Exercise May Beat Diet for Maintaining Weight Loss

Regular physical activity is more effective than a restricted diet regimen for preserving weight loss, according to a new research from the University of Colorado Anschutz Health as well as Wellness Center (AHWC) at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus.

The findings are released as an Editor’s Choice write-up in the journal Obesity.

” This research attends to the challenging question of why a lot of individuals struggle to maintain weight off over a long period,” stated Danielle Ostendorf, Ph.D., a postdoctoral other at the CU Anschutz Health as well as Wellness Center.

” By supplying proof that a team of successful weight-loss maintainers participates in high levels of exercise to avoid weight regain — instead of chronically restricting their power intake — is a step forward to clarifying the relationship between exercise and weight-loss maintenance.”

In the research study, effective weight-loss maintainers were those who kept a reduced body weight of 30 pounds or even more for over a year.

Overall, the searchings for show that successful weight-loss maintainers are most likely to rely on exercise to continue to be in energy balance (instead of chronic limitation of nutritional consumption) to prevent acquiring their weight back.

The research team took a look at effective weight-loss maintainers compared to 2 various other groups: controls with regular body weight — body mass index (BMI) similar to the existing BMI of the weight-loss maintainers — and controls with overweight/obesity (whose current BMI was similar to the pre-weight-loss BMI of the maintainers).

The weight-loss maintainers had a body weight of around 150 pounds, which was similar to the regular weight controls, while the controls with overweight and also obesity had a body weight of around 213 pounds.

Trick searchings for consist of:

  • The complete calories shed (as well as taken in) daily by weight-loss maintainers was a lot higher (300 kcal/day) compared with that in individuals with typical body weight yet was not considerably various from that in overweight/obese individuals;
  • Notably, of the total calories burned, the amount melted in physical activity by weight-loss maintainers was substantially greater (180 kcal/day) compared with that in both people of regular body weight and those with overweight/obesity. In spite of the higher power cost of moving a bigger body mass in those with overweight/obesity, weight-loss maintainers were burning a lot more energy in physical activity, recommending they were moving more;
  • This is supported by the fact that the weight-loss maintainer group also showed significantly greater levels of steps daily (12,000 actions each day) compared to individuals at a normal body weight (9,000 actions daily) and participants with overweight/obesity (6,500 steps daily).

” Our findings suggest that this group of successful weight-loss maintainers are taking in a comparable variety of calories daily as people with obese and obesity yet appear to avoid weight reclaim by compensating for this with high levels of physical activity,” claimed Victoria A. Catenacci, M.D., a weight management medical professional and scientist at CU Anschutz Medical Campus.

The outcomes follow those from the longitudinal research study of “The Biggest Loser” candidates, where exercise energy expenditure was considerably linked to weight loss and weight gain after six years.

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