Breath the child

Experiences of parents of all times and peoples long suggests that to teach something and get it right to convey to him some knowledge, it turns out, if you submit it in the form of an entertaining fairy story.

And you can also use such a creative approach to explain to your kid why it is important to take care of your health, including the health of your teeth and mouth.

However,to be able to convey this important knowledge to a kid properly, you need to start by understanding the question. In this article we will try to help you with this. And yet – brace yourself for the role of the storyteller!


“There was one funny town boy named Peter. He was not very obedient, often misbehaved, and besides – couldn’t stand to brush your teeth. Mom told him in the morning: “Son, go brush your teeth!”. But instead he ran up to the table, grabbed him cookies and raced to the yard to friends. As his or chastised, he continued to do so”..

We all know that children are not big fans of brushing. Standard exhortations, as a rule, do not apply to them. For the child this activity seems incomprehensible routine, because he does not see instant results. But the neglect of the tooth brush and paste leads to rapid effects. The child gets bad breath.

To the kid still learned a useful habit to brush your teeth regularly morning and evening, add game time to it. And this will help us continue the tale. Imagine that Peter found himself one day in the wonderful land of sweets, and reigned in her crafty, cunning Caries.

“Hello, Peter, said he Caries. – I’m so glad you were my guest! Here you will love! You, dear guest, and I royally let you now there are so many cookies, marshmallows and candies as you wish. I have a little request to you. In my country there is one simple rule: never brush your teeth. Do it?”. Still can not cope! To do this, Petya had plenty of abilities, and he bravely stuffed their pockets full of marmalade, marshmallow, and on top of still lemonade poured, that was fun.

Of course, such fabulous miracles will appeal to your child and engage him, but the main task – to convey to him, as tricky indeed Caries and that threatens the gullible boy, if he stays in this country.

“However, after some time the teeth Petya went dark just as the cloak of Caries. Surrounded their rude and evil Royal soldiers and let’s attack, so much so it hurts! Some teeth even formed holes, and in them settled the disgusting bacteria. Peter wanted to run to the yard to play with friends, but heard from them in reply: “Yes, you have bad breath, we will not be friends with you!”. Then Peter began to whimper and remembered that spoke to him mom.

Do not be afraid to use in his history of scary images. Let the king Caries will turn into conscious of your child in the textbook “the bogeyman”, which should really be afraid and to stay away from him. Perhaps, then, your offspring will not fall into those 73% of children, according to statistics, caries develops from an early age, and complications lead to the occurrence of cysts.

“Did your mother not to get involved sweet, and it is better to eat the delicious fruits!”. Was Peter to mom, told her about his failure, and her nothing left to do but to take his hand and lead straight to the doctor – dentist. The good doctor took care of the teeth of Petit, but strictly told every day in the morning and evening to chase the pesky bacteria with a toothbrush”. Steel and Petit’s teeth clean and sparkling, and his mouth if it smelled, fragrant paste.

This is true in all respects a fabulous story not only tells what awaits the disobedient child who refuses to brush their teeth, but also gives helpful tips – what should be done to defeat tooth decay and get rid of bad breath.


Another factor, which the child in the morning breath, this is fundamentally wrong the current skill brushing teeth.

Assume that the previous story that prompted the baby at least to pick up a toothbrush. Now you need to teach it correctly to use it.

In my experience, even many adults do not know how to properly brush your teeth. Because of this, in the oral cavity accumulate deposits of food starts rotting, the breeding of bacteria. To avoid this, man must from childhood to learn how to use a toothbrush properly.

“In a little house lived the teeth. And there were… let me count the ways! One, two, three… they Decided to put their house in order. And for that invited guests in the brush. The same was invited along for company a tube of toothpaste and a glass of water. Came the brush and start all the garbage sweep. Each tooth she courted on all sides, thoroughly and slowly. Then came the water and washed his teeth. They began to Shine white. This is the tale end and who listened to her and realized that the teeth in the house will always be clean and beautiful as pearls!”.

Example the adult may also have a positive impact on the development of good habits in the child. Therefore, we recommend to first brush your teeth together. It is possible to count the movement of the brush in ten movements – from the inside, top and bottom.

The cleaning process may become more exciting if you use also a variety of preslava: “…it’s time to sweep the bacteria out of the house!”. So the child will remember, what should be the movement of the brush.

In case you are not sure that the methods available to explain to the child how to properly brush your teeth, consult a doctor – hygienist. In his Arsenal there are good materials and simple techniques.


“Looking tongue, as a courting brush teeth and dreaming: here would it also brush noticed! Defeated after and bacteria settled on a home, and even litter constantly. That was sad tongue…”

Plaque on the surface of the tongue of the baby can be one of the sources of mouth odor. It is extremely important to timely explain to the child that clean language is not less important than teeth, and as often. It does not require much effort and time. Enough for half a minute. And it can be done with a fun scraper, which is sold in any drugstore.

Finally, among the less common causes of bad breath in children can list of throat disease, gingivitis etc. However, the first step is to consult with a dentist.

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