Diet Ksenia Borodina

Diet Ksenia Borodina. Ksenia Borodina (one of the leading project “Dom-2”) always in sight, so the extra pounds she did not need it. After birth a weight problem worsened, so Ksenia had some time to adhere to a fairly rigid method of weight loss. Diet Ksenia Borodina was very successful and 12 kg of excess weight “gone” quite quickly.

Menu of this diet are very limited, but to increase or diet change is not necessary – it will affect the outcome is not the best way:

  • Breakfast – a couple of fresh cucumbers and a slice of rye bread
  • Lunch – freshly made soup with vegetables and cucumber salad with greens and a small amount of vegetable oil
  • Dinner – salad of cucumber and greens with vegetable oil, or just cucumber fresh

Always remember that a beautiful body and weight loss – daily Titanic work without holidays and weekends. To achieve stunning results each one of us, if we seek and constantly endeavour.

Before starting a “diet”, you need to make the decision to be slim always.

Diet Ksenia Borodina – safe and effective weight loss. Well, if a person has a strong motivation (love, status, to get into the old closet).

Try not to overeat, to eat slowly, carefully chewing. A plate is better to take a little. Supplement do not take. Remember that the saturation of the body comes after 20 minutes after eating. Do not eat before bedtime. Don’t eat up.

Make your own low calorie menu consisting of greens, vegetables, fruits and lean meat (chicken, Turkey, rabbit, beef), fish. Forget about sour, sweet, fatty and fast food.

Enter into the life sports (long daily walks, fitness, running). Choose what you like and what “can” thing regularly. Do not use any chemicals, pills, teas, supposedly for weight loss.

Menu diet Ksenia Borodina

The staple diet is cucumber, so it is advisable to “sit” on this diet in a period of natural maturing of your favorite green vegetable.

The first stage of cucumber

Why cucumber?

More diet and low-calorie product than the cucumber, it is difficult even to imagine. The product “eat and grow thin” – it is also about cucumbers. On 95-97% vegetable consists of water, containing iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, iodine and silicon. Cucumber water flush the kidneys and promotes excretion from the blood of accumulated “toxins”.

Cucumbers are allowed to eat almost everyone, except for people suffering from problems W/the tract.

Cucumber diet helps the body to easily get rid of extra pounds, go for nutrition. Cucumbers help cleanse the body. The first phase of Xenia recommends to take 5 to 7 days.

Menu diet Ksenia Borodina first stage

Breakfast. 1-2 slices rye or other bread diet.

2 cucumbers (fresh).

Lunch. Cucumber salad with greens (onion, parsley, arugula, dill), olive oil. Vegetable soup, cooked on the water. A couple of times a week, the soup can be replaced with boiled lean meat.

Dinner. Cucumber salad dressed with oil or 1-2 cucumber.

After completing the first stage on the road to slimness as well as the loss of unwanted kilos, the result of need to fix.

The second stage of protein diet, fixing the result

In protein diet very broad spectrum of prohibited products. The rules guarantee its effectiveness.

K. Borodin strongly recommends that you remove from the diet the following foods: fats (animal, vegetable origin); potatoes, beets and carrots; sugar, salt; rice; alcoholic beverages.

The above prohibitions apply during the first phase of this diet, from 2-3 weeks to 1-3 months. The length of phase depends on the number of pounds that you want to reset. But, even after reaching the desired weight, the “forbidden” foods should not be abused.

Following diet diet absolutely safe for health. To eat thus it is possible as long as you want. Range of losing excess weight is 5-10 kg in 1 month.

Menu diet Ksenia Borodina second stage

Breakfast. Oatmeal (on water). 0% yogurt.

The second Breakfast (lunch). 2 apples.

Lunch. Fish or lean meat (chicken breast), or 2-3 eggs.

An afternoon snack. Any fruit, except bananas and grapes. Ideally, apples or any citrus fruit.

Dinner. Vegetable salad, boiled egg, low-fat yogurt.

Upon reaching the desired result, still try to stick to the second menu, only lunch and dinner you can add vegetables and 1 to 3 times a week you can treat your stomach with pasta.

Features diet Ksenia Borodina

The day should eat at least 3-4 fresh cucumbers. A couple of times a week may be replaced with – instead of soup you can eat a piece of boiled meat low-fat varieties.

During the diet should drink plenty of fluids (2-2.5 liters a day) and take vitamin complex. To enhance the effect every day to do enema.

In the choice between greenhouse and ground cucumbers should be guided by the following information:

• Greenhouse cucumbers have a lower calorie content (compared to clay) and contain more potassium – this element promotes the excretion of body fluid, providing a diuretic effect.

• Ground cucumbers contain a high amount of fiber (greenhouse are watery), and in addition, they are much tastier and healthier
Each option has its own advantages, so you can choose either without fear of being wrong. The only condition – the first summer cucumbers, saturated with nitrates, it is better not to buy.

Diet Ksenia Borodina should be no longer than 1-2 weeks – after this period the body gets used to low calorie diet and stops to get rid of fat accumulation. After spending the specified time on the diet, you should take a break for 2-4 weeks, after which it can be repeated.

During the break and after the final out of the diet, it is necessary to strictly limit the consumption of fatty, starchy and sugary foods. Besides, it should completely eliminate alcohol (even wine). An important condition is the ban on snacking and to eat any food after seven o’clock in the evening.

Diet where you managed to lose weight Borodina is quite a severe method of weight loss, depriving the body almost all the essential nutrients. That is why, before start it – consult your doctor and in any case not exceed the optimum period of stay on it.

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