NHS pulls millions of face masks from use after safety warning

Hospital bosses and others including GPs have been told to stop using the FT-045A FFP3 masks, quarantine any remaining supplies and then track down any they might have sent on to other health providers through mutual aid schemes.

The NHS has been warned not to use or distribute a batch of high-grade face masks after government officials warned they may not meet safety standards, it has been reported.

DHSC said it was pausing further distribution while a rapid review was carried out.

The BBC reported that the warning affected 12 million masks. The Independent has contacted DHSC for more information.

The Independent has also contacted the supplier and manufacturer named in the alert: Polyco Healthline, based in Lincolnshire, and Suzhou Fangtian Industries of Jiangsu in China.

DHSC’s warning document told health bosses: “Please be assured that we are working with regional teams and providers to fit-test staff to alternative models and provide of them with alternative masks in the quantities needed. We have a good supply of other FFP3 masks.”

Rob Harwood, consultants committee chairman of the British Medical Association, told the BBC: “Healthcare staff working on the frontline do so facing the grave risk of contracting Covid, and deserve the best protection from this deadly virus.

“Many will be incredibly concerned to learn that some masks designed to offer enhanced protection, as well as gloves, may not meet standards, potentially placing them at greater risk.”

A spokesperson for the DHSC said: “We have received information indicating that the Fang Tian FFP3 masks may not meet the technical specifications required by our essential technical specifications. This model makes up less than 2% of the FFP3 masks that are being used day-to-day.

“The safety of frontline staff and patients is our absolute priority and as a precaution we have issued advice to health and care providers to check to see if their stock includes this product, and to stop using these masks pending further investigation.

“We have a resilient supply of FFP3 masks to ensure that health and social care workers have access to the PPE they need.”

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