Erespal in tablets or Erespal in syrup, drug choice

Erespal tablets are prescribed for adult patients. Dosage 80 mg of fenspiride. It is strictly forbidden to take this medicine in tablets to children. The manufacturer insists on this. Prescribe tablets for diseases of the respiratory system – inflammation of the sinuses, rhinitis, inflammation of the nasopharynx, rhinotranheobronchitis, bronchitis, including obstruction. Perhaps the appointment as an adjunct therapy for otitis media. To relieve symptoms of whooping cough, measles, flu.

For children, the French company produces it in the form of syrup. 100 ml of syrup contain 200 mg of the active substance of fenspiride. The manufacturer took care of children with allergies, since the syrup does not contain dyes, which are so often allergic reactions in young patients. The syrup very well copes with bronchitis, obstructive bronchitis, removing obstruction. An anti-inflammatory effect is also observed with otitis media. A slight antipyretic effect will help with a slight increase in temperature and will work as an adjuvant for antipyretic drugs.

The syrup has a sickly sweet-bitter taste and is not very popular with children, but if you offer to drink it with water or juice, then the problem with taking the medicine can be solved. The not very pleasant taste is fully compensated by the therapeutic effect of Erespal – and the tablets and syrup begin to work thirty minutes after administration, and after repeated administration, a decrease in bronchial obstruction and a general relief of the condition can be noted. The question often arises: is it possible to replace antibiotic therapy with Erespal? No. Although it helps relieve inflammation, it does not fight bacterial strains, so antibiotic treatment is also possible if necessary.

When summer ends, autumn comes for him, and with it begins the season of colds. Cold, wet weather contributes to the multiplication of viruses, which primarily affect the upper and lower respiratory tract. A common problem that one has to face is coughing.

Dry, barking, spasmodic, anguished – it is quite difficult to deal with it, this problem is especially acute in young children. And here you already have to seriously think about the choice of a medicine that will affect not only the symptoms, but also be able to eliminate the cause of the cough.

What is Erespal?

Recently, more and more often you can find the drug “Erespal” in the doctor’s prescription. It is generally accepted that there are two types of cough medicine – for dry and for wet. But Erespal cannot be attributed to any of these groups of medicines, rather, it stands in a separate category. It has a strong anti-inflammatory and mild antipyretic effect, relieves obstruction and spasm of the bronchi, which in turn helps to eliminate sputum, actively affects the cough reflex, without affecting the centers of the brain.

He also proved to be effective in treating otitis media due to his anti-inflammatory effect. You can find the drug in two forms of release: tablets and syrup.

Erespal Tablets

The tablets are film-coated. The active substance is fenspiride 80 mg. Excipients: anhydrous callloid silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, povidone, hypromellose. Available in blisters of 15 pieces, two blisters per pack.

Pills "Erespal"

Syrup “Erespal”

Syrup of a bitter sweet taste, contains 200 mg of fenspiride in 100 ml. Available in dark plastic bottles of 150 ml with a measuring cup. The composition also includes an aromatic composition with the smell of honey, natural condensed licorice extract, vanilla tincture, glycerin, saccharin, sucrose, glucose. The syrup is pretty sugary.

Syrup "Erespal"

What is common between syrup and pills

Combines both forms of one active substance – fenspiride. Erespal tablets and syrup are prescribed for acute diseases of the ENT organs (ear-throat-nose) and brooch-obstructive conditions, symptomatic treatment of allergic rhinitis. Also to alleviate the condition in acute diseases.

Doctor consultation required

You should not be carried away on your own with the prescription of a drug based on fenspiride, first of all, you should consult a doctor, because any medicine has its contraindications and Erespal is no exception. In general, this medicine is well-tolerated both in the form of tablets and in the form of syrup, but, which is very important, it copes with acute respiratory diseases of ENT organs quite effectively.

 Possible decrease in efficiency

With repeated use of the drug, whether it is a pill or syrup, a decrease in effectiveness can be observed, especially in children, since their immune system is poorly developed and they are sick more than adults, therefore, it is often necessary to resort to medications. Just non-observance of the time interval leads to a decrease in effectiveness. That is, if Erespal was prescribed and it coped well with coughing, namely when coughing it is prescribed most often, then the next time in case of a cold it is better not to take it.

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