How to deal with seasonal allergies?

In the spring, the body is weakened and therefore reacts to many irritants. In addition, in the spring, grass, trees and flowers begin to bloom. By mid-May, mold begins to activate, and at the same time insects appear.

In addition, in the spring, domestic animals actively molt, and also intensively secrete enzymes and hormones, since it is at this time of year that the mating season begins. Also, do not forget about allergic reactions to household chemicals, clothing, food and medicine.

How to escape from allergies

Spring is the hardest time for allergy sufferers. here I wrote down secrets that can make life easier during this period

But most often, people suffer from allergies to pollen from plants. In May bloom: oak, birch, lilac, alder, willow, hazel, chestnut, pine, maple, dandelions. At this time, the air is literally filled with the smallest particles of their pollen. But there are some recommendations that will help alleviate the suffering of allergy sufferers.

It is best to go for a walk after the rain. And in dry and windy weather, stay at home, because it is on such days that the most particles of pollen float in the air.

In the apartment and car, use air conditioning with special filters for air. If the apartment does not have air conditioning, then on the windows you need to pull on gauze and regularly rinse it in water. It is better to ventilate the apartment and open the windows only after rain, when moisture clears the air.

After any stay on the street, showering is recommended. And during the day, rinse your eyes several times and gargle. For this, either ordinary saline or distilled water is suitable.

It is better to clean street clothes away in a closed cabinet. So you can protect the home from pollen, which settles on clothes during walks. For the same reasons, it is better to dry the washed laundry during this period not on the balcony, but in the apartment.

If you are allergic to tree pollen, then it is better to abandon their fruits. Experts believe that in the spring it is best for such patients to refuse carrots, as well as fruit wines, tinctures, balms and juices, especially birch.

Allergy sufferers should not appear on the street in the morning – from six to ten and in the evening – from six to ten. It was at this time in the air – the highest concentration of pollen particles.

In the apartment you need to do wet cleaning as often as possible. And also use a humidifier so that indoor air is at least 35 percent humidity.

If possible, then for the flowering period it is best to leave for another climatic zone. But leaving the city is strictly prohibited: in the country or in the forest, allergies can only intensify.

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