Only calm: what is meditation for?

In the general understanding, meditation is to sit with your eyes closed in the lotus position, put your hands with the sign “Everything is OK” (connecting the index and thumb) on your knees and dream about something. After all, with the word “meditation” you imagine a yoga or Indian monk, right?

Everyone says: “Meditation, meditate is cool and useful.” But at least someone would explain what it is and how it is done.

All this is true, but a little wrong. I will tell you in simple language, without any alpha and theta waves and other terms. Meditation is a really powerful and very important process, especially when you start working on yourself, your personality and consciousness. Meditation is the ability to move from a conscious state (see, hear, speak, think, etc.) to a state of drowsiness (therefore, sitting so as not to fall asleep), to lose track of time, to stop the mental flow within oneself.

For what?

Being in a state of drowsiness, we open the door to our subconscious, namely, it controls our brain and us, it is in it that all our negative attitudes sit, it is it that dictates our capabilities, behavior, achievements, and in general our life.

In a state of drowsiness (meditation), we can work directly with the subconscious, with all our problems and sores, feet and brakes. We can become anyone and we can live as we dream. It is not in vain that all famous and successful people include meditation on their schedule.


As I said, we meditate while sitting. At first, meditation can take up to one hour, because it needs to be practiced constantly (after all, we won’t lose weight if we do not constantly train).

So, we proceed to meditation. We remove all interference (sounds, animals, phones), sit with our eyes closed and just breathe. We stop the flow of thoughts. You don’t have to think about what else you would have to run to the store, then call Zinka, but what about the unlined clothes … No, that won’t work. We are here and now, we are breathing: inhale-exhale, inhale-exhale.

As soon as we feel our breathing and heartbeat, we proceed to induction (oh, I promised not to use the terms): we translate the concentration of attention to all parts of our body, one at a time. On the head – we feel it: what it is, volume, weight. Next – the nose, ears, hands (left and right), fingers, stomach, legs, feet.

"In the general sense, meditation is to sit with your eyes closed in the lotus position, put your hands with the sign" Everything is OK "on your knees and dream about something."

If it turns out you don’t think about anything and feel only what you are concentrating on, not paying attention to time and other hindrances (a bird outside the window), I can congratulate you all. You have learned to “open the right door.” If not, practice until it works out.

In principle, this is the main point – the very entry into the “correct” state (it takes about 20 minutes from the whole meditation).

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Well, then we can do anything. We can ask ourselves a question and look at ourselves as if from the outside: how you (or rather your subconscious) will answer it. For example: “Why am I angry?” Or: “How do I behave, feeling insecure?” There are a lot of questions. Ask yourself anyone you want an answer to.

Thus, you get an answer from the subconscious – it responds to you with the very attitude that is in it, and you can see and feel it from the side.

You can now erase this installation and put in a new one! In this state, repeat your affirmations: for money, for expanding financial flow, for personal happiness, for health, for career success. Now you can put any program into your subconscious, and this program will work for you, guide you and make dreams a reality.

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