A boy born without a brain has denied the predictions of doctors

Noah Wall was born with a brain, the volume of which was only 2% of the usual. Doctors were sure that the boy would not survive, and if he survived, he would be deeply disabled. Today Noah is six, and he amazes doctors – he speaks well, learns to surf and dreams of getting up on skis one day.

The parents of Noah Wall, Shelley and Rob Wallam, the doctors recommended five times to terminate the pregnancy after they saw during the study that the child has practically no brain. Its volume then amounted to approximately 2% of the usual. Some doctors believed that the boy’s brain was completely absent. Doctors were sure that the boy would die immediately after birth, and if he survived, he would be deeply disabled.

Contrary to forecasts, Noah was safely born and since then continues to amaze doctors. When the boy was examined at 3 years old, the doctors were dumbfounded: in the first three years of his life the boy’s brain grew to 80% of the normal volume! According to some doctors, this miracle can be explained by the fact that the boy’s brain was initially present, it was simply compressed to a very small volume, and when Noah was placed with a shunt, it was located in the head as it should.

However, according to many experts, even if the boy’s brain was initially strongly compressed, this alone could not but make him a deeply disabled person, unable to independently eat, see, sit and perform any domestic actions. Meanwhile, the boy copes with all this very well.

Even before his birth, Noah was also diagnosed with the back of a bifid, a spina bifida, due to which he still cannot walk on his own.

Noah is a late child. His parents, Shelley and Rob, are sure: if they were young, they would undoubtedly obey the doctors and terminate the pregnancy, not resisting the onslaught. “Only because we are already quite old people, we managed to defend the right of the child to be born,” they say. – And then, we are positive about life. We decided that Noah should get a chance. ”

Shelley and Rob, who, in addition to Noah, have two more children, devote a lot of time to the development of the boy’s brain. They have already visited Australia, in a specialized rehabilitation center. There, Noah learned to sit without support and even began to learn to ride a surf. Now his dream is to start walking independently and ski.

According to the boy’s parents, the experimental treatment that Noah underwent in Australia is called “neurophysics,” a mixture of psychotherapy and cognitive training. The latter, as a rule, is used for adult patients, but Noah’s parents managed to convince the doctors that the boy could cope with the task. And they did not fail! His development struck British doctors. “The treatment he received awakens the brain’s ability to treat or correct malformations of the nervous system,” says Noah’s father. “At least I understood that.”

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