Clean air in the apartment

To stay healthy, you need to get rid of dangerous pollutants and allergens: exhaust gases, industrial emissions, PM2.5 particles, pollen. Fresh air must be clean!

As a matter of fact. According to the WHO, in 2016, 91% of the world’s population lived in areas where the level of air pollution exceeded international standards. Harmful impurities in the atmosphere, according to the organization, in the same year caused the premature death of 4.2 million people.

The main culprit is solid particles with a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers (PM2.5), which cause cardiovascular, respiratory and cancer diseases. The main components of such particles are sulfates, nitrates, sodium chloride, soot, mineral dust and water.

Because of them, respiratory diseases can develop.

Another problem is plant pollen. In some people, it can cause seasonal allergies, which are manifested by rhinitis, pain in the eyes and, over time, can lead to asthma.

Yes, they agree, the information is frightening, but you shouldn’t close all the windows in the apartment. The apartment also has pollution sources. It can be chipboard furniture that emits harmful formaldehyde, household chemicals, old carpets or soft toys (dust mites love to settle in them, they cause allergies and provoke asthma attacks), animal hair, tobacco smoke and much more.

To reduce the concentration of harmful substances, the room needs to be aired. It will also help reduce temperature and normalize humidity levels. By the way, such parameters need to be controlled: too dry air can dry the skin and mucous membranes, and too wet and warm can contribute to mold growth (also a strong allergen).

In addition to humidity and air temperature, special devices can monitor the level of carbon monoxide if you heat the room with fuel or use gas appliances. Carbon monoxide poisoning is easy to miss (it is odorless), and it can be fatal.

Sometimes it is impractical to open windows for ventilation. For example, if your windows overlook the highway, there is a large enterprise nearby or your neighbor likes to smoke on the balcony. In such cases, a special device comes to the rescue – a breather. This is a compact supply ventilation system that takes in the street air, cleans it and delivers it into the room.

Modern appliances protect against almost all harmful substances. For example, the Tion breather cleans the air flow with the help of three filters: from coarse dust, from fine dust (including those harmful PM2.5) and allergens, and also eliminates gases and unpleasant odors. Tion outdoor air warms up to a comfortable temperature, which helps to avoid unpleasant drafts. It is quiet and compact, it can be controlled using a smartphone. You can ventilate rooms without opening windows.

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