We support an intimate life, 5 killers of your libido

A decrease in libido can be observed in both men and women. We will talk about the most common causes of loss of sexual desire.

Problems in the intimate sphere most often cause a breakdown in relationships. If you do not solve them, your marriage or cohabitation may end in a break, although such a negative outcome can be prevented by working through the problem.

Sexual attraction is a fickle thing: it is very difficult to keep it at a high level. here will talk about the reasons for the loss of interest in sex maintain intimate life in excellent condition

Women’s tears

This is not about a mean tear, but about tantrums. As many women know (and use this insidiously), a man cannot stand the sad look of a woman, especially when she cries, so she tries to do everything to please her beloved. However, in the case of sex, women’s tears work in the opposite direction: instead of achieving intimacy, a woman only contributes to the fact that a man loses all desire.

Moreover, according to the research of scientists, the whole point is the specific smell of tears. Yes, tears have a smell, but it is distinguishable only on a subconscious level. According to experiments, the smell of tears reduces the level of testosterone in the male body: that is why he wants to console you, and not drag you into the bedroom.

Low water consumption

If your head really hurts, maybe your body does not have enough fluid, and in this state what kind of sex can be discussed? In addition, the lack of water in the body leads to its weakening and decrease desire.

To avoid drought, try to drink a few glasses of water more than usual.


Of course, due to the lack of desire, you can’t be diagnosed with the disease, but a decrease in libido is one of the main signs of depression. Treating depression is quite difficult and time consuming, but you can still fight it. If the loss of desire is associated with a depressive state, first of all, take care of the restoration of the psyche, and along with a stable psychological state, the desire to retire with your partner will come.

Strict diet

Excess weight, no doubt, harms both the general condition of the body and the couple’s intimate life, but the other extreme – a tough diet – will also not help you regain harmony in bed.

As you know, hunger pumps a bad mood, the body does not receive enough energy, and therefore sex will be sluggish, if at all. All the time you will think only about food, while your partner will expect from you a response to his affection. In addition, the level of sex hormones will constantly change, which also does not contribute to the growth of desire.

So control your diet, but don’t go beyond the scope.


Who would have thought that simple snoring could interfere with nights of love! Very often, if one of the partners snores, the second one “moves” onto the sofa in another room. What sex can we talk about if you are separated by several rooms?

Apart from psychological discomfort, snoring poses a threat to the body of its owner: because of snoring, too little oxygen enters the body, so sex hormones are in no hurry to be produced. As for the second partner, he doesn’t get enough sleep all day and feels tired, and you don’t think about sex in this state.

There is good news: snoring is well treated. If you understand that it is snoring that causes the lack of sex in your life, consult a specialist and do not delay the visit.

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