King Soopers, Walmart Pharmacies Get Vaccines As Part Of Federal Program

Colorado pharmacies will receive doses of the COVID-19 vaccine as early as Thursday from a federal program sending it directly to retail businesses. King Soopers and Walmart are the two pharmacies chosen to start the program in the state.

“We do know that for many Coloradans the easiest way to access this vaccine may be at their local pharmacy,” said Scott Bookman, the COVID-19 Incident Commander for CDPHE. “So we’re excited to see this, we’re trying to get a better understanding of exactly how much vaccine is coming.”

The national release of additional doses is happening in states across the country and will include other chain stores in the months ahead. Both King Soopers and Walmart require you to make an appointment online. King Soopers already had doses of the vaccine from a separate supply chain, this will increase the amount they can offer in Colorado.

“We’re really excited to see this increase in supply coming into our state,” Bookman said on a call Wednesday. “It is being directed directly by the federal government. We’re still trying to get true clarity on exactly how many doses.”

King Soopers said it received the additional supply on Thursday. Appointments can be made at certain King Soopers and City Market locations. Walmart will get its supply to more than 20 locations in Colorado beginning Friday, including some Sam’s Club stores.

Other pharmacy chains like CVS told CBS4 they plan to be part of the program in Colorado but have not been activated by the CDC yet. Safeway stores have offered the vaccine for weeks under another distribution plan organized by local agencies.

“What we’re really looking at is making sure that our providers are all prepared to have an increase in their capacity to provide this vaccine that we are continually increasing the resources that we have to support them,” Bookman said.

Right now in Colorado, health care workers, those 65 years and up, K-12 education and child care workers are eligible to receive the COVID vaccine.

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