Lactase Baby or Lactazar, drug choice

Characteristics of drugs determine identical parameters of indications, as well as the same type of mechanics of action. Therefore, both drugs are used in order to obtain the fastest possible breakdown of lactase and improve digestive processes when feeding dairy products and milk.

Customer reviews suggest that Lactazar is more effective, since the result is visible already on the first day of admission, as well as due to the absence of side effects, contraindications, allergic manifestations. Lactase Baby in its composition is not inferior to the analogue, but users in their comments indicate that the second drug is still better to use.

Lactase enzyme deficiency occurs in children from infancy, which is considered primary failure, often occurs as a result of intestinal disorders against certain diseases of an infectious nature. To eliminate the unpleasant manifestations of bloating, colic, pain effects, digestive disorders, Lactase Baby or Lactazar is often prescribed. Means have a similar mechanism of action, indications and contraindications are almost identical. The choice depends on the recommendations of the pediatrician, depending on the general condition.

Lactase Baby

Available in the form of capsules, the active substance is lactase (an enzyme). The drug is a source of enzyme (optional), which provokes an improvement in the process. Admission allows you to quickly stop the symptom of a deficiency, improves the quality of digestion. It is used for the effective digestion of breast milk, any other products of dairy origin, in order to eliminate childhood colic and bloating.

Lactase Baby


  • As an additional source of lactase.
  • With systematic bloating.
  • If colic occurs in children.

As for contraindications, it should be noted the lack of the possibility of its reception with hypersensitivity to the main components of the drug

This is an active biological supplement that eliminates all sorts of negative consequences during breastfeeding, natural feeding. It can be used from birth to seven years.


Available in capsules, contains lactase enzymes. Provides rapid cleavage and absorption of lactose disaccharide (a component that enters the baby’s body along with milk and dairy products). Deficiency of such an enzyme can become the basis for bloating, pain effects, and colic.


The lack of the required amount of enzyme in the body can be congenital or acquired (occurs against the background of certain diseases, changes in the intestines, inflammatory processes). With the consumption of dairy products in this situation, serious digestive disorders develop. Using the drug eliminates their manifestation and provides effective digestion of breast milk, which provokes the ability to exclude interruption of breastfeeding.


  • Colic.
  • Increased gas generation.
  • Digestive disorders – constipation, diarrhea.

It is used as a biological supplement in an active format, which eliminates the lactose deficiency. As contraindications, the presence of individual intolerance to the components of the agent is indicated.

The drug is given to children at each feeding with milk content. The contents of the capsule are added to a warm mixture or milk. As side effects, an allergic reaction is rarely observed.

General characteristics

The main component of the drug is the lactase enzyme. Both come in capsule form, which guarantees convenient use. They are used for deficiencies of the lactose enzyme in children from birth to seven years. They have no contraindications, practically do not cause allergic reactions.

Thanks to the application, you can not stop breastfeeding, which is important when feeding a newborn baby (breast milk is an important source of energy). They are not addictive, go well with other drugs, are instantly absorbed, and after a few tricks, the result of improved digestive system performance is felt. Capsules in their composition contain 700 units of the enzyme.

What is the difference?

Drugs are complete analogues. Lactase Baby in its composition contains medium chain triglycerides. Many parents note that when using the product, a child often has a mild rash and even an allergic reaction. In some cases, the application does not provide the opportunity to obtain the desired result. When combined with other drugs, serious skin rashes may occur. Has higher price parameters, manufacturer in the USA.

As for Lactazar, then his reviews are only positive. Allergic manifestations do not occur, a quick result is formed. After a few tricks, the general condition of the child improves. It can be used in complex treatment (with other drugs). It is made in Russia, has an affordable cost.

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