Diet for prostatitis

Improper diet for inflammation of the prostate gland can reduce long-term efforts to zero. To avoid this, we explain the basic rules of diet therapy for prostatitis.

The diet meets all the principles of healthy eating, does not imply a low energy intake diet and doesn’t require any exotic ingredients.

Mandatory condition of diet for prostatitis is the consumption of adequate amounts of fluid, which increases the daily urine output. Kidneys, bladder, urethra cleared of pathogenic microorganisms. In addition, the water performs a detoxification function.

Permitted food and drinks for prostatitis

Cranberry and blueberry, due to acidification of urine, have a bacteriostatic effect.

What can you drink with prostatitis:
  • herbal teas, broth hips;
  • cranberry, cowberry, bilberry fruit drinks;
  • weak black and green tea;
  • coffee with chicory;
  • unsweetened stewed fruit,
  • mineral water without gases.
A list of foods that you can include in your diet:
  • fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • herbs: parsley, dill, celery, Basil, coriander;
  • milk and milk products;
  • cereals: rice, millet, buckwheat, oats;
  • pasta of durum wheat;
  • eggs;
  • lean meat, poultry, fish;
  • all kinds of seafood: crab, squid, mussels, snails, shrimp;
  • nuts, seeds of pumpkin;
  • olive oil, Flaxseed, sunflower oil (preferably, extra virgin);
  • honey;
  • butter;
  • dried fruits: apricots, prunes, raisins, dates.

Onions, garlic, not too hot pepper can be included in the diet for prostatitis, if there is no exacerbation of the disease.

Note that if you have extra weight, caloric intake should be lower and give up eating after 18 PM.

Additionally, for greater effect, you should start to play sports.

Forbidden foods for prostatitis

Products and dishes which should be excluded:

  • strong meat and fish broths (second boiling);
  • sausages, smoked food, barbecue;
  • marinades and conservation;
  • mayonnaise, vegetable fat, margarine;
  • bean;
  • canned meat and fish,
  • offal: liver, heart, lungs, legs, etc.;
  • radish, radish, sorrel, spinach;
  • chocolate and sweets;
  • pastries, cakes, cookies.

About fresh juices nutritionists suggest the following: if prostatitis is acute, citrus juices and vegetable juices tomato-based can harm as well as have an irritating effect on the organs of urine excretion. In the period of remission, if there are any disorders of urination, natural juices you can drink.

Even a single dose of alcohol is able to launch the inflammatory process in the organs of the urogenital tract in men. Regular abuse of beer will saturate the male body is phytoestrogens, which adversely affect the synthesis of testosterone and potency.

Nutrition for prostatitis

To prepare meals for prostatitis need in a gentle way: so in the products will remain the highest amount of vitamins and minerals. Preferable food be steamed, baked in the oven or just boil.

To fill the supply of vitamins, especially in autumn and winter, you can take special vitamin complexes for men with prostatitis. It is composed of all multi-vitamins in the right dosages, and trace elements that affect the potency, spermatogenesis and erectile function.

Vitamins, popular with andrologists and urologists: I think, the Alphabet, the complex Menstral.

Prostatitis is a disease that requires a comprehensive approach, and there are no details. Strict adherence to all recommendations of the doctor, physical therapy, reasonable diet and proper lifestyle will allow you to achieve long-term remission.

Victoria Mishina, urologist, medical columnist

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