What does the pediatrician treat?

The profession of a pediatrician is one of the most popular in children’s medicine. The pediatrician assesses the physical and neuropsychic development of the child, his school maturity.

The doctor also evaluates children by belonging to health groups, gives recommendations on education and feeding, and conducts the prevention of chronic diseases in children.

A pediatrician should know the clinical symptoms of major diseases and borderline conditions of childhood, the causes and development of diseases of the organs of the body and infectious diseases; modern methods of therapy; the basics of childhood pharmacotherapy, etc.

What does a pediatrician do

The list of duties of a pediatrician is approved by order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia.

In accordance with it, the duties of a pediatrician include:

  • obtaining information about the health of the child;
  • organization and conduct of anti-epidemic measures in the focus of infection;
  • monitoring the health of the child and the provision of medical and preventive care (medical examination);
  • organization and implementation of immunization in children (in accordance with the vaccination schedule);
  • development and implementation of individual rehabilitation programs for children with disabilities;
  • sanitary-hygienic and preventive measures to protect children’s health;
  • issuance of certificates and certificates of incapacity for caring for a sick child.
What is included in the appointment of a pediatrician

The list of obligatory medical services:

  • collection of complaints and medical history (medical history * ) general therapeutic;
  • general therapeutic visual examination;
  • palpation ( feeling ) general therapeutic;
  • auscultation ( listening to sounds ) general therapeutic;
  • percussion ( tapping ) general therapeutic ;
  • body weight measurement;
  • growth measurement;
  • general thermometry.

When to go to the pediatrician’s appointment according to plan

  • Before the birth of a baby.  Where and when to go to the pediatrician for the first time, the expectant mother will find out even during pregnancy – she should be registered at the nearest children’s clinic in the community.
  • After discharge from the hospital during the first month of life.  The pediatrician must visit the child at home (several times).
  • After the child turns one month old. The kid needs to be shown to the doctor. This is a regular scheduled consultation, including examination, weighing, growth measurement.
  • During a year.  The baby should visit the pediatrician every month. This is enough to regularly monitor its growth and development, possible deviations, and also to receive the necessary appointments, for example, about routine vaccinations.
  • After a year. Visits to the doctor take place already out of necessity, not counting a few visits in connection with vaccinations (about once every three months).
When to contact a pediatrician unscheduled

The reasons for compulsory appeal to the pediatrician are:

  • heat;
  • pain (especially in the head, in the stomach, in the bones);
  • digestive disorders;
  • symptoms of infectious, allergic diseases (hoarseness, redness of the eyes, runny nose, cough, rashes on the skin);
  • doubts about the normal development of the child – both physical and psychological.

If a baby is sick or needs to be tested, it is best to call a doctor at home or take tests at home – so as not to expose the baby to additional danger.

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