Diet the signs of the zodiac

Diet the signs of the zodiac. Variants of proper nutrition and various diets there are countless, how to choose the most appropriate one? But astrologers believe that there is nothing complicated, just need to follow the diet according to the zodiac signs. Did you know that for each sign of the Zodiac there are specific recommendations concerning diet and preferred diet?

Choosing a diet for your Zodiac sign, you can learn which foods and drinks will bring you the greatest benefit. Horoscope also reveals the little tricks that will help you to make its guests happy and to guess their tastes, just knowing their zodiac sign. Great importance for the prevention of diseases are diet and horoscope, as one of the major causes of ill health is improper nutrition. Let us sequentially consider each sign of the zodiac and recommendations in accordance with astrological principles.

It should be noted that the Moon controls our stomach fluids and the lymphatic system. While the moon’s in your sign of the zodiac is recommended a special diet, it will help to cure the diseases which are prone people born under a certain constellation. And remember that the key to good nutrition is not so much a careful selection of foods as mental state while eating.

Here is a sample set of products and herbs that help cure diseases that predisposed people born under a certain constellation.

Diet is the zodiac sign for Aries

Aries is a very active sign. Astrologers often allocate just excessive energy, constant desire to create and make something new. Unfortunately, this fine quality combined with time control. Often, the rams just don’t have time to eat normally, they have to settle for a quick bite. Therefore, despite the activity among the rams are often the people with excessive excess weight.
Aries it’s best not to include in your diet dark meat, butter, canned foods, excessively salty and spicy dishes. As in diet, and in ordinary life, they are contraindicated in a variety of stimulating drinks, including black tea.
Diet is your zodiac sign recommends that the rams lean on of lean fish, any cereal, low-fat dairy products, carrots, cabbage, beets, turnips and radishes, beans and herbs. A large part of the total diet should be given to fruits, especially citrus. You need to drink as many teas with rosehips and various herbs.
Based on these recommendations, we can say that Aries are perfect diet based on cereals, such as oatmeal, buckwheat, etc., vegetables, as well as those based on regular intake of yogurt.

ARIES the necessary products that a lot of iron and potassium. This means that they always have to be spinach, cabbage, parsley, potatoes, bananas and nuts.

Aries: beets, celery, lettuce, cauliflower, watercress, onions, mustard, radishes, carrots, spinach, cucumbers, apples, dates, walnuts, lemon. In the diet of Rams, there must be a sufficient amount of organic iron and the Builder of muscles – the protein contained in lean meat and beans. Grass this sign – aloe, Basil, Bay, Cayenne and red pepper, capers, grapes, peppermint, horseradish.

Diet is the zodiac sign for Taurus

Taurus is very calm and reasonable. The same can be said about their metabolism. It is quite slow compared to other zodiac signs. Therefore, there are often problems with excess weight.

Taurus is very picky about food. You can call them the big gourmets among all zodiac signs. They especially like sweets, but it was from him, during the diet is to give in the first place.
In addition, it should completely eliminate fatty and fried foods. It is best to consume plant foods, steamed vegetables, especially carrots, beets, cauliflower, spinach, salads, onions. For calves is very useful all types of nuts. Among fruits special preference is given to peaches, apricots, oranges, tangerines. In the diet should be high in red fruits and vegetables.
Drink forbidden coffee and strong tea. Is drinking diuretic herbal teas, for example chamomile, cranberry leaf.
In General, Taurus are suitable for any low-fat diet. With their help, they can lose weight pretty quickly.

TAURUS is every day there is soup, better vegetables and more berries. But the smoked is better to forget or to spoil themselves on holidays.

Taurus. Many health problems of Bulls can be resolved through proper diet. Calves need to control the amount of fluid intake. It is especially useful to include in the diet seafood, artichokes, cabbage, onions, beets, chard (leaf beet), pumpkin, spinach, cauliflower. Herbs – sage, yarrow, barberry, mother and stepmother, sorrel, celandine.

Diet is the zodiac sign for twins

At first glance, the twins seem fragile and helpless, but this is just the shell. In fact, people with this zodiac sign are very active and purposeful.

Feature of twins is the excessive emotional tension in difficult situations, so their diet is filled with products that are designed to strengthen the nervous system.
For weight loss they have to completely give up fatty and high carbon food. This is their power supply system for weight loss similar to diet zodiac sign is Scorpio. In addition, for weight loss is completely avoided alcohol.

The body of the TWINS is constantly in need of phosphorus, which is contained in oatmeal, fish, mushrooms. Ideal menu consisting of salads, vegetable appetizers.

Gemini. The twins are rarely seen at work requiring heavy physical labor, they’re more like classes for a quick mind or a deft skilled hands. Therefore, the Twins need every day to give food to the starving nerves and maintain vitality. In the diet should prevail foods that contain protein (lean meat, fish, eggs, cheese, dairy products, nuts, and soy), and nuts, celery, grains, apricots, green peas, asparagus, beets, carrots, cauliflower, corn, beans, potatoes, figs, raisins, eggplant, zucchini, grapes, pears. Herbs – thyme, comfrey, vervain, red clover, licorice root, nettle, horsetail, knotweed.

Diet is the zodiac sign for cancer

Cancers often suffer from lack of energy and vitality, this is reflected in their recommended diet.

Cancers should significantly reduce the amount of food at one time. It is better to eat often but small portions. Alcohol can be drunk separately from food, so no beer with snacks or champagne with fruit. Also, do not eat raw vegetables and fruits. It is best to cook them in the oven or boil.

Most of the menu should consist of cereals and dairy products. In addition, include fish and white meat, but only boiled, or steamed. A very useful soup without the contents, especially low-fat chicken or vegetable broth. Among seasoning special preference for garlic, there are a lot of such trace elements as selenium, which is essential cancers.

Diet according to the zodiac sign cancer are similar to common systems based on cereals and fruit.

CANCER need shrimp, sea cabbage. They are rich in iodine. And it is useful thyroid gland. Fruit: grapes, melon, peaches, apricots.

Cancer. People born under the sign of Cancer, you should avoid food that causes fermentation. As the digestive organs – weak spot of the Cancers, they should not overload your body with gluttony. The greatest benefit Cancers will bring fish, seafood, cereals, dairy products, Kale, watercress, lemons, raisins, rye bread, pumpkin, onions, oranges. Herbs – Melissa, watercress, rosemary, saxifrage, white poppy, wild sage, purslane, pasandida medicinal Alsina.

Diet is the zodiac sign for Leo

From Lviv is a very determined character. They stubbornly go to the goal, not noticing anything in its path. Often this turns into work wear, and an absolute infraction of the rules of rational nutrition.

The lions of the forbidden foods that negatively affect the cardiovascular system, for example, greasy and fried, dark meat, alcohol, sweet.

Essential proteins but should be consumed only the diet foods with a large content, such as white meat (except pork), eggs, dairy products, beans and nuts.

Of fruits you should choose citrus fruits and vegetables – potatoes, eggplant, zucchini, celery, onions. It is necessary to include in the menu foods rich in potassium and magnesium. These micronutrients are essential for strengthening blood vessels and maintain normal functioning of the heart. These include fish, cereal, egg yolks, cocoa and soybeans.

Recommended to drink the decoction of calendula, Laurel, celandine and burdock.

The lions are perfect any cereal and protein diet.

To the LIONS feel great, they will have to stock up on figs and dates and almonds, cabbage, parsley and black radish. These products are a storehouse of magnesium needed by the Lions.

Lion. The best diet for this sign is one that promotes good blood condition. The lions need to avoid spicy and fatty foods, preferring foods rich in protein and poor in sugar and starch. The diet of lions should prevail low-fat meat, poultry, dairy products, citrus fruits, eggs, seafood, salad, blueberries, rye, almonds, lettuce, apples, plums, figs, walnuts, cucumbers. Herbs – dill, fennel, parsley, mint, dandelion, juniper, Ruta fragrant, flowers and berries of hawthorn.

Diet is the zodiac sign for Virgos

Have virgins in perfect health. Among them the most frequent are long-lived. The objective of the diet is to maintain body condition, so it has a great list of recommended products. People under the zodiac sign Virgo and he can decide what products most useful for her.

Still, as in any diet, you should eliminate fast carbs, for example sweet. Benefit the shape will not bring fried, fatty, smoked, overly salted, and canned meals.

Virgins are encouraged to eat more vegetables, preferably potatoes, beets, pumpkin. Favorite fruit should be grenades.

Due to this versatility of power, virgins fit almost all common diet.

Menu VIRGO needs to be dairy products and lots of greenery. The fact that their body lacks of calcium and vitamins.

Virgin. Virgos should observe moderation in everything, including in the diet, as too concerned with the problems of power Virgo sometimes follow such diet that provides their body with essential nutrients. Virgins should avoid indigestible and irritating the gut wall of food. In the diet it is desirable to include oats, rye, cheese, yogurt, lettuce, almonds, radicchio, spinach, squash, citrus fruits, plums, figs, walnuts. Herbs – rosemary, thyme, chicory, Valerian, caraway, peppermint, cinnamon.

Calm, reasonable WEIGHTS of phosphorus needed. So they can arrange a fish day as often as possible.

Diet is the zodiac sign for Libra

Libra in terms of health – is the opposite of virgins. Outwardly, they look very vigorous and strong, but in fact they can knock loving more or less serious disease. Therefore weights, like anyone else, it is important to observe proper nutrition, and not just for weight loss.

In order to maintain health weights first need to drop various salenew. You should not drink too much milk are there any smoked products. Harmful products and condiments with a high content of acids, for example, radish, radish, vinegar, citrus.

Diet is the zodiac sign for Libra consists only of plain food with a minimum of ingredients and heat treatment. Most suitable various cereals. As a protein source used seafood and lean meats. Vegetables should be eating mainly those, in whose composition a lot of copper: radishes, lettuce, beets. Also it is present in large quantities in berries such as black currant, strawberry cranberry.

From popular diets weights more suited to different variants of the protein, and diet on yogurt and beet juice.

Libra. People born under the sign of Libra, should avoid food that contains large amounts of sugar, starch and salt, with caution should treat spicy exotic seasonings and sauces. Weights it is very important to be eating in a circle of like-minded people, but in the family are not always included harmonious signs. Therefore, the Scales need to learn how to escape from annoyances. In the diet should be included products to facilitate the removal of toxins from the body, including brown rice, various cereals, eggs, fish, seafood, greens, figs, citrus, carrots, asparagus, beets, corn, apples, strawberries, peaches, blueberries, raisins. Herbs – thyme, watercress, tricolor violet, sorrel, quinoa.

Spinach, rutabaga, onion, liver and eggs are the main set of products for the SCORPION. Representatives of this Zodiac sign do not have enough iron and magnesium.

Diet is the zodiac sign for the Scorpion

Scorpions can go all day without eating, but in the evening they eat to satiety. For weight loss the first thing to eradicate this harmful habit. It is best to eat a fractional, small portions, 5-6 times a day.

Scorpio is completely contraindicated fatty foods, and foods high in carbohydrates. During weight loss should be excluded not only sweet, but even cereals and reduce the amount of fruit.

A large part of the diet should be lean meats such as chicken or wild game, and fish and seafood.

Vegetables choose Kale, radishes, beets, carrots, onions, peppers, turnips, pumpkin. Great attention should be paid to spices, especially coriander, Basilica, sage, ginseng and vanilla.

Scorpio. Best diet for Scorpions one that promotes hematopoiesis: milk, cereals. The amount of animal fats in the diet should match the number of vegetable fats. Food Scorpions should contain a lot of protein and include lean meats, seafood, poultry, yogurt, asparagus, radish, plum, nuts, soy beans, cabbage, figs, garlic, watercress, leaf mustard, leek, cherries, prunes, gooseberries. Herbs – Basil, nettle, wormwood, rosemary, witch hazel, knotweed.

Of course, berries such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries that are helpful to all, but ARCHERSespecially. Moreover, both fresh and in jam.

Diet is the zodiac sign for Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the sign of fire that makes its own adjustments in their way of life. Sagittarians are very determined, it is easy to achieve the target. Despite the fact that the people of this zodiac sign often get various injuries, many of them centenarians.

Sagittarius for weight loss you want to exclude all fatty meats including beef. The main source of protein will be chicken, fish and seafood, although their number should be reduced, because Sagittarius is recommended vegetarian diet.

In a large number needed there are all types of legumes, dairy products, vegetables and fruit.

Diet for archers is quite easy. The main thing is to exclude meat, and all other special restrictions. So for weight loss such people will fit almost any type of diet in addition to protein, like the Kremlin, where the basis of the diet is meat.

Sagittarius. Sagittarius requires a diet that strengthens the nervous and hematopoietic system. The basic rule – a limited intake of fatty foods and spicy seasonings. Exotic dishes, especially attractive for the present Archer must also be limited. Archers need b vitamins, which are V. big quantity is contained in wheat germ, soy. Especially useful Stillcam carrots, rice, parsnips, oats, strawberries, prunes, figs, oats, cherries. Herbs – marjoram, mallow, sage, burdock, mother and stepmother, thyme, juniper berries, knotweed.

Diet is the zodiac sign for Capricorn

Metabolism Capricorns are constantly in need of stimulation. This can be done both through a more active lifestyle and different workouts, and nutrition.

This sign of the zodiac, unlike the others, is not contraindicated, but, on the contrary, it is recommended to drink coffee and black tea. Caffeine will have a beneficial effect on metabolism. All other stimulating drinks, such as alcohol and energy, should not eat.

Special restrictions regarding the food there, but for weight loss you should eliminate a number of products that do not promote weight loss. Replace all the sweet berries and honey.
The menu should include different seasonings, especially those that have a burning or just warming effect: cinnamon, pepper, ginger, cloves, etc.

Common diets are most suitable variety of fruit and cereal options.

Every day on the table CAPRICORNS should be vegetables and fruits. They normalize the work of stomach.

Capricorn. Capricorn, as, indeed, the rest of the signs, necessary various food and drinks that stimulate the natural functions of the body. In the daily diet of Capricorn should be a sufficient number of protein food (lean meat, yogurt, cheese). Between meals good to drink more liquid (preferably mineral or purified water). Very useful for Capricorn cabbage, lentils, eggs, citrus, figs, blueberries, asparagus, spinach, beans, celery, almonds, cucumbers, prunes, strawberries, quince. Herbs – beetroot, mullein, witch hazel, rose hips.

Diet is the zodiac sign for Aquarius

Aquarians rarely gain weight because they are completely alien overeating. They used to eat thoughtfully, paying attention to each taste, not just to swallow everything. If you belong to this sign, for weight loss the most important thing is not to lose such a useful habit, but if she was gone, to take all measures to return to such a regime.

Yet even in Aquarius is harmful for the figure of habits. They are all sweet tooth. From sugar during a diet for weight loss should be abandoned. With him eliminated fatty and fried foods.
Need to eat more vegetable salads. It is desirable that they were in each of the meals. Particularly useful are those which have spinach, beets, carrots, cabbage, beans.

The best for Aquarius fruits – apples, quince, plums, melon, pomegranate.

For weight loss Aquarius match the different system of food combining.

The diet of AQUARIUS – a variety of cereals. You can safely cook their porridge. Cereals in combination with milk normalize metabolism.

Aquarius. People of this sign it is necessary diet that supports the brain and nervous system and promotes better blood circulation. In the daily menu of Aquarius should be included fresh fruit: oranges, lemons, apples, pears, grapes. Lack of calcium can make milk, cheese, turnip greens, soy beans. Required Aquarius honey, spinach, celery, radishes, grains, almonds, mustard, cabbage, asparagus, carrots, ocean fish and seafood. Herbs – tansy, oak, comfrey, rosemary.

Diet is the zodiac sign for Pisces

Last zodiac sign is Pisces. They are always calm and reasonable, which affects the metabolism. They, like Capricorn, when preparing the menu for the diet should pay special attention to the pungent spices, but hot sauces are contraindicated.

You should also exclude red meat and, in General, to reduce the amount of protein consumed.

Most useful for fish vegetables are cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes. Fruits – apples, grapes and pomegranates. They contain a lot of iron, which is necessary for the fish to maintain health.

FISH, like Cancers, wholesome seafood. In the first place they have is cod. It contains vitamins a and D.

Fish. Fish requires extreme caution and moderation in food. You need to drink more milk, dishes of wheat, fish, and any food that improves blood. Fish need to include in your diet lean meat, liver, cheese, yogurt, cucumbers, beans, almonds, nuts, seafood, nuts, raisins, beans, lettuce, strawberries, spinach. Fish often suffer from iron deficiency, and iodine. The best source of organic iodine seafood. Herbs – elecampane, seaweed, rosehip, borage.

A lot of people believe in astrology and diet according to zodiac sign, so positive reviews on this diet you can find in large quantity.

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