Food according to Ayurveda

Nutrition according to Ayurveda – Ayurvedic nutrition secrets. Selection of products is carried out individually for each and ideal if using the Ayurvedic doctor, as everyone in addition to the Constitution may be features of the bodies, function of the organs.

The doctor will help to include in the diet products are most suitable according to the Constitution, and sometimes has a therapeutic effect. But if there is no possibility to see a specialist – try to make a diet for yourself.

Iskluchenie foods, unhelpful or have adverse effects on the body.

Taste or smell? Not only the taste is not the guiding principle in the selection of products, in the choice of products also need to take into account their smell.

The time of admission. It is important to the use of certain types of products at a particular time of day – it depends on their usvaivaemosti and consequently affects the reduction or weight gain, helps in getting rid of bad habits, etc.)

Rules of nutrition according to Ayurveda

1. Prepare yourself

One of the “dietary” commandments Ayurveda says: eat fresh, just cooked food. In no event subject it to re-heat treated. Very important and the food preparation process. Proceed to cutting vegetables and cooking soup can only be in a good mood, thinking about pleasant things. It makes food tastier and healthier not only for you but for the people you love (and feed). So if you are offended and angry, for cooking it is better not to start.

2. Eat “live” food

To be viable, our body needs living food. It’s fresh, natural fruits, vegetables and whole grains. They contain essential for proper digestion and assimilation of food, enzymes, and nutrients for normal cellular construction. The adage “You are what you eat” lies a profound truth.

Cook with fresh ingredients. Frozen and canned – “lifeless”. And eat as much food raw (vegetables, fruits, grains), as with any treatment products lose a significant part of the life-giving energy and flavor.

3. Eat when you’re hungry

For Ayurveda the traditional Breakfast, lunch and dinner – not the authorities. She recommends that you eat when you are hungry. The body knows better when to eat. However, this rule does not apply to cases related to violation of appetite: “Eat when the body tells you” does not mean “overeat”. The only time?e limit for Breakfast – the first time it is recommended to eat before 8 o’clock in the morning.

4. Stick to the principles of compatibility of products

In Ancient India knew that the combination of products within one meal can have a noticeable effect on how well or poorly food is digested. According to Ayurveda, you need to eat fruits, starch, proteins and fats separately at different times of the day.

Here are some examples:

  • drink milk or yogurt separately from acidic fruits or citrus,
  • eat fruit separately from potatoes and other starchy foods (fructose is digested quickly, and starch – no),
  • eat melon separately from grains and milk (melon is generally not desirable to combine with any food).

5. Rest from food

According to Ayurveda, once a week should be “rest” from heavy meals. According to the testimony of those who practice one-day starvation, to get used to the restrictions difficult, but over time there is a feeling of lightness and “floating” and begin to understand the beauty of this principle.

6. In the diet include all 6 tastes

A balanced diet should include all six tastes (sweet, salty, sour, pungent, astringent and bitter) at each meal. However, there is no need to overload one dish: some herbs or spices will add the missing shade of taste (see paragraph 7). It is also not recommended to adhere to the same set of flavors day after day. Allow your body to enjoy the whole palette of tastes, and he will be grateful.

7. Don’t ignore spices

Spices in Indian cuisine abound, and they are useful not only for the taste qualities of dishes, but also for the body, because of natural spices a lot of valuable substances. But to overdo it is not necessary – you can easily ruin a dish.

8. Trust your instincts

Although Ayurvedic texts contain detailed lists of products corresponding to various properties and tastes, remember that this knowledge is in you. If you are in balance, if you live in harmony with nature, you will want the food that most needs your body at the moment. If you’re drawn to food, which occurs after physical or emotional discomfort, this means that the equilibrium is disturbed.

The simplest way to get him back is to start again to use all six tastes, moving away from their one-sided bias. Over time you will notice that useful like you no less, and thus the balance restored. You do not need to sacrifice your favorite food, because every bit of food you eat alters your mental state. You naturally attracted to those foods and dishes, which creates a desirable state of mind. When a doubt arises in the choice, just remember what kind of food you prefer when you’re feeling good.

9. Eat in good spirits

“When I eat, I am deaf and dumb,” the old saying in Russia. Say is absolutely correct, because the calm uniform meal ensures proper digestion and good mood for the whole day. Food consumption absorbs the energy of our thoughts, so at the table think only about good, and if you can’t stop the flow of negative thoughts and emotions – refrain for a time from eating, and now it will not benefit.

10. Not in a hurry

This is a very simple but important rule of eating. Eat slowly even more important than to pay attention to what you eat. Favorable food not chewed properly is not useful. But if you are recovered from food consumed all the nutrients you poison my body. If because of external circumstances you have to eat is not very nutritious foods, but you eat them slowly, and your digestive system in good condition, the body will still benefit from the food, and remove harmful toxins. Thus, according to Ayurveda, the system works namonastrevi of the body.

Ayurvedic nutrition secrets

1. For better digestion and to improve the taste of the food, sprinkle the dishes with lemon juice before serving. This will make your meals extraordinary and unusual in a very fresh and tasty. But, it can be done only in the afternoon, because the consumption of large quantities of sour taste in the morning or evening will cause indigestion.

2. In order not to freeze in winter, eat lunch in the sauerkraut and pickles. Their sour taste in our body in the assimilation gives warmth.

3. For frying it is better to use corn oil because it lasts longer and better than other oils tolerate higher temperature not decomposing. The second is the sunflower oil, it is destroyed when heated faster than corn oil. But olive and Flaxseed oil do not tolerate heat, because decompose and form harmful substances during frying. King oils is ghee, it is well tolerated even multiple heating and has a very positive effect on our body and digestion in particular.

4. If You want to have Your meals contained more auspicious qualities and give You more good emotions – add to each dish in the middle of cooking a small amount of sugar (even savory dishes) and a little whole cow’s milk (if the dish does not contain dairy products). A dish of tomatoes always require sugar, because the sugar improves the flavor of tomatoes, softens their inner fire and generally improves digestion.

5. The best and healthy food that which was prepared not later than 3 hours ago. This food is benevolent and the best way to nourish the body. The food that was prepared more than 3 hours ago already has an admixture of ignorance and not able to heal the body. If you eat only food that has stood the night (even in the fridge), then health problems will not leave You never, because such food is already decomposed, although we do not notice, but when warming up its mechanism of decomposition is accelerated and the oil contained in it, the destruction from the repeated heat treatment can turn into toxins.

6. Canned food does not contain anything good from the original product, ie it is just an empty shell with a weak taste, and what feeds our mind and body – prana – is no longer there. Plus preservatives are always for our body toxins. Frozen food is also not valuable to us, it speeds up our body’s aging process.

7. In our morning food should prevail sweet taste in the evening (if someone eats in the evening) – a neutral taste (ie, those foods that contain a lot of water, hence the taste is neutral), but the lunch food needs to contain all 6 tastes – sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, astringent. When the food has 6 flavors – it completely saturates the body and mind.

8. In order to enrich our regular food different tastes, and improve digestion – it is necessary to use spices, BUT!, in small doses, and only those that suits You, and only with those products with which they are combined.

9. In one meal it is better not to use incompatible products, for example together to eat bread, potatoes, rice and oats, or interfere with boiled or fresh vegetables with fresh fruit, or mix milk with something else, or acid fruits with sweet.

10. A chef who prepares food, should be calm and peaceful, otherwise all his anxiety or irritation with anger will be in the food that he makes, because the preparing food absorbs the mood and thoughts of the manufacturer. On the same occasion it is better not to eat in questionable places, when You don’t know who and how they prepared the food. The same applies to buying ready-made food in stores. Especially strongly absorb emotions cooks bakery products and pastries.

11. You should also eat in a relaxed state and a good mood, in good company and in a clean place, it helps digestion. Otherwise, everything was eaten in anxiety – will bring new suffering and anxiety. It is very important to chew the food well.

12. The most healthy food – freshly prepared, juicy, sweet, buttery, delicious, warm, – it gives strength and health. Too hot, sour, spicy, salty, overcooked, dry and old food – brings the body and mind suffering and disease.

13. It is very important for health to eat only when you feel true hunger and not because of “greedy eyes”. And the amount of eaten food at a time shall not exceed the amount of Your two hands put together.

14. It is necessary to eat moderately, not overeating, always leaving the stomach ? a portion of the free air, without which it will not burn the fire of digestion, and 2/4 part can be filled with food and liquid.

15. In order to remove the food from all the defilement which she had received, till he came to your table, you need to read over her the prayers of any religion that You respect and thank God for everything.

16. Buying products for the food, choose only ripe, juicy fruit or vegetables, fresh dairy products and cereals. Never skimp on the food, because it is a contribution to Your health for years to come.

17. Do not drink while eating cold drinks and do not eat cold food, because it weakens the digestive fire.

18. Do not eat late at night (after sunset or early morning before sunrise), do not eat during extreme heat or sitting directly under the rays of the hot midday sun.

19. Be sure to eat sitting either on the floor or in a comfortable position at the table with your back straight, after a meal to sit for 5 more minutes still, or too active immediately after eating disturbs the digestion.

20. Better to drink before meals or during meals (cold or hot drink), but a small amount, and after eating we have to wait 1.5-2 hours, until there is an active phase of digestion, and then you can drink it, otherwise you can put out the digestive fire.

21. When choosing food, it is necessary to take into account the season and weather, because our digestive fire depends on it. I.e. it is not necessary to eat plentifully fruits or berries are not in season their maturation in the area where You live, because they are hard to digest by the body, which is set to a different rhythm corresponding to the present time. And it is not necessary in hot weather or in the rainy season, when our digestive fire is reduced, eat in a large amount of starchy and dairy products, because they will not be digested.

22. Not recommended in one meal to eat a lot of different meals because our digestive fire will not be able to cope with all. New products that are still unknown your body, you need to enter into the diet gradually. He may not respond to them, and as a result you’ll get an upset stomach. This applies particularly to exotic cuisine of other countries.

23. Fruits and vegetables should be at least 60% of the daily diet, this will help digestion and regulate the acid-alkaline balance.

24. Another secret of proper nutrition is water. And drink it need not during eating, but before or after it. Before eating you can drink water for 20-30 minutes, after ingestion of proteins should go 4 hours after a carbohydrate – 2.

23. It is recommended that the separate consumption of protein and carbohydrates, they have different digestion time and they require different enzymes.

24. The diet should be selected for each person individually, depending on its Constitution, existing illnesses, occupation, place of residence and other factors.

25. Eat foods specific to your local area, ability to uptake the genetic level.

Resources inherent in the human body, according to scientists, allow him to live to 115 years. Knowing the secrets of our body, and using the 12 principles of proper nutrition, it is possible to reach these indicators.

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