How to deal with men’s jealousy?

Some psychologists define jealousy as OCD others say about serious mental illness. But do not call, and jealousy for thousands of years. She was born at the dawn of human civilization, and to this day poisons the lives of many women.

To live with a pathological jealous man is a difficult task.

Such a man is jealous of men of any age, any appearance and of any financial situation. Outside of his interests are, only sinless infants Yes children under the age of puberty. And that in such a situation to make the woman even in thought does not allow cheating on your husband?

Psychologists advise not to remain silent and not to pretend that nothing terrible happens. And especially not be proud of the fact that her husband is jealous, because jealousy does not at all show mad love, but rather is a consequence of inferiority complex.

The silence will provoke more prolonged bouts of jealousy. Eventually they will begin to acquire a threatening character, and there physical far. Always remember that every action must produce an equal and opposite reaction. If such a there is no counter, then will come catastrophe.

Therefore the problem should always indicate a prelude can be a serious conversation on this subject. It will help in case if your favorite is not a pathological jealous. For conversations, you should choose the moment when the husband will be in a good mood. He needs to calmly explain that all his suspicions were unfounded. You love it, appreciate it, and you have no one but him, not interested. Maybe will have to hold several such conversations. And if your choice is reasonable, the fits of jealousy will come to naught.

Psychologists offer even this technique: think of your favorite along with some key phrase or word to defuse a critical situation. For example, let it be “good evening.” These words will become the anchor.

You are his beloved, in the noisy company and notice that he begins to blush, turn pale, pour a rage. That is, there are all the signs of a jealous rage. To smooth over the situation, you then gently say to the beloved: “Good evening.” After that, the attack needs to be reversed or significantly weakened.

You should also use another trick. The point here is that all men are anxious about their health and ill, begin to resemble a small and naughty children. So let jealous, outbursts of rage, he causes irreparable harm to your psyche. It damages the nervous system and other organs of the body. Make the emphasis on the care of his health, and not on the fact of jealousy. In some cases it helps.

Jealousy is the result of either an inferiority complex or despotic tendencies. In the first case, the jealous all the time seeing more beautiful, intelligent and worthy opponents. He is terrified that his wife will leave him and go to some kind of irresistible sexual male. Here only one way out: to do their favorite compliments and constantly raise his self-esteem. You need to regularly tell him that he is much better than others and has many advantages.

If the lover was a despot, the situation is more complicated. A man looks at his wife as his property, which requires certain moral qualities.

A woman should firmly statethat she is a person, and the husband was obliged to accept it as a reality. You should also explain that a beautiful, successful and self-sufficient wife and husband should be proud of. In addition, it considerably raises its rating in the eyes of friends and acquaintances.

In that case, if none of the above methods does not help, then consideration offers two choices. It’s either seek help from a psychologist, or to get away from her spouse. This Union of two hearts we don’t need

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