Nootropil and Piracetam, the choice of drug

Since the drugs produced after the patent for the original drug ends are a copy of the molecule of the original drug, they do not have such a list of studies. Let’s try to understand in more detail the example of two drugs of this pharmacological group with one international nonproprietary name, but with different production sites. Which is better, cheaper drug “Piracetam” or the original “Nootropil”?

Since 2013, the Ministry of Health has banned prescribing patients according to brand names in budgetary institutions (clinics and hospitals). Doctors were required to prescribe drugs for international nonproprietary names. On the one hand, on the face of the budget savings when purchasing goods through the state. procurement, and the patient’s right to choose medicines based on the full list of available brand names in the pharmacy. On the other hand, the original drugs underwent clinical trials, and the evidence base of the active substance is at a high level.


The active substance in the drug Nootropil is Piracetam. The Nootropil molecule binds to phospholipids, which are complex lipids in the nervous tissue and are involved in the delivery of fats and cholesterol. When interacting with each other, they form a complex. As a result of this connection, the cell membrane is stabilized, and as a result, the overall structure of transmembrane proteins is restored.


At the level of neuron structure, Nootropil facilitates transmission from the neuron to the synapse. Tests conducted on laboratory rats prove that the drug improves memory, improves concentration, prevents spasm of cerebral vessels, restores cognitive abilities when cells are affected by hypoxia and intoxication. Volunteers also underwent trials, and they showed a decrease in adhesion of blood cells to each other and to vascular endothelial cells. The bioavailability of the drug is very high.

Nootropil is prescribed for people with impaired concentration, memory impairment, dizziness, disordered behavior and the psyche, as well as age-related brain changes. The drug showed good success with cortical myasthenia gravis. Efficiency was shown both with independent use, and in combination with other drugs of the same group.

Like any drug, it has contraindications:

  • Intolerance to the components of the tablet.
  • Acute impaired hematopoiesis of the brain.
  • Severe kidney disease (since the drug is excreted by the kidneys).
  • Children under three years old.

Prescribe the drug in a dosage of 2400 mg per day with a breakdown into several doses, and gradually bring up to 4800 mg per day. With cortical myasthenia gravis, it is prescribed from 7200 mg, with a gradual increase to 24000 mg per day, divided into several doses.


In accordance with the state register of medicines, all forms of these preparations with the active component piracetam, as well as with the trade name Piracetam, produced at different plants, exactly correspond to all the characteristics of Nootropil. “Piracetam” has an identical “Nootropil” molecule, pharmacokinetics, mechanism of action of the drug substance, indications and contraindications. From a chemical point of view, the active substances in these two drugs are no different.


According to the chemical structure, these two drugs can be considered “clones”, however, they still differ in name. Therefore, we will try to find distinctive points.

General characteristics and differences

Let’s start the search for differences with the composition of the pill or capsule. In these two forms, Nootropil and Piracetam are available. Nootropil is available in dosages of 400 mg capsules, 800 mg and 1200 mg tablets. Piracetam is available in the same dosages, but the plus is the release of a dosage of 200 mg. The difference is not significant, given that the effect is given by the appointment in very high dosages, and taking 12 tablets per day is very inconvenient.

Injectable forms of both drugs also exist, but they are used only in a hospital, the tablet form is very convenient for outpatient treatment. A significant difference in comparison can give the substance used in the manufacture of tablets and capsules. “Nootropil” is a Belgian drug, and a substance for the manufacture of tablets produced in Belgium and Italy.

As for Piracetam, it uses a substance purchased by domestic pharmaceutical companies in China and India. The chemical composition of the substances in both preparations is identical in the chemical structure of the components. The difference is that all over the world, Chinese and Indian substances are considered the lowest in quality. Allergic reactions are most likely to occur on them.

As for the factories of manufacturers of drugs, if it is produced in factories operating according to generally accepted international standards, then the safety of the drug in itself is guaranteed. All over the world, the World Health Organization, since the beginning of the second half of the 20th century, began to develop rules for the safe manufacture of medicines and introduce these rules in all countries. Russia lagged behind the European level of drug manufacturing for many years, and all existing plants were obliged to switch to this standard in 2013. So, there is no doubt about the quality production of domestic medicines. The only factor remains

Based on the analysis of Nootropil and Piracetam, we can summarize. There are no differences between the drugs either in chemical components or in production techniques. So, both drugs work the same way.. Buying a trade name is the buyer’s choice. Their price is significantly different. A lot of funding is always invested in the original drug, since trials are not cheap pleasure. Therefore, there are ten-year patents, under the action of which it is forbidden to copy and produce a molecule, so that the manufacturer can compensate for all costs. Plus, imported drugs are much more expensive due to transport logistics. It is financially more expensive to bring medicine from abroad than to buy it in a neighboring city. The doctor is obliged to write a prescription for the drug “Piracetam”, as it is an international and non-patented name, and the buyer reserves the right to purchase a domestic inexpensive drug or imported.

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