mean? Does it imply that you should only wait up until every person is ready and also accepting of bisexuality/homosexuality prior to you approve on your own? No, naturally not. What if this takes place in just 50 years? Are you going to wait on 50 years prior to you can accept yourself and also embrace your bisexuality? That’s dreadful as well as likewise unbelievably harming to your psychological well-being and growth.

My advice is this: Don’t wait for others’ approval or approval for you to be that you are. Start to accept as well as like on your own, every one of you, including your bisexuality. Determine what’s blocking in your approval of your bisexuality, and also address that. The problem isn’t with your household and also their sights (as you stated they uncommitted that or what you are), your straight guy buddies as well as their possible denial of your friendship, or your partner, yet just how you see bi/homosexuality and also as an effect, yourself.

As you deal with your self-acceptance, choose who you want to open up to concerning your bisexuality. Your girlfriend for sure, because you owe it to her to level. Your moms and dads potentially, since they are your parents and you claimed that they don’t care regarding who or what you are. Selected friends whom you can rely on. Your straight man good friends– if you prepare and you want them to understand. Additionally, you can choose not to inform them concerning your true sexuality and continue to hang out as social pals. However you should most definitely locate new buddies who non-judgmental about different sexualities, because friends are individuals who appreciate you as you, not your physical or social features.

As you deal with your self-acceptance, you will certainly stop being troubled by others’ understanding of bisexuality and of you, even though these might continue to be challenges in just how you can get in touch with the world. You desire to share your bisexuality only with trusted individuals and also if it’s risk-free to do so, depending on the social setting you live in.

Certainly, the very best situation circumstance is to live as your real self and also have the society accept you 100% as that you are, but the truth is frequently not best. It isn’t for lots of people, even for heterosexuals. Many individuals today deal with restrictions caused by aspects outside of their control, be it where they are birthed, their race, the chances they were provided maturing, hereditary health problems they had no say over, or in your situation, having a sex-related identification that’s not as extensively comprehended or approved as the default sexual identification. In the face of these blemishes, it’s concerning finding a balance between living life as best as you can and taking care of the flaws. Rather than dislike the world wherefore it is, or hate our lives for what is not perfect, allow’s attempt to make the very best out of what we have and also handle the other things that are not that great yet. Due to the fact that we can not control the cards we are dealt with, however we can choose exactly how we handle these cards.

I hope this message has been practical in some way as well as you have the ability to pick properly onward for yourself. Maintain me published on just how it goes alright?

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