Brain cancer when it’s time to go to the doctor

But, as you know, in the early stages, cancer cells can be successfully fought. If patients immediately noticed changes uncharacteristic of the body, the result of therapy would be more effective. However, people were simply embarrassed to go to the doctors, attributing their ailments to old age. Many symptoms are similar to a microstroke, temporary loss of memory or vision.

Scientists from King’s College London have done research on cancer patients. They were interested in what symptoms appear first in people with brain cancer. It turned out that they were so insignificant that the respondents at first did not give them any attention, writes the magazine PLOS One.

So in what cases do you urgently need to see a doctor?

Symptom number 1

Lack of coordination of movements. If you become more awkward than before: put objects past the shelves, “knock down” the corners, do things differently – this is an alarming symptom.

“I washed the dishes in the sink and very slowly leaned lower and lower. It’s funny that you don’t even think: “It’s worth visiting a doctor”, you just don’t think, and it seems to you: “I’ll survive this,” a patient of 60 years old described the beginning of the situation.

Symptom number 2

Changing habits and biorhythms is an alarming signal. If you are from an “owl” suddenly turned into a “lark”.

“I started sleeping during the day, but then I thought:“ Oh, I’m 50 now, ”one of the respondents shared.

Symptom number 3

Researchers said patients do not take symptoms seriously if they are mild or intermittent, but recurring. For example, speech problems are one of the signs of a brain malfunction.

“When I spoke, there was a feeling that the tongue was a little tangled, but it lasted somewhere even less than a minute, and then passed,” the patient from the group of 41-50 years shared her story.

Symptom number 4

Everyone has heard about the “chronic fatigue” syndrome. The rhythm of the big city is exhausting, and you no longer understand: do you have a disease or just need to sleep?

“It seemed to me that the point is in my work, because teachers are known for their fatigue. And many more people from work say from time to time: “God, how tired I am.” Therefore, it just seemed to me that everyone was experiencing it, ”a young woman who is not yet 40 years old told about this.

Symptom number 5

The problem is that many people simply do not know how to take care of themselves, to worry about their health. They are “uncomfortable” to disturb the doctors, and what happens to them seems so strange that this simply cannot be.

“Doctors now have so many things to do, they don’t want to bother because of every trifle, because there are people who need to see a doctor and not get to him. To tell the doctor that you have deja vu and then you smell it is quite strange, ”said the 45-year-old patient.

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