Why I Deleted My Twitter Account with 7,000 Followers

Hi everyone! About two months earlier (April 2018), I erased my Twitter account @celestinechua. I believed I need to create an article describing this as a few of you have been asking me regarding it.

My Issues with Social Media

First off you guys know my stance with regards to social media sites. While social media sites utilized to be a great place for genuine discussions, it has actually come to be a really “loud” business ground currently. When I utilize social networks as a web content publisher, I feel like I’m simply one drop in a large sea, where my remarks have no effect whatsoever.

There are simply way too many– think thousands of millions of– content creators on social networks nowadays, with many utilizing robots, digital assistants, as well as firms to modify every aspect of their social media messaging, to make sure that they can get the most effective engagement as well as ROI for their messages.


This is greatly different than years back, say in 2011, when I was having numerous genuine communications with viewers on Facebook as well as social media sites has not come to be the beast that it is now.

These days though, my notifications on Facebook and also Twitter are either spam, some advertised plug, or some pointless alert. It has actually ended up being extremely tiring to log right into my social media accounts every day with a brilliant red sharp showing XX notices, only to sieve through as well as see that they are pointless updates. I have discussed these problems in these articles: Why I Deleted My Facebook Page, Challenges that I’m Facing Today, and The Fear of Missing Out (I’ve because restored my Facebook page after deleting it in 2016, however I no longer proactively keep it).

My Issues with Twitter In the same vein, Twitter has actually come to be a frustrating experience for

me in the past few years. To start with, a lot of viewers of PE do not follow me there. Several visitors on PE don’t utilize Twitter, while those who do don’t connect with me utilizing that channel. I think Twitter has a details market and most PE readers are just not energetic Twitter users. Customers who want to obtain my updates enroll in my newsletter ( which is the official channel to obtain my updates btw– I upload things that I do not post right here, including unique messages and also new courses). For any individual intends to send me a message, the contact form is the method to go.

Next, when I checked out my Twitter followers– about 7,000 of them– I understood that (a) this number has not been expanding for the past two years, and (b) 99.9% of them are inactive or “dead.” “Dead” because the individuals no more use their accounts, or are following so many people that individuals like me that rely on tweeting much less, not a lot more, can no more be heard any longer. Out of these 7,000, maybe only 3 individuals proactively check out and respond to my tweets (hi Charles, Ted, and also Rick!). It ended up being clear that my Twitter fan matter has come to be a vacant number. While I was thoroughly maintaining my Twitter account daily for the previous few years as well as believing that I was reaching 7,000 followers with every tweet, I was truly yelling into a great void.

Following this, I after that checked out my Twitter messages. Over the years, I began to receive a high percentage of vacant alerts, such as notices of some business bot tweeting out my short articles and marking me, usually done to raise direct exposure of their account/business. Messages from content designers attempting to network, revealing manufactured passion in what I created– yet the reality is they are just trying to network to spread the word concerning their service. Nothing wrong with what they are doing, but when I examine Twitter, I’m seeking genuine conversations with people who actually check out PE, not networking requests as well as solicitation. These are points that I’ve managed tremendously for the previous 10 years, and also I seem like I’m at a stage of my life (mid-30s) where I simply intend to move on and also focus on developing content and live my life, not fight the same points that I spent my 20s taking care of.


Note that this issue specifies to me as opposed to most Twitter users. Running a large internet site has actually made me the target of a massive quantity of spam and also solicitation demands. When I checked out my issues with Facebook, blog comments, contact kind, and also now Twitter, it’s the exact same point– a huge amount of spam, noise, and also vacant remarks because of my blog site’s exposure. While I used to get a proportion of 100% authentic messages to 0% sound in my messages, currently it’s even more like 0.01% authentic messages to 99.9% sound.

Frustration vs. Inspiration

After considering this, I realized the basic trouble is that the social media sites and also web landscape has actually altered tremendously because I began my web site. Conversations online made use of to be genuine since people were using the web in an authentic method after that. Nowadays, the internet has actually become enormously commercialized, while abusers have a substantial quantity of power due to the democratization of innovation and also automation tools.

The answer, after that, is to use social media in a manner that allows me. I asked myself: If this system is making me really feel so distressed when using it, should I proceed using it then? The solution was plainly, a “no.”

To be honest, I really felt a little stunned by my solution. Due to the fact that having a Twitter account really feels so fundamental, so vitaltoday, something that every entrepreneur must have. Whenever you sign up for a brand-new solution, you will usually be asked for your Twitter manage (and Facebook web page ID). Not having a Twitter account is unheard of. It feels cursing. It feels like you are some backwards, obsolete local business owner that is not in contact with his/her target market.

However is it true though? Since even when I was handling a Twitter account with “7,000 followers,” I didn’t feel like I was getting to anyone. Whenever I tweeted something, I felt like I was throwing a coin right into an abyss. I really did not feel in this manner in the very early years of Twitter– it’s only so in the recent years as social media sites morphed right into some titan, beast entity. These days, I seem like everybody is shouting at the top of their lungs as well as business organizations have endless sources to micro-optimize every aspect of their visibility, and social media is no more the appropriate area for me to connect with my audience: everyday people without a voice, people whom I wish to speak out to and also help.

In short, Facebook and also Twitter were great ways for me to connect with my target market from the late 2000s to early 2010s, however not anymore as they have morphed into entirely different monsters that prefer quick engagement and also short-form discussion. I have actually become sick of browsing these systems’ ever-changing formats and standards for outreach (specifically for companies), and spending an exceeding quantity of energy to keep my accounts with really little return. The net verdict of having a business account with these giants nowadays is that there are a lot of makers (numerous profit-focused over value-driven) with elaborate teams as well as aides hacking the algorithms as well as getting their web content seen by concentrating on what the social media sites giants desire (as opposed to what truly aids the individual).

What I’m interested in is developing long-form, deep content on vital life subjects, as well as these are simply not fit for their algorithms as well as landscape today.

” Death by a Thousand Cuts”

In retrospection, I should have shut my Twitter account much previously. I feel like this is a case of “fatality by a thousand cuts,” something which I feel is extremely common in today’s social media sites globe. When something is undesirable, if the discomfort gets on a very small degree, you will generally endure it. What social media sites titans have actually done today is that they are supplying numerous little cuts slowly, over a long period of time. Modifying the platform bit by bit, transforming the regulations every various other day, altering the algorithm in a way that constructs stickiness for them (yet develops individual tiredness), placing little advertisements all over, as well as just making adjustments that optimize earnings instead of develop worth.


Given that these cuts are delivered bit by bit, most individuals don’t observe this. They remain to utilize the platform daily, addicted to it (a dependency that is very carefully engineered by development cyberpunk teams). At the exact same time, the customers start to experience other adjustments in their life: lowered efficiency, mental fatigue, a basic feeling of emptiness, however they have no suggestion that these are connected to their use such systems. So they stay on, getting drawn deeper and also deeper.

I locate this issue with Netflix too (despite the fact that they have an energetic product which is video clip registrations)– I attempted using it for the previous month as part of a free trial from another service, and I locate that it utilizes highly negative, dark layout patterns suggested to suck the individual deeply into the system. Not unexpected since this is what many contemporary titans are doing.

When it pertains to electronic platforms today, determine your needs and also use them in such a way that sustains your needs, instead of the other way round where you alter your life to fit their ever-changing policies and also standards. I share more in 6 Tips to Deal with Digital Burnout.


At the end of the day, I’ve spent the previous few years trying to understand my relationship with social media and also online devices. I do not intend to jinx this but I think I’m starting to get to an excellent location regarding this.

Due to the fact that of the reasons stated right here, I have my Facebook page however I don’t actively preserve it anymore. I no more have Twitter as well as I’m happy to have eliminated it. As a Facebook personal account individual, I utilize it in such a way that supports my needs. I have my growing e-newsletter listing where I can attach authentically with you men, where I obtain genuine respond to what I send (thanks to every one of you that have actually been taking part in my studies and sending kind messages via the call form!). There are still negative black sheep every here and there, however I’ve come up with tools as well as means to manage as well as reduce them to a near-zero instance.

In the meantime, I’ve been active dealing with my following training course (on just how to find your life function), based on your comments to my e-mail study sent a couple of months ago. I’ll be sharing updates using my e-mail checklist when it’s ready, so stay tuned!

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