Golden Now Requires Masks In Public If You Can’t Stay 6 Feet From Others

On Sunday, many people were out and about, most were wearing masks. CBS4’s Makenzie O’Keefe asked several people their thoughts on the mandate.

“When I’m around other people I feel responsible and care about other people, so why not,” explained Eric Mattson, who was visiting from Denver. “I think at this point, all mask mandates are the responsible thing to do.”

The Golden City Council passed an emergency ordinance which expands the requirements for wearing masks in public areas of the city. Now, people in Golden will be required to wear a mask inside public buildings and when outdoors.

“So if you’re outdoors on our sidewalks, streets, trails, parks, you have to wear a mask,” explained Jason Slowinski, Golden City Manager. “Unless you can maintain 6 foot of separation from folks.”

It’s another step the city is taking, like closing Clear Creek temporarily for recreation, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Slowinski said the fact that many people travel to Golden in the summer for recreation, played a role in putting this mandate in place.

“There is an uptick in cases, both in Colorado but more importantly in our neighboring states,” Slowinski said. “We have a number of visitors that come here from all over the metro area and our neighboring states so we have to look closely how we can best protect the health of our community.”

Erika Miller was out walking with her son Zachary on Sunday, admiring their new city.

“We want to be in a place where people care about others so I’m happy to wear my mask if it helps others stay safe,” she explained. Her son said sometimes the masks are a little uncomfortable. “Yeah, sometimes it’s kind of uncomfortable in the heat but it’s worth the hassle.”

Wearing a mask is now the ‘Golden Rule,’ with the idea of keeping people safe while they enjoy all Golden has to offer.

“We’re open for business we want people to come here and enjoy the outdoors, but we want you to be safe,” Slowinski said. “And that’s the primary message.”

The new requirements went into effect Friday and expire August 14th. The Golden City Council will meet again in August and can modify or extend the current requirements at that time.

There are exceptions: Children younger than 3, people seated while eating and drinking at establishments, people undergoing medical procedures, and people with existing medical conditions that exacerbated by the wearing of masks. Participants in schools and organized sports already in compliance with existing health guidelines are also exempt from the new requirements.

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