Separate meals for weight loss

Separate meals for weight loss. The accumulation of extra pounds is affected by the breaking speed of metabolic processes, a way of life. It is no secret that many modern people lack of physical activity, physical fatigue at work doesn’t count.

The accumulation of excess pounds causes the habit in the bad mood or depression to relieve stress with food.

When fed according to the traditional menus in the stomach is a mixture of food. Each variety requires its own processing and learning. Often these processes compete with each other, mutually impede and interfere with each other to Refine their kind of food, create an increased load on the digestive system. Chemical substances needed for the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins do not act on, and Vice versa.

For the digestion of starch, the most common carbohydrate, require a slightly alkaline environment. Acid carbohydrates cause fermentation, gas formation. In turn, protein is digested in the acidic environment of the stomach.

Separate meals for weight loss

When you use one product, for example, bread containing carbohydrates and protein, the body is able to adapt with the digestion of carbohydrates almost neutral gastric juice. After the allotted time, the acidity will increase for the breakdown contained in the bread protein. If carbohydrates and proteins are coming from different products (meat and potatoes), the body releases acidic juice that does not allow to assimilate carbohydrates.

As you know, the saliva gives an alkaline reaction and therefore the breakdown of carbohydrates begins in the mouth. But lye neutralizes even a weak acid. Therefore, the right to first eat meat and then carbohydrates. Menu, separate food involves eating meals of carbohydrates and proteins a few hours between meals.

Separation of power is aimed at:

  • getting rid of extra pounds;
  • regular and easy release of the intestine from the remnants namerevalsya products;
  • getting rid of the unpleasant smell of the outgoing breath;
  • eliminating constipation and disbacteriosis;
  • the normalization process of self-purification of organism from toxins and slags.

As the incompatible foods when injected into the stomach, difficult digestion, poorly digested remains of food are deposited in our body in the form of slags and, of course, fats. This is because the breakdown of protein foods need an acidic environment to digest carbohydrates is alkaline. So, the conditions under which to digest various types of food, different. Thus when we eat a meal containing both proteins and carbohydrates, valuable substances for the body to digest worse.

For example, if you are on an empty stomach ate vegetables or fruits, they are giving all the important nutrients and vitamins will be digested in 15-20 minutes. While eaten after meat products, the same fruits or vegetables will not be able to digest and linger in the stomach, starting the fermentation process, and later rotting.

In this case, the products will arrive in the lower digestive tract poorly digested, leading to fat deposition, poisoning of the body toxins and increase the load on the pancreas. In addition, the undigested food residue that has accumulated in the large intestine, can cause constipation and other diseases. To help the body to avoid such troubles, a system of separation of power.

Group products for a separate power

Each product contains a combination of carbohydrates, proteins, fats. In a separate feed, they are usually attributed to one group or another:

The principle of separation of food products can be divided into groups according to compatibility among themselves, i.e., those products that are part of the same group are considered to be fully compatible. Separation of power does not imply that every product should be eaten separately from the other. Divided food groups: carbohydrates, proteins, neutral foods.

  • To uglevodosoderzhaschie products include cereals, sugar, potatoes and all flour products.
  • The foods containing proteins include meat, dairy products, fish, eggs, legumes, and nuts.
  • Neutral products are animal fats, including butter, fruits, vegetables, herbs, cheese, fat cottage cheese.

A group of neutral foods may be consumed with carbohydrates and proteins. It is also important to observe the time intervals between the use of incompatible food, they must be at least 2 hours.

Protein rich meat products, fish, cheese, cereals, legumes and nuts. In the form of starch carbohydrates are found in rye, wheat, potatoes. Starch is also rich in green peas, zucchini, pumpkin. Less starch in beets, cabbage, carrots. Quite a few green vegetables: celery, cabbage, beet leaves, turnips, pumpkin, cucumbers, parsley, garlic, eggplant, green peas, radishes. Carbohydrates in the form of sugar, lots of honey, sugar sand, molasses, sweet fruit – bananas, raisins, dates, prunes, persimmon, pear. Olive, sunflower, corn, creamy, peanut butter is rich in fats. Also a lot of them in fat, meat fat varieties of fatty fish, nuts. Acidic fruits are represented by oranges, apples, lemons, grapes, plums, sour varieties, as well as a vegetable sauerkraut.

Poluchennymi fruits are sweet apples, peaches, pears, apricots, plums, blueberries. In the menu of a separate food for weight loss required to take into account the incompatibility of some varieties of protein. You can simultaneously use several varieties of nuts, but don’t mix different protein products. For example, the protein contained in meat requires an acidic environment in the beginning of digestion, and the protein of cheese at the end. You should not “help” the assimilation of protein, eating meat food with lemon juice, vinegar, sour fruit. Acid reduces the secretion of gastric juice, causing digestion of the meat slows down. Cheese or nuts due to high fat content inhibit secretion of juices in the stomach that allows them to avoid rotting and sooner or later be digested.

Protein products are compatible with herbs, green vegetables, where there is practically no starch: fresh green beans, sweet varieties of squash and pumpkin, celery, cucumbers, radishes, parsley, lettuce. Fatty meals slow down the secretion of gastric juice, therefore it is not necessary to consume protein with fatty foods. Otherwise, the protein will not digest completely. Action fat is removed by eating herbs, green vegetables. Salads are not necessary to refill with vegetable oil.

As a rule, when a separate power supply becomes unnecessary any oil, which is important for weight loss. Oil is not a food but a condiment. If a particular dish does not want to eat without butter, the body this dish is not required. Sugar is not compatible with protein food, as digested in the intestine. Pausing in the stomach, where it is warm and humid, with sugar cause fermentation and gas formation. Sweet foods also should not be eaten with carbohydrates.

A valid combination of oil and bread, but no jam or marmalade. It is not necessary to combine at one meal and honey cakes. Mammals, unlike adults, consume milk only during childhood. In the stomach it coagulates and becomes curd, enveloping other food and thereby preventing its digestion. Milk is better to drink separately, by itself.

Even in combination with cereals benefit from it is small. You should avoid desserts, and the rule WA zhno not just for weight loss. For a separate power supply as a separate dish, cakes, sweet fruit is well digested. In combination with other products of digestion deteriorates significantly. To eat fruit, especially watermelons and melons, need separately from other products, to use them as a separate dish, and considered “real” meal.

Fruits do not combine well with carbohydrates, proteins, as digested in the intestines. The presence of other foods causing them a delay in the stomach and rapid fermentation. A separate food really helps to lose weight, since it prevents the SC on the walls of the colon rotting of protein. It is believed that this phenomenon is inherent in civilized man, and with him the body has learned to cope quite successfully. In fact, the products of decay – carbon dioxide, acetic acid, alcohol be in the blood, causing atherosclerosis, worn and prematurely age the body. The body is forced to spend forces for neutralization, instead of fighting the fat mass, improve health.

The basic tenet of separation of power – a one-time consumption, only compatible products, in order to avoid confrontation of proteins and carbohydrates, which do not allow each other to digest. If you follow this rule, it is possible to avoid the sedimentation of undigested food remnants on their intestinal walls, and this means that the body will accumulate toxins and fats.

If products are compatible, they are quickly digested and the body receives the necessary nutrients without intoxication purulent products. This is what leads to getting rid of excess weight, and also to the fact that the effect of the weight loss is maintained for much longer. A separate foodreally helps to get rid of many diseases, including problems of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney, spleen and liver.

The principles of food combining

Separation of power is the basis of many diets and weight loss systems. But even just following the principles of separation of power and not adhering to strict diets to get rid of extra pounds.

To navigate to the separate power supply there is no age limit. But to start this transition gradually, one day a week at the initial stage – that’s it. After “a day at separate meals” will be familiar to the body such days in the week you can make a few. Over time, you may want to switch to a completely separate power supply and it will not cause a negative reaction on the part of the body.

The most important principle of separation of power is there only when I want to, but observing the breaks in between incompatible food at least 2 hours. It is important to clearly distinguish between hunger and appetite. Understand yourself will help a simple technique: imagine a crust of bread and if you think that you’d love to eat the crust, it means that you are really hungry.

The second principle of food combining – correct use of liquids. The use of both water and any other liquids should be stopped 20 minutes before a meal. After a meal do not need to drink for another half hour, and if your food contained starch, after it is not advisable to drink at least two hours. If the food was meat, it is not necessary to use a liquid for about 4 hours.

It is also important during a meal to be in a good mood, so, with no one to argue and to chew your food. After eating, need a break. Food should be prepared from a small number of products, but meals during the day should be varied to provide the body with necessary vitamins and minerals. When buying products, you should give preference to grown in their native region, as they will be the most useful.

When a separate feed is taken into account and the fact that at least half of the diet should consist of plant foods. This is especially important for those seeking to lose weight.

Why separate meals helps to lose weight

The principles of the variety of proper nutrition can hardly be called a diet. Rather, it is a bit different, “separate” approach to the use of products based on the features of the processes of breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates. A separate method of power practiced in the animal world. But only a person accustomed to put the natural products to heat treatment, was to boil them, fry, bake. To create original taste sensations mix in various combinations to make sophisticated menu, and after complaining of fullness, shortness of breath, need to lose weight, high blood pressure and poor health.

Part of a mixed meal is not digested, rotting, decay products are in fat. It has to look a particular way to lose weight, although it is much easier to prevent the mixing neoclasica products by eating them separately. Serving size menu for weight loss can be arbitrary. The main criterion – their own feelings. If the table turns out to stand with a slight feeling of hunger that fifteen minutes passes, so the serving size is chosen correctly. If there is still want, you need the following method to increase the size of the portions by about 10-15 percent.

Pretty soon I’ll be able to understand the real needs of the body. To understand what, in what quantities and how often you need to eat, not to experience discomfort and to lose weight. It is not necessary to eat at a certain hour, is much more important to wait for the feeling that the body is hungry. Then food is absorbed more fully and with pleasure. Some will want to move on to two meals a day. If, due to various reasons was not able to eat or just had no appetite, no worries. The body will still prevail for another day, this is a sure sign of recovery. Gradually withdraw imposed by modern information Matrix representation of the taste of the food.

Should refuse tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, all kinds of artificial juices, confectionery, canned products. It will help to restore the body the ability to get pleasure from the taste and aroma of natural food. The self-healing, normalizes activity of the digestive system. Food will be absorbed more fully and with less power, the intestinal flora will produce more of the necessary vitamins to strengthen the immune system, normalized body weight, eliminate putrefaction in the large intestine. Proper nutrition allows you to not only lose weight but also become healthy, to overcome depression and stress.

Due to the fact that compatible products pass quickly through the digestive tract, the body does not undergo the processes of fermentation and putrefaction, that is, intoxication. In the transition to a separate power not only to reset the extra weight, but also improves overall health. The results of separation of power is persistent and does not lead to the return of extra pounds in more. The separation of power is shown in many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and other health problems.

Especially in the initial phase to comply with separate food is necessary to exert willpower to accustom the body to a special diet. Some doctors believe that the separate feeding interferes with the normal digestion process as people from the moment of its appearance it is fed a mixed diet, so their digestive system habitual to it. Those who follow the separate power supply, will have to abandon sandwiches, dumplings, pies, meat and fish salads, nourishing soups and many other dishes, and thus deprive himself of many pleasures of life. But the beauty demands victims, so for the sake of a slim waist, you can go to some of the hardships, all the more so when a separate feed starving is not necessary.

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